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New Agricultural Commissioner In Georgia Seeks To Remove "Slave Mural" From Building Lobby

New ag commissioner wants paintings removed

Note: Georgia Agricultural Commissioner elect Gary Black is a White Republican

AJC Story
The incoming agriculture commissioner wants to remove paintings he considers "undesirable" that were meant to show the history of Georgia farming.

Commissioner-elect Gary Black told WXIA-TV that seven pictures in the lobby of the Agriculture Department in Atlanta will go into storage. The Republican takes office next month.

The paintings by George Beattie have been in the lobby for half a century. Two paintings depict slavery, which was allowed in Georgia until the practice was outlawed after the Civil War.

Another shows partially clothed American Indians.

Black said several scenes "are not acceptable today" and don't represent modern agriculture.

Atlanta sculptor George Beasley, a friend of the painter, said the artist tried to show the whole picture of Georgia farming. He said the work should remain on display.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vine City Community In Atlanta Rallies Around KIPP Ways Academy After Its Building Is Destroyed By Fire

A community rallies around its children and their school

If nothing else - there is a heightened sense of ownership and loss of a prized asset in response to the fire that severely damaged the KIPP Ways Academy school building. The school offers a beacon of hope in a community that is short on points of light to project happiness about.

My heart was saddened when I learned of the Dec. 10 three-alarm fire at KIPP WAYS Academy, a high-achieving public charter school serving mostly underprivileged students and families near the Atlanta University Center and downtown Atlanta. The fire destroyed a significant portion of the KIPP WAYS building as well as the contents inside; books, computers, musical instruments and everything else that makes up a school.

But what the fire could not destroy is the spirit and character of the KIPP WAYS (West Atlanta Young Scholars) family. If anything, the fire has only strengthened the school by further energizing its community, providing an invaluable learning lesson for the children, and showing how a larger community is able to jump into action in a time of need.

KIPP WAYS, along with its sister school, KIPP South Fulton Academy, are in their eighth year of existence. They have been recognized numerous times by local and state leaders as exemplary public schools. These charter schools, built upon KIPP’s national operating principles, known as the “Five Pillars”; High Expectations, Choice & Commitment, More Time, Power to Lead and Focus on Results, are providing children in the Atlanta area with exceptional, rigorous, college preparatory public schools.

Within 48 hours after the fire had gutted their facility, the KIPP WAYS family — administrators, staff, students, family members and supporters — all came together in the former Turner Middle School to prepare the second and third floors of the building for classes the following morning. The first floor is the home of the Kindezi School, an APS charter school in its first year of operations. Kindezi’s board, seeing a community in need, immediately opened their doors to KIPP WAYS.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Benign Neglect That Allowed "Street Pirate Violence" To Fester In Our Streets

 BBC World Service - Outlook:  Ending Gang Violence In LA

I Did Not Purchase The "XBox 360 With Kinect Controller" Today

This morning I took my daughter to Wal-Mart for a last bit of Christmas shopping for her brother and cousins.
On the drive over I asked her about the popularity of various gaming systems among her classmates.  "PlayStation 3", "XBox", WII".   She told me that the XBox was more popular than the PS3 and that many people had a WII.

We already have a WII at home. I have been thinking about getting one of the two other popular options for a few months.

As we made our way through the store I guided my daughter to purchase sporting goods items and board games. "No more Legos for that little boy!!!". It is great that my son has a vivid imagination. He will build plans and trucks with Legos only to tear it down and start over. He needs something more educational or something that provides him with exercise or something that allows us to spend "quality time" together and not looking at a television screen.

We got over to the video games case and I was surprised that they had a sufficient supply of both the PS3 and the XBox. I figured that I didn't really need a Blu-Ray drive. The Xbox bundle which included the Kinect camera controller costs the same $299 that the PS3 alone costs.

I looked at all of the video games in the cabinets. Most were $49.99 or $59.99. I looked at the titles. I stood looking for about 15 minutes. The key point that made me make up my mind was most related to the other shoppers around me.

The lady working in the electronics isle walked by several times asking me if I needed help. A (Black) woman had this lady open up 4 different cases and to get 3 Xbox games (including Zumba) and one PSP Portable game. She said that they were for her daughter. $200 blown through that quickly.

I asked my daughter if I should purchase the XBox. As if I didn't already know her answer. I had almost convinced myself to do it.

Shopper after shopper walked down the isle with some form of electronics (mostly DVD players, Blu-Ray players and digital cameras). (95% of them Black - not that it matters).

Observing this made me see that THE XBOX 360 is not the "decision" that I must make. The real issue is CONSUMERISM. The XBox/PS3/Wii are like razor handles. They are for sale as a gateway to the purchase of the games or the on-line subscriptions for each system. Once I acquired the system - the game library would need to be built up next.

Look at all of the money that is being lifted from our wallets as we are in a (supposed) recession. This is all discretionary spending and I assure you that the majority of these people were putting it on their credit card.

At a time when the US dollar's value is being destroyed via flawed policies from nearly everyone in Washington DC this type of consumerism is particularly misguided.

We took a walk over to the food section. It is clear that the prices on food is increasing. The inflation stats from the government don't appear to be credible. That $300 for the XBox 360 with Kinect is going to go into the food shopping cart quicker than I expect it to.

We got over to the chicken section. I decided to bring my daughter in on the calculations that I was making. The prices on two packages of chicken don't matter unless you look at the "per unit" price and the weight. I saw two different brands of chicken wings one had their units in "ounces" the other in "pounds". I quizzed her on how many ounces in a pound. I told her to do the conversion. She said "it should be around $0.12 per ounce". I pulled out my cellphone she pulled out hers. She got the answer before me. I unlocked my phone and did my own calculations. It was $0.12 per ounce.

With those whole wings - I chop them up and make "hot wings". Those who purchase the pre-cut wings pay nearly twice as much as are whole wings for this service.

It is time for me to go "cheap". Reduce as much debt as reasonably possible.
At minimum the best thing that I can do for my children is to teach them the value of money and how to make sure that no one can take advantage of them.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"If you put bad-behaving people in a good neighborhood, they have no choice but to adapt to the environment."

