Sunday, November 28, 2010

James McCune Smith - Nation's First Trained Black Doctor Went To School In Scotland When American Schools Denied Him

Pioneering black physician to be honored in NYC

I will editorialize on this piece because you can click on the link to see the facts of the case for yourself.

In the world of 1837 America this one man, James McCune Smith - was so committed to providing needed medical services to poor Blacks in his community that he exited the United States and pursued a medical degree in Scotland.  He returned, with the competencies to provide needed services and performed them to address the need on the ground.

While this is not a favorable solution to the need for more medically trained professionals from a logistical standpoint  the differences between back then and today can't be any more distinct.  The system stood against the education of Black people while the needs of the people were great and their rights to remedy the assault from the system was non-existent.   Today the need for quality medical care in our community remains unchanged in its abundance thus the demand side has gone unaltered  for nearly 175 years.   One could logically predict that in the year 2185 the Black community around the world will still require medical professionals to address the same need.

The key areas that have changed are the most disturbing.   The system of education has changed in that it has changed hands.  Gone is the antagonistic educational establishment that lives to defend its privilege by overtly excluding Black Americans.  In fact "favorable people" control the feeder school systems through which Black students are prepared with the skills and have their minds disciplined for the rigors of professional education which creates "professional service agents" that are deployed in our communities to provide these needed services.

In addition gone are the days where "a Black man has no rights that a White man need respect".  The overt forms of discrimination and oppression have been statutorily mitigated.  Any incident of racism experienced by an individual that occurs despite this new commitment of governance is afforded various legal channels for redress of such an injury.

An Imbalance In The Force

The key point that should be most revered by James McCune Smith is that he was clear on his primary mission: providing medical services to the people of his community and the need to receive the academic preparation to do so.  His choices were made for him as the hardened racism closed off all options for doing so here in America.  The fact that he went on his long journey showed his commitment to the original quest for medical services.

In the year of our lord 2010 the consciousness and situation could not be any more different.  The acknowledged need for medical services for the poor in America is addressed via the political process.  The unmet need is seen as an imbalance of national resources that have been misappropriated elsewhere.  We are asked to unify in a political struggle to have these funds redirected.

Upon achieving success in the American Political Domain some entity will receive the contract from the government to provide needed medical services on the bodies of the poor and "the least of these".   Then, I predict, some visionary community organizer will see that while indeed these needed services are being received by "the least of these", just as they struggled for, THEY are not well represented in the ranks of service providers who deliver these professional services to the masses..........and make a profit from the government financial resources paid per the contract.  Thus the next struggle will be for a mitigation of the "discrimination" in the ranks of service providers as evidence by the lack of diversity.

You see the previous struggle to control the public schools by putting "people who love our children and care about the Black community" did not, in and of itself, produce the promised high academic results that were hoped for.  It was a successful strategy to obtain control over this key institution, however.

In as much as the present Black American culture and "political migration" strategy is one of struggle - the only chance that the educational establishment will kick in and substantively increase the ranks of Black physicians servicing Black bodies in the context of a system that assure a medical services entitlement is again through INDICTMENT and STRUGGLE.   Instead of the organic consciousness as exhibited through the efforts of Dr Smith our community has seeks to progress by making every forward motion a "civil rights struggle" against an ideological adversary.  This the case even when the adversary has departed from our midst and we are left with the desire to live at a higher standard of living.  Absent the countervailing force that motivates our actions - we are given to accept the inferior state that we find ourselves in.

Is The Black American Social Services Consciousness Scalable Throughout The Diaspora?

 Today the nation of Haiti will conduct elections for key government posts.  Eleven months after the tragic earthquake leveled their nation the Grim Reaper has returned to the island in the form of cholera.  More people in this tiny island nation fear that a loved one will be struck down with this by this deadly ailment than they have hope that their ballot will being material change to the island.

I also see vultures flying around the carcases that are exposed in the nation.  Those birds of prey are the Afro-Centric conspiracy theorists who believe that the US intervention in Haiti under the guise of humanitarian services is actually a pathway toward renewed colonialism.  With these theorist lacking any material competencies in medical services, urban planning skills, wastewater processing technologies or contacts in the world financing community they are left to posit their opinions upon the situation as they ask those who support their world view to "watch out!!  the imperialist is wrapping his coils upon your diaphragm".

Imagine if their ranks were filled with skilled medical practitioners who could lend  their skills to the people of Haiti?  Don't the Haitians need medical services and watershed management skills more than they do a hawk watching over those that watch over them?

