Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Why Did "Jesus" Allow His Church To Be Robbed By Street Pirates?

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Question: Why Did "Jesus" Allow His Church To Be Robbed By Street Pirates? Not striking them down before they busted through the roof of this sacred ground?

Answer: "Jesus"did not fail to do his job.   He "allowed" these Street Pirates to steal the instruments of worship that had value to the Street Pirates BECAUSE he knows that these Street Pirates would not be acting as such IF God's people were doing their job.

These Street Pirates are in truth "Pillars of their Community" that should be protectors of all of the people and institutions and property within their community, defending these from threats - external and external.  This is the long tradition of all Black men.

INSTEAD these "Pillars of the Community" were not instructed to walk along this path.  The adults that God has christened to be the managers of these human resources have failed.  They have squandered their duties and obligations to provide the substantive base of consciousness upon which these young Black males who broke into the church never received.

The benign neglect suffered by these, OUR FUTURE, was allowed to happen as the adult people had their own consciousness hijacked.  They were made to believe that their condition could be uplifted if they committed themselves to an ideological and political movement that insured this desired standard of living by attaching onto notions others than the attainment of these desired ends via the construction of their own community competencies.

Many have taken up the fight against the government to force it to stop locking up these souls in government penitentiaries.   As long as these lost souls keep assaulting the community putting innocent people at risk - this is a wasted exercise.   Instead these advocates for the protection of these people should be seeking to have them to enter into these houses of worship - the only buildings that have always been owned and financed by the Black community.

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