The title of this blog entry comes from The and their report on "The Closing Of Cabrini Green".

This blog entry is not about Cabrini Green.

Look at the phrase:
"If you put bad-behaving people in a good neighborhood, they have no choice but to adapt to the environment."
It implicitly says that there needs to be an envelop of structured living which has clarity and order about "the rules of the road" that all who enter into the fold must abide by.
It says that this force of  "the way things work" within this envelop is more POWERFUL than the agents that come in and seek to alter the course, derailing the way things work.

Instead the prevailing forces use INDUCTION to force these invading agents to assume their ways, drawing them to LIVE UP TO this prevailing standard instead of taking the whole down to the lower level of the invading agent.

These words were rattled off by an "urban sociologist" in observation of how the residents of Cabrini Green were stock piled into a highly concentrated area and "the bad people" ruled the roost.

The Compliment Of Activism's Constant Search For Justice Is The Establish's Need To Retain The Institutions Upon Which Just Outcomes Can Be Rendered

Long story short - there is no point of "absolute justice" that can ever be obtained.  A society can only actively manage its course and heading so that there is more "just outcomes" that are delivered than there is misery and benign neglect as the common theme.

The person who made the statement in the title made mention of a "Prevailing Establishment".  This is expressed as a "good neighborhood".

  • Safe Streets
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles & Relationship Outcomes
These are the attributes of a "good community" of human beings.

These outcomes aren't expressed because of the intrinsic properties of the "good people".  All human beings are equal human beings.   These outcomes are a direct result of the system of which envelopes these human resources and allows them to develop for participation in a framework that allows them to move the ball forward.  This framework also sets up limits with the hopes that their aggregate actions are in a forward direction instead of out of bounds or backward.

The Power Of The Forces Of The Past Versus The Prevailing Development Forces Of The Present

We often hear about how the forces of the past are most responsible for defining the injuries that are seen at the present.   It stands to reason that a system which envelops a people and who's daily transactions upon them pushes them downward then Carter G Woodson's observations are indeed correct.   This person will be conditioned to go to the "back of the bus" and will likely instruct his progeny to take the very same course.

The point that we rarely hear, however, is that when a collection of people become "self-actualized" enough to see and understand these forces from the past and how they imprint negatively upon their people that it is in their interest to set up a system to counteract these forces.   Those people who have the skill to define the date in which their past "culture" was stripped away from their people should also have the insight on how to construct a system through which each parent who is now free implements upon the new generation.   If one's culture was stolen over time or lost through ONE GENERATION that was disconnected from the source then it should also be the case that ONE GENERATION that is disconnected from the dysfunction culture can be molded back on the right track.  That is IF there is a will to disconnect them.

In truth the correction takes more time than one generation.  This is why it is so critically important to place a time line in as a measuring tool.   If one can't measure the COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of a people as they have been serving under the dictates of a system of their choice - then the system is not interested in creating a "Good Community".   There is some other agenda at hand.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Nationalization Of "Black Problems"

Leah Ward Sears - Why the marriage gap is bad for America

(Hat tip to my friend BTX3 for notifying me of the article written by the friend of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas)

In the article Justice Sears documents the low rate of marriage in some communities and relates it to the consequence of social class.  She notes that "higher classes" are beginning to see their rates of marriage atrophy in recent days.  She suggests that the institutions that surround them begin to reach out to them as a means of fomenting a stronger inclination to marry and in support of stronger, more enduring marriages.

From the article:
Wilcox's study finds that over the last 30 years, among what the report calls "Middle Americans" (the 58% of moderately educated Americans who have a high school degree), the proportion of children born outside of marriage skyrocketed from 13% to 44% while the portion of adults in an intact first marriage dropped from 73% to 45%.
Meanwhile, among financially well-off Americans (the 30% who have a college degree or higher), the proportion of children born outside of marriage climbed only slightly from 2% to 6%, the divorce rate dropped from 15% to 11%, and intact first marriages dropped from 73% to 56%.
In sum, the relationships of Middle Americans increasingly resemble those of the poor, while marriages among upscale Americans are getting better in many respects.

This is important because, as Wilcox notes, the social science evidence today is indisputable: Children who grow up in intact, married families are significantly more likely to graduate from high school, find work and enjoy a stable family life, compared with their peers who grow up in broken families.
The class-based marriage gap is also an injustice because most Americans still seem to desire a happy marriage. Wilcox found that the vast majority of Americans of all classes still say marriage is "very important" or "one of the most important things" to them.
I ultimately agree with Justice Sears regarding the importance of INSTITUTIONS that are in contact with people to set the tone for their values and behavior.  Anyone who reads this blog and its sister blog (With The Black Community) will note my continuing references to the key function of institutions in shaping a people - their thoughts, behaviors and values.   In as much as these institutions are controlled by "favorable people" of our own choosing it might be high time for a reappraisal of that which we prefer and how it all aligns with our permanent interests.

As I reread Justice Sears' column before I went to press I noted that it was not she who "nationalized" the problems with "lower income marriage".  Instead BTX3, from whom I got the article from did so with his analysis of Sears' words.   She pointed to the institutions that surround people, he appointed this as a national problem.

In my analysis the attempt to make low marriage rates or failing public schools into a "national problem" is an attempt by those who's past activism has put them in charge of these institutions to obfuscate beyond their present ESTABLISHMENT position, thus allowing them to struggle some more.   This shows them to be "permanent chasers" while rather inept managers.  Unable to use these "Human Resource Development & Control" institutions to produce the outcomes that all who desire a higher standard of living toward that place.

By "nationalizing" the issue a carrot is created by which "their loss is America's loss".  If America is to be competitive internationally, they say then America must change its ways.   Of course this is an implicit reference for America to stop its discrimination in resource allocation, its protectionism of 'private property' that was received through ill-gotten gains by an unjust system.  

Why don't we appraise past interventions in which "money" and "methodology" was offered as suggestions for change?   We see that when the resources are accompanied with restrictions, suggestions  (or cultural mores) a rebuke is often heard: "Give up the money and mind your own business.  You all have your own problems that you need to deal with before poking into our problems".