IF there was ever a group that needs to be challenged with the indictment of "Well what have YOU done to benefit the people in need in the Black Diaspora since you are so concerned about them "  I can think of no better candidate.   Had they been alive during the day of then medical school candidate James McCune Smith they would have refused to allow him to board the ship to Scotland and instead demanded that he join them on their daily protest marches outside of the local medical schools in New York City.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hispanic As A Race - The Census Problem

Are These People "White"?

Census 2000
Census 2000 adheres to the Federal standards for collecting and presenting data on race and Hispanic origin as established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in October 1997.

The OMB defines Hispanic or Latino as "a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race." In data collection and presentation, Federal agencies are required to use a minimum of two ethnicities: "Hispanic or Latino" and "Not Hispanic or Latino."

Starting with Census 2000, the OMB requires Federal agencies to use a minimum of five race categories:

• White;
• Black or African American;
• American Indian or Alaska Native;
• Asian; and
• Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

For respondents unable to identify with any of these five race categories, the OMB approved including a sixth category — "Some other race" — on the Census 2000 questionnaire. The category Some other race is used in Census 2000 and a few other Federal data collection activities. As discussed later, most respondents who reported Some other race are Hispanic.

The "Other Race" Creates A Problem

Evaluating Census 2000 and its results, Mr. Kincannon reported that an increasing number of
people chose to identify as “some other race,” which is now the third largest race group in the
United States according to census results.6 This presents a challenge because many federal
programs do not include such a category in their data collection. He explained that the

Census Bureau had intended to drop the “some other race” category for the 2010 Census, but will now include it in response to congressional mandate. In 2000, of those who identifiedthemselves solely as “some other race,” 97 percent were Hispanic or Latino. In fact, 42 percent of Hispanics that identified their race selected “some other race.” Although 46
percent indicated they were white, many Hispanics did not answer the race question. The census did not capture the detailed Hispanic origin groups, such as Mexican, Puerto Rican or Cuban.
With these results in mind, the Census Bureau has worked to improve race/Hispanic origin
questions for the 2010 Census.7 Test censuses have examined 1) the need for examples of
Hispanic origin and race questions; 2) reducing the number of checkboxes for the major race
categories; 3) providing simple yes/no responses for the Hispanic origin question;
4) including a separate tribal enrollment question for American Indians and Alaska Natives;
and 5) including a modified ancestry question that would elicit specific race and Hispanic
origin groups as well as other ancestries such as German, French, or Scotch-Irish.

The Prevailing "Race" Of Mexico

In the 1921 Census, however, the government did include a question about racial identification.[217] Some 60% of the population identified themselves as being of mixed racial descent, 30% as indigenous, and 10% as white.[218]
The large majority of Mexicans can be classified as "Mestizos", meaning that they neither identify fully with any indigenous culture or with a particular non-Mexican heritage, but rather identify as having cultural traits and heritage that is mixed by elements from indigenous and European traditions. By the deliberate efforts of post-revolutionary governments the "Mestizo identity" was constructed as the base of the modern Mexican national identity, through a process of cultural synthesis referred to as mestizaje. Mexican politicians and reformers such as Jose Vasconcelos and Manuel Gamio were instrumental in building a Mexican national identity on the concept of mestizaje.[219][220]
The category of "indígena" (indigenous) can be defined narrowly according to linguistic criteria including only persons that speak one of Mexicos 62 indigenous languages, this is the categorization used by the National Mexican Institute of Statistics. It can also be defined broadly to include all persons who selfidentify as having an indigenous cultural background, whether or not they speak the language of the indigenous group they identify with. This means that the percentage of the Mexican population defined as "indigenous" varies according to the definition applied.[221][222]
Sometimes, particularly outside of Mexico, the word "mestizo" is used with the meaning of a person with mixed Indigenous and European blood. This usage does not conform to the Mexican social reality where a person of pure indigenous genetic heritage would be considered Mestizo either by rejecting his indigenous culture or by not speaking an indigenous language,[223] and a person with a very low percentage of indigenous genetic heritage would be considered fully indigenous either by speaking an indigenous language or by identifying with a particular indigenous cultural heritage

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Bitch Shut The Fuck Up! I Told You I Was Sorry Already!!!"

