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James McCune Smith - Nation's First Trained Black Doctor Went To School In Scotland When American Schools Denied Him

Pioneering black physician to be honored in NYC

I will editorialize on this piece because you can click on the link to see the facts of the case for yourself.

In the world of 1837 America this one man, James McCune Smith - was so committed to providing needed medical services to poor Blacks in his community that he exited the United States and pursued a medical degree in Scotland.  He returned, with the competencies to provide needed services and performed them to address the need on the ground.

While this is not a favorable solution to the need for more medically trained professionals from a logistical standpoint  the differences between back then and today can't be any more distinct.  The system stood against the education of Black people while the needs of the people were great and their rights to remedy the assault from the system was non-existent.   Today the need for quality medical care in our community remains unchanged in its abundance thus the demand side has gone unaltered  for nearly 175 years.   One could logically predict that in the year 2185 the Black community around the world will still require medical professionals to address the same need.

The key areas that have changed are the most disturbing.   The system of education has changed in that it has changed hands.  Gone is the antagonistic educational establishment that lives to defend its privilege by overtly excluding Black Americans.  In fact "favorable people" control the feeder school systems through which Black students are prepared with the skills and have their minds disciplined for the rigors of professional education which creates "professional service agents" that are deployed in our communities to provide these needed services.

In addition gone are the days where "a Black man has no rights that a White man need respect".  The overt forms of discrimination and oppression have been statutorily mitigated.  Any incident of racism experienced by an individual that occurs despite this new commitment of governance is afforded various legal channels for redress of such an injury.

An Imbalance In The Force

The key point that should be most revered by James McCune Smith is that he was clear on his primary mission: providing medical services to the people of his community and the need to receive the academic preparation to do so.  His choices were made for him as the hardened racism closed off all options for doing so here in America.  The fact that he went on his long journey showed his commitment to the original quest for medical services.

In the year of our lord 2010 the consciousness and situation could not be any more different.  The acknowledged need for medical services for the poor in America is addressed via the political process.  The unmet need is seen as an imbalance of national resources that have been misappropriated elsewhere.  We are asked to unify in a political struggle to have these funds redirected.

Upon achieving success in the American Political Domain some entity will receive the contract from the government to provide needed medical services on the bodies of the poor and "the least of these".   Then, I predict, some visionary community organizer will see that while indeed these needed services are being received by "the least of these", just as they struggled for, THEY are not well represented in the ranks of service providers who deliver these professional services to the masses..........and make a profit from the government financial resources paid per the contract.  Thus the next struggle will be for a mitigation of the "discrimination" in the ranks of service providers as evidence by the lack of diversity.

You see the previous struggle to control the public schools by putting "people who love our children and care about the Black community" did not, in and of itself, produce the promised high academic results that were hoped for.  It was a successful strategy to obtain control over this key institution, however.

In as much as the present Black American culture and "political migration" strategy is one of struggle - the only chance that the educational establishment will kick in and substantively increase the ranks of Black physicians servicing Black bodies in the context of a system that assure a medical services entitlement is again through INDICTMENT and STRUGGLE.   Instead of the organic consciousness as exhibited through the efforts of Dr Smith our community has seeks to progress by making every forward motion a "civil rights struggle" against an ideological adversary.  This the case even when the adversary has departed from our midst and we are left with the desire to live at a higher standard of living.  Absent the countervailing force that motivates our actions - we are given to accept the inferior state that we find ourselves in.

Is The Black American Social Services Consciousness Scalable Throughout The Diaspora?

 Today the nation of Haiti will conduct elections for key government posts.  Eleven months after the tragic earthquake leveled their nation the Grim Reaper has returned to the island in the form of cholera.  More people in this tiny island nation fear that a loved one will be struck down with this by this deadly ailment than they have hope that their ballot will being material change to the island.

I also see vultures flying around the carcases that are exposed in the nation.  Those birds of prey are the Afro-Centric conspiracy theorists who believe that the US intervention in Haiti under the guise of humanitarian services is actually a pathway toward renewed colonialism.  With these theorist lacking any material competencies in medical services, urban planning skills, wastewater processing technologies or contacts in the world financing community they are left to posit their opinions upon the situation as they ask those who support their world view to "watch out!!  the imperialist is wrapping his coils upon your diaphragm".

Imagine if their ranks were filled with skilled medical practitioners who could lend  their skills to the people of Haiti?  Don't the Haitians need medical services and watershed management skills more than they do a hawk watching over those that watch over them?

IF there was ever a group that needs to be challenged with the indictment of "Well what have YOU done to benefit the people in need in the Black Diaspora since you are so concerned about them "  I can think of no better candidate.   Had they been alive during the day of then medical school candidate James McCune Smith they would have refused to allow him to board the ship to Scotland and instead demanded that he join them on their daily protest marches outside of the local medical schools in New York City.

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