Thus the concept of "nationalized entitlement" is fortified.   America is asked to "let no man fail". This is his birthright.  Regardless of what he does to insure his own failure - America will not allow him to fall below a certain guaranteed threshold.

I reject this as a notion that is mutually exclusive to societal freedom and the non-Serfdom state.

Instead, with sufficient control over the key institutions in the community having been won through a grand struggle - these institutions at the periphery must be the agents of social control.  Their policies promoted by the local majority.  HOWEVER, these policies that are accepted by this congregation and yet being in line with this national GOAL - should be adopted and jettisoned based upon their EFFECTIVENESS in delivering upon these stated goals.

Failing to apply such pruning and grafting shows a people who are more committed to their ideological dogma  than they are the favorable end that they seek.

America is an aggregation of the productivity, thoughts and actions of more than 310M people, clustered into various communities.   It is a "bottom up" flow rather than a "command and control" centralized enforcement.

What better way to prove one's "equal valuation" of another human being of their own kind than to engage in a long term relationship with them for the sake of achieving community stabilization and the perpetuation of the species and culture?

Surely if the period of "Slavery" lives as residue in our lives today - what WE are doing today will be living in the people 150 years from now. If there ever was a time for "disruptive change" to take place, thus trapping damage from the past from jumping the "generational synapse" - this is it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The COINTELPRO Martial Arts School

After a two week delay - here is my report on the "COINTELPRO Martial Arts School'.

As I listened to "The Friday Night Drum" on "WRFG - The Progressive Information Station" in Atlanta I learned of a gathering that was to be held the next day.  It was entitled "Who Is The Bigger Gangsters?  Black Youth or White America? The History Of COINTELPRO".  The discussion was billed as an anti-gang summit.

I wrote down the address of the symposium (Lithonia GA in Dekalb County).  I called my good friend to go with me.  He is into both the politics and youth development angle involved here.  (If there is an anti-capitalist/anti-American/anti-Israel/anti-Zionist book - he has read it).

We arrived at a shopping plaza that the GPS took us to per the address.
The starting time had shifted from 3pm to 3:30.   We saw a sports bar a few doors down that we decided to go into and watch the football games that were playing.

By the time 4pm came my "Black Radical" friend was not interested in leaving to go hear what they had to say.  He'd heard it all before, he said.

 I decided to leave the sports bar and hear what the people had to say.

A Black Youth Mentoring Session Mixed With "1960's Style Black Nationalism"

This is not a hit piece against anything that the "brothers" who took to the microphone were saying.

  • The first guy told of his days as a street gang member from Chicago.  The gang was formed as a means of protecting the community from any harm.  He told of his friend who started the "Conservative Vice Lords" as a means of countering the negative image that other gangs had created.  He said that they confronted a construction company that was building homes in their community but which did not hire any of the locals for employment.  "Not another brick will be laid until you hire some of the people who will eventually live in these places".   They got a few jobs from this action.   The "Conservative Vice Lords" were taken down, he said, as the government trumped up some charges on its leadership and locked him up for an extended bid.
  • The next guy who got up appeared to be related to a Black Muslim group but did not expressly indicate what is affiliation was.  His main goal was to be a bridge for the featured speaker.
  • The "Martial Arts Master" took to the microphone to bring all of the struggles that young Black males face today into one coherent understanding - the enemies of Black people who fear our strength use a variety of tactics to keep us disorganized.
    • He indicated that the operatives in this nation are akin to the old television game show "To Tell The Truth".   They show a public face that they want you to believe but in truth they are clandestine operatives with another agenda.
    • He talked about how the "War On Drugs" is merely a ploy to ensnare people of color into the "Prison Industrial Complex".   Black people who are incarcerated are not a threat to the system. The discrimination they face because they have a criminal record is cover for the racial discrimination that is now outlawed.
      • He called out a 20 something year old male who was standing to the side and noted that he had just gotten out of "The White Man's Prison".   He would be assisting around the martial arts school as he makes the transition back into society as a free man
    • He talked about the various wars of aggression that the United States Of America had engaged in over time.  The goal of "stealing resources" from "people of color" around the world was given the cover of seeking to promote democracy.   All the while he doesn't have "democracy" back at home in America.

I looked around and saw a group of young teen aged Black males listening attentively and a small group of parents who occasionally clapped at the words that were being said.

On the one hand I applaud the leader of the school for acknowledging that there is a problem and that the collection of young males have a high probability to serve jail time IF there is not a structured system for intervention.

The Fusion Of Martial Arts With Black Nationalism

My own children are engaged in Tae Kwon Do.
It provides young people with the structured 'rites of passage" that they need.   As they discipline themselves and focus upon learning the "form" that is required to matriculate upward to the next belt they develop a measure of confidence and begin to associate their own actions with their attainment.  I have seen an 8 year old little girl in my children's class who used to cry when she could not break a board grow into a 10 year old who has a red belt and can easily break the boards that are put in front of her.

When it comes to this school master taking the lead and opening up a school of his own in a Black community he gets my applause.

This area of South Deshon was an middle/upper-middle class Black community about 10 years ago when I used to frequent the area as many of our family friends lived in the area.  It appears to have suffered slightly from the recent real estate collapse.  (I should note that the local R&B radio stations are complicit in that they had several "remotes" from the subdivisions in the area, asking their listeners "Why rent when you can own?  We have loan specialists on sight to get you into a home of your own")

View Larger Map

The point that was concerning to me about this brother's approach is that I am able to cross reference his "pedagogy" against the eco-system that has been constructed by the South Korean "masters" that run the network of Tae Kwon Do schools that my children are in.

Don't get me wrong - I remind my wife all of the time about how much money she sends to "Master Kim".  Every conference and every test for a belt costs money.  You need a chest protector?   Master Kim will sell you one at an inflated price.  OR if you extend your contract he will give you a discount. Instead I went on the Internet to search for equipment for direct purchase that was a lot cheaper and without strings attached.