There was no other line in the movie "For Colored Girls" that could serve as a more powerful "take away" of the sentiments from the film.
  • I heard the chatter that was created during the first few weeks of the film claiming that "it bashed Black men" - just like the original play
  • I got in trouble when I echoed this same sentiment to the neighbor, me never having seen the film.  She corrected me stating "this film was not about the Black men in the film it was about the Black women".
  • I heard several interviews and reviews on NPR and on television from the film's stars and movie critics.  Some praised the film some panned it.  
  • At the barbershop this morning with only a male barber and a female with a "natural" waiting in line right after me I repeated what I had heard on the radio: "They say that this film was about Tyler Perry's 'ghosts' appearing on the screen.  He was envious of how Lee Daniels did 'Precious' and he altered his own craft to follow suit.  The film version did not do justice to the play".
Since I was just carrying the water of what others had said - today I decided to view the film for myself.

I need to get this out of the way before I go any further - with this film Anika Noni Rose has displaced my "girl crush" that I had had on Kerry Washington.  

The character and the real person appears to have a more artistic spirit that I can connect with.  The character that she played was a dance instructor and she made references to certain Caribbean inspirations to her dance and her soul.   You got me hooked girl.

(I needed to get this out of the way because I realize that the movie was far more 'deed' than what my lustful eye could ever do justice to.  :-)   )

Hurt Women

The movie was all about women who had been hurt either prior to the time frame captured during the movie or as expressed during the movie.

It doesn't take experience from a war fought during membership in the US military to trigger certain abusive behavior as the film depicted.  (Note: the stage play is from the early 1970's and thus made reference to Vietnam.  Though the film never mentioned Iraq or Afghanistan by name the logical inference is there).  Today there are many men who have never put on a military uniform that execute behavior as such against their female partners.  Just as the soldier saw certain gory events that imprinted as such in his mind, so to have these abusive men who never left the nation to fight a battle.  There was enough of a battle in the home that they were raised in.

The sight of the rapist had me thinking about being arrested myself for having beaten the hell out of a man who would so such a thing.  My plea to the justice system that was running through my mind was "How is it that you find suit to indict me for assault - a man with no criminal record to speak of?  Why not consider the circumstance that would provoke a man like me to act violently in response to violence".  The actions of the rapist in the movie made a bright shining spirit in a woman turn into a shell shocked soldier in her own right.  A thorough beating is the least that the rapist should have gotten.

All of the "hurt" that these women faced were not sourced by the actions of males.  They did their fair share of intramural abuse, perpetuating their own hurt upon others who loved them.  Some of the women remained trapped in their pain.  Another noted how much she had changed, morphing into her present self that appeared to be nothing like the others.   She appeared to relate to them because she saw her old self.

"Bitch Shut The Fuck Up!!  I Told You I Was Sorry Already!!"

In a movie in which the reconciliation of "I am sorry" was bantered about by the "hurt ladies" the phrase listed above stole the show - at least for me.   There was no other apology that was more gratuitous or which was a better fit for the context within which it was stated.   The abusive "Baby Daddy" who wanted her to "stop sweating him" for his brutal behavior last night laid out the catch phrase that summarized the movie perfectly.

"I am sorry and if you don't let it go I am going to violently beat you down again. "
This is what that line says to me.   There is not a hint of contrition in the statement.

The movie was better than what the critics claim that it was.
It was very entertaining.  Some of the characters could have been developed a bit further but overall their interconnectedness in their struggle was the main purpose of the movie. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Haiti - Ignorance In Face Of The Failure Of Human Resource Development

In a vacuum where there exists a lack of understanding as to why certain events have transpired (Cholera) the conspiracy theory oozes in and provides a rational understanding of how it all happened. "Rational", that is, to the mind of those who's ignorance does not present them with an understanding that is commensurate with the times.

There is nothing unique about the behavior that is seen in Haiti today in response to this latest conflict. Other regions of the world have suffered the same fate because scientific understanding and social controls had not progressed enough in the context to afford the people a better channel to address the challenge at hand.

The fatal confluence between "ignorance" and the intention for power and dominance over other factions provides for the opportunity for the exploitation of the situation as seen by the thugs who are terrorizing the authorities.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conservative School Teacher In The UK - Education System Is Broken. Children Need To Have High Expectations Inculcated Into Them

Katharine Birbalsingh was a deputy headteacher but everything changed at the Conservative Party Conference where she received a standing ovation.

