Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tim Wise Is Snarling Fox White Liberal - Black Inferiorist

If you have no particular goals for Black people (beyond insuring that we are feed and thus you make sure that you are not 'biting the hand that feeds you', showing your loyalties to the fish distributor) then the words said by the White Liberal Snarling Fox Tim Wise are comforting.

Tim Wise compares the social welfare received by Black people to that of EUROPE.
Why didn't he ALSO look toward the Caribbean or any African nation? 
If we were having a different discussion Mr Wise would be noting that Europe STOLE all of its riches from other places with brown-skinned people around the world.  In the context of social entitlement with America - he lauds Europe as a reference model for what America should hope to become.

Ultimately Snarling Fox White Liberal Tim Wise has two missions per his interactions with Black people:
  1. Appease Black people that a White man can tell them "I know how WHITE PEOPLE THINK.  They call you Blacks 'Niggers' when you are not around".  I am going to teach you who are my adopted family how they think
  2. To White people he hopes to get them to prove that they are not racists against Black people by having them agree to share the contents in their wallets with Black people -as they do with their White family and community
Sadly and shamefully - some of you all agree with these two points.

How To Expose Tim Wise (And People Who Think Like Him) As A Black Inferiorist

Take a listen to the entire library of leftist rhetoric made by Tim Wise. 
Do you ever hear him talk about the Black community organizing our human resources so that an increasing number of elements in our desired standard of living are delivered to us as a consequence of this management and regulation of our own people?

You are NEVER going to hear this.

In truth the White Liberal Snarling Fox Liberal Tim Wise has a message that is fully aligned with the prevailing viewpoint held by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.  Despite these two groups being in ideological alignment - the one thing they have in common is their inability to generate a higher standard of living for the Black community from within the ranks of the Black community.  Allowing us to project this economic and academic power OUTWARD.

In the video up above we hear White Snarling Fox Liberal Tim Wise discussing the state of social safety net in America.   He makes the case that racist White people who were riled up to believe that Black people would receive the balance of the benefit from these social welfare payments stood opposed to these programs.  Since we have heard previously that "there are more White people on Welfare than Black" we can conclude that these White people "voted against their best interests", allowing RACISM to trump their interests.

My rebuttal is as follows.  Just as the claim that White people don't lock up their criminal as much as they want Black criminals locked up - this would tend to have their community being terrorized with MORE CRIMINALS who are running free.  If this is the case then it is the White community that will be made to suffer from their bigotry.  Just the same - if White people are unwilling to use the national government to feed White people in their communities - then it is the White people who's communities will suffer from hunger and homelessness.

The slight of hand in both of these cases is the claim that NATIONAL POLICY is the final arbiter in any of these issues.  With regard to criminal justice - we can go to progressive dominated areas and see NO DIFFERENCE in the racial gap in arrest rates despite the purge of conservative (bigoted) judges and district attorneys.   When it comes to Welfare programs - the goal of the Progressive is to have an array of national programs that afford them the opportunity to abstract the failures in their local human resource management abilities.

IF indeed PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE BEING COMPROMISED - we need to shift this focus to the squandered potential of the equal human beings that are ensnared in eco-systems that their leadership SEEKS FOOD for them, the "Least Of These".   Instead the Progressive seeks to make a "transactional indictment", showcasing the 'clear and present need' that needs to be addressed while carefully avoiding the disastrous impact of his polices - after assuming the uncontested power in the area in question.

I struggle to understand how there are abundant stories from people who are not considered "Black Conservatives" as they make an account of the erosion of the progressive cities that I talk about - and yet this gross misery that they discuss is not attributed to the incompetence of the present leadership or the ideology and policies that have a dual mission:
  1. Harvest the Black vote in certain pockets of the metro area.  Keep them supplied with a certain amount of resources so that an outright riot is not seen.  Tap this harvest on behalf of the Democratic Party when election season comes around, endearing their hopes for community development upon the electoral success of the Progressives and the Democratic Party
  2. Make sure that the next generation of Black people are kept IDEOLOGICALLY UNIFIED as the embedded powers that be who supply them with the message - make sure that the frustrations that they feel is directed toward their ideological enemies and the history of America, always insuring that any rage that they have is captured on behalf of the ideological and political movement
You are NEVER going to hear Snarling Fox White Liberal Tim Wise assess Black people as if we are EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS;
  • The same capacity for organic hatred as White
  • The same ability to achieve 'directed outcomes' by primarily focusing upon regulating our people
  • The same obligation to PROVE to America that we as equal Americans should be proving our American credentials by giving "till it hurts" to the national storehouse
Follow White Liberal Snarling Fox Tim Wise as a cultural guide at your own risk and your own consequence.


He smiles as he finds Blacks who buy into the tales of our inferiority and "damaged state".


Anonymous said...

I do not think your analysis of Tim Wise is accurate nor does it point to his defence of black organisations.

Olive said...

Can you elaborate more on why you think CF's analysis of Tim Wise is inaccurate? In what way? I would like to know.