The Korean based TKD system is a formidable money making machine for their purposes.   Each 6 months they acquire a new crop of white/yellow/green belts to replenish the school.  They have blackbelts (of different races) serving as the instructors.

I cannot say authoritatively that pictures above represent the entire roster of students at the "COINTELPRO Martial Arts School" but he none the less has a lot of work to do if he is to replicate the success of the Koreans.  This community in North Dekalb needs such a service to channel their children's energy.

Thus I have to say that the quantity of children is representative of the success in marketing of the services.   The presence of these students also represents a revenue flow from which better facilities and jobs for instructors can be created.

This is not a hit against the "CONTELPRO Martial Arts School".  I do not know how long he has been around nor his plans for expansion.
As I was walking out I noticed a series of signs like the ones to the right posted on the window of the martial arts school.  They are next door to a "China King" Chinese take out restaurant.  I have no idea what the source of the conflict is but the martial arts master is seeking to warn all Blacks who go there for food that they do not support the Black community.

The martial arts master also noted in his speech that he had been a martial arts blackbelt and he used to compete in tournaments.  He started his own school because he saw that Koreans were racist against Black people.  He did not go into any more detail than this.

The Korean "Retail Middle Man"
This is not an attack on Koreans just as my above documentation was not an attack on the "COINTELPRO  Martial Arts School".

 I have previously noted the success that the Koreans have had in establishing retail outlets in their own communities and in certain Black communities.
The two pictures nearby are from the "Super H Mart" in Riverdale Georgia.  After years of grieving about the "Food Desert" in which the community was denied access to fresh fish and fresh produce as they lobbyed "Publix", "Kroger" and "Whole Foods" to set up shop in this city which had rapidly gentrified to Black over the last decade - it was an American company owned by South Koreans named "Super H Mart" that ultimately came to the "rescue" and opened a top notch store.

Initially they employed their "own" people at the checkout area.  Today there is only slightly more diversity.  The "Hispanics" run the fish department.  There is no section where "Blacks" are noted.  Except the customer base, that is.

The TKD school that my children attend I more fully populated, resourced and more complete than the "COINTELPRO Martial Arts Studio".   In theory the community North Dekalb is as prosperous as is the case on the Southside.   In practice the school does not have the processes in place necessary to build itself up in the same way that I am seeing the South Korean schools do.

I wrote previously about my frustration over my wife and her girlfriend saying that they would not attend a TKD school that was run by anyone other than Koreans.   In their view it would be like an Indian person running a Chinese restaurant - inauthentic.

I pushed back noting that there are people who have received their certification in the form of a black belt through this TKD system.  They have the competency to educate students no differently than the people from Korea.   While yes there are some cultural attachments that make their schools appear to be more capable the point is that the basic mechanics of the instruction are available to all who come.

The problem with the "COINTELPRO Martial Arts School" is not that there is a Black man at the helm or that his physical form of being obese makes one question the school's competency to teach this art form.  Instead the twin issues of "Purpose & Process" stand largely in the way.

I don't see a narrative of politics or indoctrination in the South Korean schools.   They have the agenda of selling a service to the kids and adults that walk through their front door.  They are ultimately supplying the desires of the parents to develop their children and to allow them to remain physically fit in the process.

As we attend the quarterly tournaments that the network of schools in the Southeast produce a common theme is evident.   Every school has a custom van with graphics upon it.   All of them have the value added service of "After School Care".  For an extra fee the TKD school van will pick up the children from the local public schools and take them to the TKD dojang (school).  They have paid tutors to watch them and assist them with their homework.

When the regularly scheduled TKD class takes place, example 4pm - they are already in the building.   For parents like me who would otherwise have to leave work, drive to the public school and then take them to TKD in time for class - this service is a no brainer.   VALUE AD!!

I can't say how marinated the "Black Nationalism" story is within instruction of the "COINTELPRO Martial Arts School" but I think it is a mistake to use this as a motivating factor.  The instruction of these young kids needs to be rooted in the organic notion that they should discipline themselves to achieve their best and that martial arts is a worthy course for them to discover themselves.

Thus the "purpose" of the school should be about the development of the student.

The "Process" that the "COINTELPRO Martial Arts School" should be closely referenced upon the model that is already working.   The South Koreans have a large population of students.   One school with 300 students (of all ages).  They are paying $100 per month.  This is $30,000 in revenues passing through a strip mall based facility.  This doesn't include all of the fees collected for testing, contests or other value added services.

The various events and open-houses that they have are done to attract a new crop of students into the school so that the entire system can be perpetuated.

The point that I was making to my wife and her girlfriend (before they pissed me off) is that the perceived "culture" behind Tae Kwon Do did not come at once as some wise man traveled to the top of a mountain in Korea.   They were developed over time AND some entity enforced the authenticity of the art.

While it may be difficult for a non-Korean to open up an officially sanctioned TKD school (I don't know) the fact remains that it is entirely possible for a Black group of conscious people - seeing the need to offer martial arts training to young people at affordable prices could band together and form their own network of schools, functionally replicating what his already the case with the South Koreans who's network is spreading as they leverage the financial resources and the know-how of their system that has already proven itself effective.

The South Koreans were not originally experts in the hair care for Black women.  They studied the market opportunity and the consumer needs - and the rest is history.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Culture - Celebration Of The Olive Harvest In Syria

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Friday, December 10, 2010

What Black Farmers Could Have Done With $2 Billion Dollars

Please read the FACTS of the case right here first from the Congressional Research Service and accept no other spin.

  • Payout #1 - $1.01  Billion  (See graphic below)
  • Payout #2 - $1.15 Billion
Grand Total = $2.16 Billion 

As you wade through the partisan volleys and the racial positioning the key point that will be overlooked is that the Farm Services Bureau program in question was a "last chance" credit financing program for farmers who had been unable to secure financing for continued operation of their business from traditional credit sources (banks).

This post is not a retrial of the conclusions of the case.  The federal government agreed to the settlement and the point is now moot.   Instead I want to talk about the presence of money in hand and how it has been disconnected to any of the large scale needs for Black farmers and the "food security" needs in various underserved communities. 