My House Guest From The UK - Part I - Black Females Struggle For Relationships

About 6 months ago I reported about the attempts by my wife and her cousins/girlfriends to match make.  The girls were in my kitchen plotting out a few favorable guys to link two of the single ladies up with.   Once again when her friend from the UK notified us of her plans for a visit to the USA the match making effort was kicked in.  This time I was asked to broker a date between a male family friend and the girlfriend from the UK.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  The girlfriend came through but the "brother man" did not.   Our friend is a thirty-something single (and straight) man with a house and a stable job.  He has plenty of options at his disposal and had no interest other than a dinner date.

From my perspective my wife's friend is a good woman.  My kids grew attached to her and kept mocking her on her British accent.

The primary appeal to me for her visit was that I had several weeks of good Jamaican cooking and some good conversations as well.  I ask all of my wife's friends or relatives that come though for a visit to hook me up with some good home cooking.  Most Jamaican women take me up on my offer because they want to leave a good impression about their skills in that area.

The UK girl friend won the prize of "My Favorite 'Wife's Girlfriend' " because she assisted me in cracking the code on the make up of my favorite jerk chicken from the "Island Cafe" restaurant.   I brought home a take out order of their jerk chicken and asked her to recreate the jerk gravy that they use.   This is my favorite because they use a "wet jerk" recipe where the chicken is bathed in gravy.   I can spread the gravy over the rice that they provide and enjoy a spicy, flavorful dish.  Other places do "jerk barbeque" or the traditional smoked jerk chicken without enough gravy to spread on the rice.  This is good but not "as good".

She told me  that the gravy was not "Jerk gravy" in the first place.  Instead it was the gravy taken from "Brown Stewed Chicken" or "Ox Tails".   She made a batch of chicken for me and showed me how "Browning" sauce was the secret ingredient.  My task now is to play with the ingredients on my own until I find the exact match. (You all have no idea how many years I have been trying to uncover this recipe for my favorite chicken).

The larger point is that here was a woman with a good education, a stable job and a good cook.  She is looking for a life partner to settle into a relationship with and produce a family.  

I learned after she departed that the "brother man" she had been in a long term relationship with had cheated on her and thus she severed the relationship.

I won't judge another man on his choices to step out on his lady.  I can only say that he lost a good person as a consequence of his actions.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

My House Guest From The UK - Part III - Cultural Viewpoints

Do you see this form?

This is a tournament entry form for an upcoming event for my kid's Tae Kwon Do school.  This money that was transacted per this form started a long debate between me and the two Jamaican women that I am housing under my roof.  (my wife and her girl friend from the UK who emigrated from Jamaica.  I had better say "our roof" ).

I mentioned to my wife that this represents yet another $100 + dollars that she is forwarding to the TKD school that is run by South Koreans.  I am NOT hating on them.  They have  a valuable service that is attractive to many American families.  This functions as a "rites of passage" program and greatly assists in the discipline for the children.  It also is good exercise.   They have afterschool care for an extra fee.  They charge money for testing. For the "do jung"(?) - the outfit - and for the belt.   They have a steady stream of income heading their way.

Even the tournaments are great.  (They run the concessions at the tournaments and make money off of that).   I have seen some young girls who were in a shell, crying because they could not break the board as a yellow belt blossom into a more confident individual by the time they became a red belt.

The source of my debate with these two Jamaican women centered around their belief that only Koreans/Asians could ever run a high quality TKD/Martial Arts school per their culture and ethnicity.  (I could not believe what I was hearing).

They argued that when one seeks out Chinese food or Italian food, the presence of a Mexican or an Englishman preparing the food degraded the authenticity of the end product.

I rejected this theory.   It is the PRODUCT that is most relevant, not the person preparing it.  I called them "racial bigots".   If an Englishman and a Chinese person were standing side by side in front of their own stove and they followed the steps in a recipe to create an Asian dish - according to their logic only the dish prepared by the Asian person is authentic.

Per their own thinking a Black person who has a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and then used his mastery to open a TKD school could not possibly deliver a product as good as an "authentic" Korean.  (Yes I was getting incensed by this time in the conversation).

I then asked my friend from the UK - "If a White Englishman said that 'no Black will ever become the Prime Minster because this is a job that requires 'Anglo cultural skills' would you accept this as a reasonable statement or would you call it 'bigoted'?".   Of course, just as anyone who doesn't have a good answer and is never challenged on how they think - the reply was "That is not an equivalent example.  That's different".

This was ironic because I had listened to her for almost 2 weeks talk about the structural racism that the UK is bathed in.  Indeed many Whites over there believe as I have depicted.  The point is, however, she can't see that she believes in a similar manner.

