Friday, November 19, 2010

Haiti - Ignorance In Face Of The Failure Of Human Resource Development

In a vacuum where there exists a lack of understanding as to why certain events have transpired (Cholera) the conspiracy theory oozes in and provides a rational understanding of how it all happened. "Rational", that is, to the mind of those who's ignorance does not present them with an understanding that is commensurate with the times.

There is nothing unique about the behavior that is seen in Haiti today in response to this latest conflict. Other regions of the world have suffered the same fate because scientific understanding and social controls had not progressed enough in the context to afford the people a better channel to address the challenge at hand.

The fatal confluence between "ignorance" and the intention for power and dominance over other factions provides for the opportunity for the exploitation of the situation as seen by the thugs who are terrorizing the authorities.

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