This new round of money is seen as a "civil rights victory" for Black people.  I merely ask people to define what the victory is beyond the "fight the power" /"stand up to the man" ethos that typically placates them.

In analyzing a transaction there is an exchange of benefit between the two parties.  We see that the US government gave $2.16 billion to nearly 100,000 farmers.  The question of "What did the federal government receive from the transaction?" is a bit more difficult to recognize. 

Instead of a request sent from the government for a defined quantity of wheat, corn or cattle from these farmers - thereby insuring their continued business operations for years to come they received cash.  Cash who's value is depreciating in purchasing power as food prices and other commodities increase.  

So that my position is not seen as yet another contrarian taunt I will lay out the case and define what these funds could have been used for to address the needs of the producers and to several underserved markets in America.

Question: What Could Have Been Established With $2.16 Billion Of Seed Money If There Was Sufficient Consciousness and Connection Present

The graphic above is a picture of 'The Black Belt' region in America.  This is a region in the American South that has a high percentage of Black residents.   This region has several key attributes of interest 
  • A high percentage of poverty
  • A higher than average unemployment rate
  • Vast agricultural resources that have fallen on hard times due to shifts in the agricultural industry
  • A need for revitalization in order to remake itself 

Wikipedia entry - The Black Belt region
The Black Belt is a region of the Southern United States. Although the term originally describes the prairies and dark soil of central Alabama and northeast Mississippi,[1] it has long been used to describe a broad region in the American South characterized by a high percentage of black people. They were originally enslaved laborers on the region's cotton plantations and many stayed as rural workers, tenant farmers and sharecroppers after the American Civil War.
Because of the decline of family farms, the rural communities in the Black Belt commonly face acute poverty, rural exodus, inadequate education programs, low educational attainment, poor health care, substandard housing, and high levels of crime and unemployment. While African-American residents are disproportionately affected, these problems apply broadly to all ethnic groups in the Black Belt. There are various definitions of the region and its boundaries, but it is generally considered a band through the center of the Deep South, although stretching from as far north as Delaware to as far west as eastern Texas.

The Needs For Underserved Communities

 With all due respect - the news oracles in our community do an excellent job in reporting that there is a problem within our communities while at the same time they consistently show their inability to erect corrective systems that address the problem by building up the competencies of the people within.  Systems that have the key attributes of "comprehensiveness" and "endurance".

The article in the "Final Call' show a bus tour to see the terminally poor in Mississippi and Louisiana. The individuals on the trip show their connection to the people per their visit in the first place but also a truckload of goods to meet the needs of the people for at least a short time.

As the subtitle hints:"Blacks still living in horrible poverty inside the WORLD'S RICHEST NATION" - living inside of a vessel may allow all to float but does not insure that everyone on board will be plugged into the "wealth generating processes" that are going on on-board the ship.

The unspoken indictment against "the richest nation in the world" asks that the nation become more mindful of "the Least Of These" but doesn't intrinsically ask anything of them in the process of becoming the "un-least of these".

Food Deserts 

In addition to these areas of high concentrations of poverty per their regional assignment there have been several reports about what are being called "Food Deserts" .  These are defined as:

A food desert is a district with little or no access to foods needed to maintain a healthy diet but often served by plenty of fast food restaurants.

  • 'Physical access' to shops can be difficult if the shops are distant, the shopper is elderly or infirm, the area has many hills, public transport links are poor, and the consumer has no car.
  • 'Financial access' is difficult if the consumer lacks the money to buy healthful foods (generally more expensive, calorie for calorie, than less healthful, sugary, and fatty 'junk foods') or if the shopper cannot afford the bus fare to remote shops selling fresh foods and instead uses local fast food outlets.
  • Mental attitude or food knowledge of the consumer may prevent them accessing fresh vegetables.
Per my steady research on areas within the Black diaspora, particularly places where people are coming out of colonialism and must now assume the operation of the economy - the failure of the system of food production resides in the disruption of the steps of:

  • Production and Harvesting of Agricultural & Livestock
  • Commodity Financing
  • Wholesale Aggregation & Processing
  • Distribution Of Goods To Regional Centers
  • Providing Access To Consumers At The Retail End Point
Most people who are consumers experience the sight of farms and engage the endpoints of the process when they go shopping.  The system of wholesale aggregation of farm goods, the commodity financial markets to improve the viability of the farming business and the transportation systems necessary to get the goods to the marketplace with the demands are not as readily observable.  In my opinion the potential that was seen in the liberation of the nation of Uganda turned into economic collapse because the nation's new administrators (Idi Amin) failed to understand the middle elements.

The Missed Opportunity With The $2.16 Billion To Prime The Pump
Again I say - the Black farmers who engaged the Farm Services Bureau for loans were previously deemed non-credit worthy by traditional lending sources.  Instead of focusing on the racial discrimination faced at this "check cashing window for the unbanked" I choose to focus on the viability of their business as evidence of the hardship that they faced prior to F.S.B. did its deed.

With $2.16 billion in seed money a system by which the produce from these farms that have been nearly capsized in the large wake created by large-scale corporate farming concerns these farmers could have been recommissioned into an effort at providing the produce for the underserved communities that many of the activists who cheered the passage of this recent legislation also seek to bring awareness to.   There was a failure in vision to connect these two points.   They had two indictments outstanding against the state yet were not imaginatively creative enough to see how they both tied together.
  • The farmers needing a penned up market to insure their viability
  • The "least of these" needing a source of healthy foods.
The brilliance of Marcus Garvey was that he saw how his movement had a bifurcated purpose:
  • Address the need for material goods & services and jobs in the community
  • Properly channel the pride and mental uplift that comes with "self-determination" into measurable benefit
The same government that doggedly worked to shut down Marcus Gavey's Universal Negro Improvement Association just paid out $2.16 billion in punitive damages except that these funds were pocketed by individuals. 