I gained a lot of insight of how my wife thinks by the presence of a person who was born and conditioned into the very same system in Jamaica.  This is the "British Colonial system".   Though I acknowledge some very positive attributes of Jamaicans and it servers many of them well as they venture into America - there are still some points of indoctrination that work against them.  I exposed one of them in our debate.

This was one time where I got to distinguish between that which is an individual personality attribute of my wife and that which is culturally engendered by her world experience.  I am not attributing a positive or negative spin to it per se.  I am just noting my new awareness of it.

I was forced to call up my good friend and former roommate.   I reminded him a girl from Kenya that he had dated nearly 20 years ago.  Back then he told me about how much her views had been shaped by British colonialism.  I told him that from my recent debate I now realized what he is talking about.  It influences their world view and the systematic way they think.

Cultural Consciousness

The fact remains that "Tae Kwon Do" is not a 'genetic' attribute.  It is an art form that was developed over time.  It was fused into an organized form of martial arts by a group of people who decided to formalize it and DEFEND it to protect its authenticity.  It is only the RITUALS of TKD that make it so. There is no racial component.   (Though I ain't made at the Koreans for making good money off of selling it to Americans.  Good money!!).

To say that this art form can't be practiced and mastered by another group of people who make it as their own, retaining the INTEGRITY of it and doing an equal job in perpetuating it is the same time of ignorance and bigotry that we as Black people suffer from and fight against.

TKD is in effect a "culture".  All cultures must be:

  1. Delineated - define what the character of the culture is.  Block out what is not
  2. Propagated - distribute this consciousness upon other - particularly the young
  3. Enforced - prevent any who seeks to hijack and alter the culture from "using the name" 
The RACE of the person is not a relevant attribute to the "culture".   
It is only a consideration of the CONSUMER who agrees to purchase the food in the little white cardboard box with a metal handle on it.

A Browse Through The "Competency Frameworks" Seen On The Internet

I might be on to something with my "Competency Development" dogma.

Look at all of the various disciplines that make reference to a "Competency Framework" as a process for development of human resources or for systematically achieving a particular goal:

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

An Open Letter To Black America About Your Present Consciousness In Relation To Politics

The 2010 Election which has just ended has shed a disturbing light upon certain elements within the Black community who are fully integrated into the American Political Domain.   The problem is not that this distinguishes them form what any other American does - this type of "equality" was our goal.

The problem is that these individuals make use of our RACE as a means of obtaining ideological and partisan advantage.  They have little to show for the benefit of our community as a result of their systematic antics.  The only benefit that is received is "Ideological Unity Within The Black Community".  I am forced to believe that this is their ultimate goal.

During this election season I monitored a variety of news sources - Black, White, pro-Republican and pro-Democrat.  Radio, television, newspaper, blog and quasi-news web sites.  Again I noted no difference between the fundamental loyalties between Black and White except that White people have their loyalties spread across the ideological domain.  Black people are more concentrated toward the progressive domain AND make use of their race as a cover for ideological and partisan agenda.

The biggest threat to the Black community consciousness are those propagandists that are embedded inside of our "protected community consciousness zone" and who use the confidence that has been entrusted to them to work as an agent for some other agenda that is not of our own.

In this immediate election past the Black vote was NATIONALIZED.   As I drove around areas inside of the City of Atlanta I saw an array of campaign signs that were plastered in unkempt lots of trash and overgrown grass.  This symbolically demanded that the Black people living within look past the "benign neglect" of the physical landscape around them and instead key in upon the false hope that was represented on the glossy signs that were planted within.

These antics set the stage for the "non-managed" state that is present in too many communities that contain "the Least of These People".   Their hopes are liquidated into something of value to the political overlay that represent themselves as the community leadership:  VOTES.

With the gap between the political advocacy that the people are enlisted upon and the (organically produced) higher standard of living that they seek growing larger the people are made more desperate and dependent upon the process as they are trapped in the vortex.   The incremental power that this machine acquires allows them to take over more institutions.  In as much as these institutions fails to deliver as promised - the people become more isolated where they reside.  This isolation creates desperation due to the lack of productivity within.  The productivity that was sold but never delivered because the potential of the people were never developed via the competencies that were not enhanced within the people.

Unless someone intervenes to reset this fatal loop our community's interests will continue to be squandered for some external entity's benefit.

The Black Press If The Biggest Co-Conspirator In The Scheme

In the model of the "Black Establishment" above one stands supreme in support of interest of "The Black Rank & File" - The Black Press.

