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"When Did You Decide To Become A Heterosexual" - A Redirection Of Focus Back Toward Social Culture

From the Rip Dem Up blog.

Having a debate on "man's (sexual) will" and the creation of a "highly evolved" society that no longer suppressed it IS NOT proof of advancement.  In fact it might be evidence of the deconstruction of a society as the foundations that the society was based upon are "rationalized away".

The truth is that there is no hard and fast rules about human behavioral norms.  The only thing that is sure is that the law of gravity will pull you to the ground and cause you to splatter to the Earth if you jump from a platform that is high enough.

My frustration with certain people's rationalizations is that they already know the answer that they want to come up with.   The debate is a mere formality.  

All the while that they struggle against the "oppressive conventions" they know as well as I do that they are not going to stand by the "illegitimate baby" that they create with our society after disassembling that which they were fortunate enough to be handed at birth.

I have no shame in my announcement that I believe that MECHANISMS FOR SOCIAL CONTROL OVER HUMAN BEHAVIOR are a necessary construct in a civilized society.  The definition of anarchy is a "non-judgmental society" were anything goes.  All of that which was seen as arbitrary strictures have been rationalized away.

Many of the "public intellectuals" that argue against the point merely debate their theories from a vantage point of not having to actually LIVE within the confines of a place where their theories are the prevailing order.

I am no "homophobe" (I reject this term as nonsensical anyway).  
Instead I am clear in my observation that for ANY society to be net productive all of the equal human beings within it need to submit themselves to some broad and transparent rules of order that DO NOT CHANGE over time.

Today we are taking that which has been settled based on the intrinsic evidence and opening them back up to re-rationalization - as we are today smarter than those from antiquity who dealt with the same subjects of human behavior and sexuality and brought forth repression while those today will bring forth ENLIGHTENMENT when they try the same thing.

My Response
[quote]How did you and when did you "choose" or "decide" that being heterosexual was the thing for you?[/quote]

I know what did it for me.

I saw that while my penis was used to expel urine from my bladder and also had some role to play in my male sexuality - the ONLY thing that I noticed that my rectum was good for was the portal by which solid waste exited my digestive system. One smell of the substance that exited and I realized that this was not the orifice for my penis to be inserted in for the sake of sexual pleasure.

While I am not a female and thus can't relate to the "coming to the age of consciousness" for that particular gender I suspect that regardless of it is evolution or creation that you believe in - the fact that this person with "homo-normative" thoughts still has a fully functioning reproductive system that is triggered by the "body fluids" from the COMPLIMENTARY gender to her provides a bit of intrinsic instruction. Either that OR we need to wait for that next phase of evolutionary correction by which these systems are shut down in the homosexual thus bringing him/her in line with their mentally based preferences.

As I read Essence Magazine doing a photo layout of the "same sex" wedding and then listened to their interview on NPR's "Tell Me More" that followed my awareness of the "progressive mind" was advanced.

I believe that you all reject or diminish the need for SOCIAL CONTROL. For so long you all (as Black Progressives) have fought against the system of order that was put upon you via slavery. In doing so you confuse the strictures which are foreign and imposed due to RACIST/PATRIARCHAL modes of SUPPRESSION and that which is ORGANIC, necessary for any society of human beings to function.

Do you all ever think back that that "Mystical Magical Pre-Colonial Africa Culture" when "We were all Kings and Queens" in the motherland? We are told that this was the time in our earthly existence in which we had a perfect set of "Self Determination"/ SPIRITUAL living and Communalism rather than Capitalism. As you think back to this time do you ever cross reference that which is POPULAR today among the fully evolved Black ideologically elite versus the time when even the most passionate Black Nationalists of today will agree was our prime-time?

IF it is true that our "natural culture was STOLEN" through slavery and centuries of oppression what assurance do YOU have that the progressive theories of culture (including human sexuality) is congruent with this "Mystical Magical African Culture" of the past?

To flip it around - WHAT IF you learned that what you favor today in the way of social order and human sexual liberties RUNS AFOUL to this universally positive reference which serves as the sanctified "Jesus Period" for the Black African cultural consciousness even for the most atheistic Negro that walks among us?

Would this cause you to YIELD your ways today and follow suit in line with the "Black national order"?

What if the female role in that society did not have the freedoms that you enjoy today?

Does the tales from the griot which told of societal perfect order and balance motivate you to fall in line with this?

IF our "culture was STOLEN" and thus caused our present chaos and the need for reparation - HOW DO YOU KNOW that your highly evolved and enlightened PROGRESSIVE order is not the fruit of "a lost set of consciousness" rather than the revolutionary reconstruction that it is sold as?

Your post is about HUMAN SEXUALITY.
The real topic NEEDS TO BE about "Human Social Control" and how our individual passions and lusts need to be channeled and attached to the higher order SOCIETAL ENDPOINTS that are so frequently talked about. Too often it is time and circumstance that causes this effort to be derailed by the cross-winds along the way.

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