What was squander in this use of the $2.16 billion?
  1. The investment in a Options Financing Exchange - where farmers can lock in a price for their goods and obtain financing off of the contracts for future crop yields
  2. The investment in a Commodity Exchange system - where needs are matched up with production
  3. The investment in a Wholesale Distribution system - where the goods from individual producers are sold and the market demands are fulfilled 
  4. The investment in a Commercial Shipping Operator - where the logistics that move the goods from one distribution center to the next is conducted
I am in the middle of my research to provide incontrovertible evidence to the point but I believe that I just described what Korean-Americans are doing behind the scenes with their "Super H-Mart" and "Mega Mart" properties. 

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Controlling The Academic Environment Using Effective Countermeasures

Community Logistics: The Rational Overlay To Cope With The Inferiority That Racism Inflicts

In a recent article penned by Dr John McWhorter which inspected the treatment of so called "Black Conservatives" by the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist dominated majority in the Black community some of the responses received showcase three points:

  • The reason why anyone who dares to counter certain points of irrationality are attacked as "Uncle Toms"
  • The utility of "Ideological Unity Enforcement" as a coping skill, bringing a sense of power (or agreed upon "victim status" as well) by amassing as a group
  • A need for a more effective framework for migration forward as a thought group.
The last point is most important.

Here is the most important response out of the entire thread.  The majority of the other posts were mostly transactional indictments of the Republican Party policies  used as a proxy for White Supremacy.  It is clear that some people don't see that "Black Inferiority" that is conditioned into our people is a twin brother of "White Supremacy".

From C.A.R.
Mr. McWhorter, my problem with the conservatives that believe that personal responsibility is the answer to all of black America's problem is that I would agree with that if the playing field were level for blacks. Mr. McWhorter did you know that it is easier for a white male felon to get a job than an educated black man with no criminal history? What is your answer to that? No one can win a race in which the opponent has a 500 year head start. Black folks were denied an education for over 200 years and we all know that educated parents usually produce educated children. How do we close that gap? In today's market you need to know someone to get hired. Who still does the hiring? I can tell you who it isn't-black folks and the one's that are in positions are afraid to hire other blacks. Mr. McWhorter, I had an Asian employee that refused to take supervision from me because she wasn't "accustomed to working for blacks." My boss opted to reassign her to another manager instead of firing her. Do you think, as a black woman, I could have gotten away with that? I don't think so and as long as that type of racism exists I will never understand "conservative blacks."

The distilled points from this paragraph are as follows:

  1. We need to put a check on all racism BEFORE Black people will have an EQUAL chance
  2. White Racism in employment trumps Black Qualification/Preparation
  3. The Black man is placed in such an INFERIOR position after 500 years of a "head start" that the INSTITUTIONS that we now control (schools) can't prepare us to compete with Whites
  4. The individual racial ignorance shown to a Black person is superior to how the system of laws that regulate discrimination and other assaults  

Again the main talking point used against so called "Black Conservatives" is that the "can't see RACISM" and ask Blacks to "GET OVER IT".   These points are merely are merely a molestation of the actual viewpoints held which mocks the position as a means of fortifying the entrenched position by which our personal dignity is outsourced as a function of someone else's viewpoint.

The Need For A Consciousness Of Community Migration Forward As A Coping Skill

Long story short - a person who believe that he is on a mission and that his present circumstances are merely a matter of his "just passing through" is in a far better position to cope with any residual assaults that take place IN THE CONTEXT OF AN EXISTING FRAME WORK OF LAWS to cope.   They will see that this one individual is ignorant but most importantly he will never assign the person more importance than they deserve to become in their lives.

This is not acquiescence to racism.  This is a statement of the mandate that a counterforce that functionally negates the force of racism be instituted so that the person is not materially victimized by being under the material control over others.

To hear a passage in which the acts of the past 500 years are said to negate the POWER of Black people who now control more of our human resource development institutions on behalf of our people is quite disturbing.  I am motivated to not allow a person who thinks as such to have a leadership position over our people.  The inferiority and lack of confidence in our systems would no doubt be communicated to others.

The Mystical Magical Africa Syndrome

The "Take Back America" crowd is tagged for their misuse and abuse of the history of the past as a means of retaining ideological unity among their band while white washing the misery that was the case for those who were on the outside.   I argue that the tales of the "Mystical Magic Africa" that was said to exist prior to the molestation of European initiated slavery and colonization serves the same functional purpose.  Since no system created by man has been perfect - the tails about Africa fall within this same mantra.

Given a choice to "remember the past" or "create a new future" I would take the future while retaining the "lessons learned" from the past.   The key distinguishing force is the METHODOLOGY OF LOGISTICS that transports a people to that promised land.

Religions, political machines, cultures and various sales men all attempt to sell the masses on a glorious future. As we buy into their nation our collective force of power and our willingness to yield our individual wants by placing them in line with this greater goal.  

There is nothing intrinsically "Jim Jones-ish" about establishing a forward migration consciousness.  The key mandate is that it be transparent and maintain its integrity toward certain principles that can't be hijacked by a persuasive leader who is ultimately a confidence man.  After reading the words in the passage, however I thought of Carter G Woodson's notion about people finding their way to the back of the bus even if a wall was erected.

The truth about the past in Africa is that even if there was no European invasion and molestation the "equal human beings" on the continent would have had to adopt a framework for development where certain rules were adopted that advanced any technological, financial, transportation or social justice prevailing standard among the masses.  As people fight back and forth about the notions of spiritual consciousness or even "savagery" of some of these people this will to promote or malign these people often misses the requirements for a framework for migration.

Just as most other places around the world experienced long stretches of land wars and associated pillaging before a system of stability was arrived at - the same would no doubt be the case for the African.

TODAY there is a need to go through this process of erection of such a framework.

There is no doubt that the events of the world is positioning our world of 2100 and beyond.  The more we can grasp a detailed image of this desired future and then "operationalize" it with the methodologies that we adopt, the greater the chance that these greater points might be obtained.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Your Community's Standard Of Living

The ongoing debate over taxation in this nation has motivated me to create yet another model of the situation at hand.

The most frustrating part of the debate from my perspective is how certain people make their moral indictment in one area while failing to acknowledge their strategic failures to address other pillars that lifts the standard. For some people the offense is blatant.