While all of the other tentacles attached with the establishment work as loosely coupled operatives in support of the same goal - it is the Black Press that has the unique position in which they have the power of the mass media to affect a course correction when the results are not in line with the promises and our community needs.

Of course ideology and party often trumps all else.  For many people within this establishment they would rather be "Unified but ultimately INEFFECTIVE in actually delivering upon their promises for the Black community's development" than they care to go against the grain of that which is POPULAR as they seek to recalibrate these collective efforts toward actually delivering upon the promised benefit.

The biggest culprit in this "Enforced Unity" is the use of race based FEAR.   Even in an area in which this machine has total control over all of the institutions from victories past - their present failures can be overwritten by prompting the people to look in UNITY - at some external threat that they are told to stand strong against.  With this unified sense of purpose no one who has failed the community need have their toes stepped upon.

The Black Press NEEDS TO STEP ON TOES in order to serve its proper role.  It stands to reason that since the people are still aggrieved in their circumstances and the Black Press purports to be the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE then we must conclude that the Black press in its present form has been hijacked.  They aren't voicing the people's concerns against those who are in power and are failing them in their schools, their public safety, the failure to develop the local economy.

Instead the Black Press is the VOICE OF THE BLACK ESTABLISHMENT.  It has been perverted into the role of protecting the interests of this establishment (namely the political establishment).   We have been told that the proof of Black community advancement is shown by the number of Black elected officials.  I reject this as I proclaim that the proof of the community advancement is seen in :

  • the quality of our schools
  • the statistical safety of our community
  • the economic productivity that transpires in our own communities
All of these with references to our own EXPECTATIONS - NOT with reference to some national set of statistics (read between the lines:  White people).

By making this continuing national reference rather than having an internal index the stage is set for the perpetual EXTERNAL chase for "social justice".   

The argument is made that since the Black stats are so much different than those of White people then only RACISM explains the difference.  Therefore we must remain united to fight this racism and achieve equality.

With this slight of hand - those who now control the local institutions within the Black community are not made to tune these institutions so that they too produce our desired ends.  Instead we all get ensnared into the perpetual chase for RESOURCES from the government as proof that we are equal per the "NATIONAL social contract" that we have in common.   More political power is required by the Black community to have our needs met.   The cycle continues.

The Black Press is at fault because it too is full of people that have this ideology.
It is loathed to do the muckraking reporting against their establishment partners because they fear that by hitting them hard in order to root out any corruption or incompetence weakens their mandate for "more (progressive) Black faces in high places.  

RACISM is the one threat that all of these tentacles of the Black Establishment can use to consolidate power and focus and avoid the lateral fights that come sans a unifying threat.

The truth is that the right wing conservatives in America as represented by the Republicans and the Tea Party does not represent a direct threat against Black people as far as lynching, arson or outright discrimination.  The biggest threat that they pose is that they would resist the NATIONALIZATION of our quest for a common standard of living where the GOVERNMENT is the plaining tool to smooth out all distinctions in elevation.  

The worst fear for the Black Establishment is that our communities will isolated thus forcing the powers that be on the inside to actually produce the promised benefit OR the resulting produce is the standard at which the residents inside will be forced to live.  

Instead of implementing the necessary management reforms and a keen focus upon the development of the competencies of the people at the periphery that will blunt any threat that community self-sufficiency will expose they choose to engender us upon a "permanent struggle" in which the national forces are indicted for failing to take care of us - "the Least Of These".  Anyone who dares stand in the way of this nationalization effort is said to be standing in the way of the interests of the Black community.   The Black Press is merely a hammering agent for this point.


While we are told how long of a struggle our ancestors faced to vote.  It is also true that:
  1. That school that is presently in many Black inner city locations was once a segregated school that no Black was permitted to set foot in (Gompers Elementary in Philadelphia, for example)
  2. The physical violence that we see in our community and the threat of violence that is contained in that million selling hip hop song were once uniquely done and said by those who were identified as enemies to the Black community rather than residing within
  3. The desperate need for survival of our community demanded that every soul of sound mind and sound body engage in productive work so that the storehouse can be filled for the harsh winter
The original quest for the VOTE was for the purposes of obtaining our permanent interest and the justice that preceded them.  

Today there is a gross abstraction in our quest for voting.  Unfortunately party politics have totally sublimated our community interests.  Some people mistake the state of "being in receipt of benefit" with that of leveraging the people and the institutions to deliver upon our needs as a community.

The rank and file needs to "Take Back The Black Community Consciousness" from those forces that have taken it away for their own purposes.