I personally believes that a force that destroys local economic productivity that scores of individuals used to achieve a net higher standard because of the implementation of flawed policies has done more harm that a force that refuses to have the national government to use 'redistributive policies' to shift money from one group of people to another via the tax system.

As I designed the model I actually altered the emphasis as I went along.  The truth is that no one of these lifts are exclusively in use at any given time.  There is alway a combination.  Instead of discrete forces they are more accurately see as a point of best practice, in this case the larger on the X axis one trends the better.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Homosexual Agenda - "Certification Of Equality" Using The Enforcements Of The System

This post is my grand attempt to tie up several important points in today's political and social discussions:
  1. "Gays Serving Openly In The Military"
  2. Same Sex Marriage
  3. The "Normalization" Of Same Sex Relationships
  4. Social & Cultural Anarchy By Progressive-Fundamentalists

Let me start out by saying "I am not a bigot".
I am only joking.  I only put that in there because I recall a progressive opinion writer having called out Juan Williams for saying the same words during his recent dust up regarding profiling of people in Islamic garb.

This does serve as a segue toward the key point of my argument.  The bottom line is that people are being lulled into the notion that as a society we must be "discrimination free".   Our tolerance should extend toward allowing people who have chosen to live as they please to do so.  That we should change our grand order of things to accommodate them......lest WE be "bigots".

I marvel at what is happening over time.  Surely but slowly the words used to shun a person who is out of order with the prevailing standard are being flipped in support of the normalization of the homosexual relationship and all that must be altered in our culture as a result.  

Several weeks ago I watched a live cultural exchange in the form of a "Hawaiian Luau".  At the end of the performance a "hetero-normative" transaction took place.  The Hawaiian host asked for all of the "married couples celebrating an anniversary" to stand.   The flower necklace was exchanged between the couples and then they were asked to kiss.  Then he did the same for newly weds.  Then finally he asked if there were any "newly divorced people" in the crowd.  

I have no idea if there were any homosexual couples in the audience that day.  If there were chances are that they would not have likely participated.  As well if they did there would be no riotous attack upon them for daring to participate as such.  These type of attacks being akin to what African Americans, Hispanics and Aleutians faced as they attempted to alter the tightly controlled social order of "White Supremacy".

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

In The Absence Of Social Control There Is Chaos And Anarchy

 My personal views about my aversion toward the normalization of same sex relationships, bestowing upon them the equal footing of heterosexual marriage boils down to my strong promotion of the need for social controls in a society of people lest they lose their way as a whole.

The "Gay Pride" flag that is posted above is akin to the one that I saw mounted on a house during a recent drive through a community in the metro-area.  Indeed a person have a "right" to hang whatever symbol they choose upon their private property.  I will defend this right to the end.   

What it interesting, however, is what transpires when we delve into the motivations for the choice for this and many other people to make a public advertisement about their sexuality.   Does their uniqueness or minority status motivate them to publicly advertise their distinction in such an unsolicited manner?   Would we likely see a "heterosexual couple" place a flag upon their house to advertise their status?  Again I am not focusing on their right to display the flag only their motivations.

As I was viewing the documentary called "Brick City" featuring the struggle living in the city of Newark.  It played on "The Sundance Channel" - a cable channel.  In the one hour segment of "Brick City" Sundance pushed commercials of their upcoming show "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys".  This commercial ran during every single commercial break of "Brick City" in this one hours time - thus about 10 times.  There was a second commercial notating another gay themed piece of entertainment.  Did I feel that there was some intentional bit of marketing and propaganda contained within - YES.

I am not a frequent viewer of "Sundance".  It is quiet possible that they give heavy rotation to newly branded shows on their network.  If this is so then what I saw was par for the course.

The commercial for "G.W.L.B.W.L.B" featured several gay males who have slipped into a committed relationship with a female or they have become close friends - "girl friends" if you will.
  • One couple acted out how they interpose the sounds made by the other during sex
  • Another asked his female friend if she would be a surrogate mother for he and his boyfriend
  • Still another said something to the effect of "Well today everyone has sex with everyone so it doesn't matter any longer"
Any reasonable person viewing this and other trends in our society would conclude that what is happening is merely progress in what has been stated for a long time by progressive-fundamentalists:   If they can undercut conservative values in this culture they can achieve their final victory in receiving the balance of power over the minds and sympathies in this nation.

The Christian Conservative Is The Target

It comes as no surprise as I read through a variety of thoughts on the web, in the magazines that I go out of my way to obtain from "Borders Books" and doggedly record certain shows on television that change in mindsets today cannot occur without first prying loose certain tenants that are otherwise immutable.  

When I focus upon Bill Maher and call him out as a bigot it stands to reason because he makes use of the very same tactics that are used by classical "conservative bigots" to cajole, shame and undercut his adversaries in order to obtain his way.   Maher wages attacks on religions because he realizes that that which was cast in stone several thousands of years ago is not open to interpretation by the "evolved minds" of today who will reach a conclusion that is more favorable to his liking than did the ancient people who wrote the scriptures from the various Abrahamic religions that enjoy mass followings in this world today.

Maher is keen on attributing our violence and confusion as a consequence of blind allegiance to organized religion.  I would argue that the murder and mayhem are men who have hijacked the spirit of each one of these religions, perverting them for their own uses.  Furthermore I challenge Maher and anyone else to explain who we should affix blame to when men use the frameworks of government and secularism to perform these same evil deeds?  Maher feels no need to answer for secularism.  His goal is to "keep religion on trial" and render indictments as such.  He has no requirement to spell out how his theories will improve our situation in this world.  He only need show that the prevailing order as influence by the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tenants is fatally flawed.

The Normalization Of Same Sex Relationships Is A Subset Of Secular Progressive-Fundamentalism 

We live at a time where we have been handed certain social norms and constructs while having lost our consciousness of the original purposes for these constructs.  Indeed some human beings that share our exact same genetic make up and human instincts and frailties were the original builders of the "wheel" we now call our cultural norms.  They no doubt came to these realizations after having tried a course that took them into several different directions.   The product that we have been presented with is a result of many burned hands on hot stoves.

Some attempt to link the "Judeo-Christian" norms with a history of slavery and White supremacy.  This being done in an effort for those who are aggrieved by such memories will reject these norms and often adopt the opposite positions since anything that their enemies support must be counter to their people's interests.

In doing so they fail to see that their own people, during their times of  "self determination" were forced to adopt a certain order for living - lest they too suffer from mass chaos and dysfunction.    Detailing the position opposite of their long time oppressors does not bring forth the "Mystical Magical" culture that was in Africa that had us all espoused in the state of royalty otherwise known as "When We Were Kings".   In as much as there has NEVER been a system created on this Earth by man that was perfect - such selling of the past is little different than what the Tea Parties of today are accused of doing in regards to times past in America when they had absolute control but little regard for the human rights of people who did not look like them.

Gays Serving Openly In The Military
I have listened to various arguments about this matter.
I am forced to agree on one think - Many White male conservatives who argue affirmatively for the ban on gay enlistment indeed sound like staunch bigots -using arguments that sound speciously like those arguments used against Black people.

  1. "Now is not the time.  We are at war"
  2. "It will cost too much money"
  3. "Most straight soldiers don't want to shower with a homosexual"
  4. Making use of the popular view of other soldiers as justification for the continuation of the status quo
I reject all of these points.

Again my call for the prohibition of openly gay service men is focused upon the rejection that the US Military should accommodate "sexual orientation" and all that comes with this acknowledgement.  I support people who are in fact homosexuals serving in the military.   I would remove all "witch hunts" that seek out homosexuals and discharge them from service.

Any homosexual acts done by enlisted personnel under the prohibition of fraternization should be the trigger for disciplinary actions and possibly discharge from the military.  The goal of the military is to maintain strict order and respect for the hierarchy of power lest more lives be lost than what is necessary on the field of battle from the disorder.

We must also acknowledge that the vast majority of a soldier's time is spent off of the battlefield and engaged with interactions with his peers and superiors.  A military that took in a diverse set of individuals prior to boot camp worked doggedly to make them into a company that had the homogeneous task of extending the ability of the USA to extend its military power around the world.  No person who is in fact gay should be deemed unfit to carry out this task.  At the same time that unity and cohesiveness accomplished in the mental and physical conditioning of  basic training can't overcome the realities that fully socialized human beings are inside of the uniforms of these personnel.  

As the newly unbound gay enlisted man attempts to symbolically hang his "gay pride" flag in association with the power that the US Military affords him - there will be two forces at play that were similarly faced by the "colored troops" of the past:
  1. The solider in question will attempt to use the "stripes" on his uniform as a conduit for RESPECT that the antagonist in question is likely not to give him if the stripes were not on his person.
  2. The antagonist in question will decide if the "man inside" is intractably attached to the stripes or if he should be forcibly removed from the uniform and dealt with as others who are naked of such a cover would receive.
Thus, in closing, the real question and the great unknown is: "What will the newly OUTABLE gay solider do as he chooses to use the cover of power granted to him by the full faith and confidence of the United States in advancement of HIS flag"?  

"Which flag" will he advance in the process?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Dialogue Between Black Males and Females Captured In Entertainment Venues - Life Imitating Art Or Art Imitating Life?

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Nexflix has given an opportunity for the independent - "straight to DVD" market to flourish.

Unfortunately this has also allowed certain content authors to submit unpolished works to the mass market.  I have rented several of these films over the past several years.   The unmistakable pattern contained within a significant portion of them as they depict "Black life" are the themes of:
  • Drug Dealing / Criminality within the Black community
  • A love triangle between the actors
  • The course language used between Black males and females
The last point is the most notable.  I wrote before about the level of disrespect between male and female as expressed through words.  The use of degrading words - particularly from the male threatened by the female - is used to "check her", keeping her in her place.   In the process of expressing this for general consumption the image of our community is degraded more effectively than many other channels that are seen as bigger threats.

I am less concerned about erecting a "children's book" version of films without bad language as much as I am made to wonder if that which is dramatized is in fact a true depiction of the language and scheming tendencies of some people.  They appear to remain at the edge of violence.  The words always pressing the buttons of the threat.  If a weapon was made available something might "get popping".

Most of all I wonder about what this says about the health of the relationships within our community.  A pair of people with this amount of verbal hostility between them have little chance of having "Health Relationship Outcomes" in which their individual interests are synergized as they come together.

Of course we can view this as a matter of "free speech" and then put this as a non-issue because the DVD "Dre's Karma" and other such films have such a small scope of distribution.  Besides "Fox News" and "Rush Limbaugh" have far greater distribution amongst "White people" thus they are more worthy targets as threats to Black people - in the opinion of some.  The point that this misses is the one vital measure that I always make about the activities in our community:  

What do they do when they are LEFT ALL ALONE to do what they do without any external motivation about what to do our any "green lighting" process that imposes someone else's vision upon their content?

Why was it justified for the "voice of the community" to protest against the images spread by "The Birth Of A Nation", "Blaxploitation" films or the coonish characters seen on the upstart networks (The "WB" or the "UPN" networks) as they got their footing but the pattern of offensive work distributed by independent Black producers don't appear as worthy of scrutiny?  These points weren't rendered as a matter of "Free Speech".  Instead these "Protectors of Blackness" acknowledged the consequences of a message that was propagated into the public domain and they pushed back.

I firmly believe that these recent media pieces that are coming from WITHIN can't be "pushed back upon" lest those doing the pushing acknowledge that there is a problem at the cultural level in the real world which must be corrected rather than merely going after the film depictions of these dysfunctional relationship, making sure that they are not released as "dirty laundry".

Sadly there is more "art imitating the real lives" of certain elements of our community than what can be comfortably justified. In certain communities in which they are "left to operate in their own world". this is the type of corrosive "dog eat dog" relationships that are produced - particularly between man and woman.   The "Gerry Springer / Maury Show" type debates over the identify of the father of the child in question is the unfortunate consequence of this stage play.