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Community Logistics: The Rational Overlay To Cope With The Inferiority That Racism Inflicts

In a recent article penned by Dr John McWhorter which inspected the treatment of so called "Black Conservatives" by the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist dominated majority in the Black community some of the responses received showcase three points:

  • The reason why anyone who dares to counter certain points of irrationality are attacked as "Uncle Toms"
  • The utility of "Ideological Unity Enforcement" as a coping skill, bringing a sense of power (or agreed upon "victim status" as well) by amassing as a group
  • A need for a more effective framework for migration forward as a thought group.
The last point is most important.

Here is the most important response out of the entire thread.  The majority of the other posts were mostly transactional indictments of the Republican Party policies  used as a proxy for White Supremacy.  It is clear that some people don't see that "Black Inferiority" that is conditioned into our people is a twin brother of "White Supremacy".

From C.A.R.
Mr. McWhorter, my problem with the conservatives that believe that personal responsibility is the answer to all of black America's problem is that I would agree with that if the playing field were level for blacks. Mr. McWhorter did you know that it is easier for a white male felon to get a job than an educated black man with no criminal history? What is your answer to that? No one can win a race in which the opponent has a 500 year head start. Black folks were denied an education for over 200 years and we all know that educated parents usually produce educated children. How do we close that gap? In today's market you need to know someone to get hired. Who still does the hiring? I can tell you who it isn't-black folks and the one's that are in positions are afraid to hire other blacks. Mr. McWhorter, I had an Asian employee that refused to take supervision from me because she wasn't "accustomed to working for blacks." My boss opted to reassign her to another manager instead of firing her. Do you think, as a black woman, I could have gotten away with that? I don't think so and as long as that type of racism exists I will never understand "conservative blacks."

The distilled points from this paragraph are as follows:

  1. We need to put a check on all racism BEFORE Black people will have an EQUAL chance
  2. White Racism in employment trumps Black Qualification/Preparation
  3. The Black man is placed in such an INFERIOR position after 500 years of a "head start" that the INSTITUTIONS that we now control (schools) can't prepare us to compete with Whites
  4. The individual racial ignorance shown to a Black person is superior to how the system of laws that regulate discrimination and other assaults  

Again the main talking point used against so called "Black Conservatives" is that the "can't see RACISM" and ask Blacks to "GET OVER IT".   These points are merely are merely a molestation of the actual viewpoints held which mocks the position as a means of fortifying the entrenched position by which our personal dignity is outsourced as a function of someone else's viewpoint.

The Need For A Consciousness Of Community Migration Forward As A Coping Skill

Long story short - a person who believe that he is on a mission and that his present circumstances are merely a matter of his "just passing through" is in a far better position to cope with any residual assaults that take place IN THE CONTEXT OF AN EXISTING FRAME WORK OF LAWS to cope.   They will see that this one individual is ignorant but most importantly he will never assign the person more importance than they deserve to become in their lives.

This is not acquiescence to racism.  This is a statement of the mandate that a counterforce that functionally negates the force of racism be instituted so that the person is not materially victimized by being under the material control over others.

To hear a passage in which the acts of the past 500 years are said to negate the POWER of Black people who now control more of our human resource development institutions on behalf of our people is quite disturbing.  I am motivated to not allow a person who thinks as such to have a leadership position over our people.  The inferiority and lack of confidence in our systems would no doubt be communicated to others.

The Mystical Magical Africa Syndrome

The "Take Back America" crowd is tagged for their misuse and abuse of the history of the past as a means of retaining ideological unity among their band while white washing the misery that was the case for those who were on the outside.   I argue that the tales of the "Mystical Magic Africa" that was said to exist prior to the molestation of European initiated slavery and colonization serves the same functional purpose.  Since no system created by man has been perfect - the tails about Africa fall within this same mantra.

Given a choice to "remember the past" or "create a new future" I would take the future while retaining the "lessons learned" from the past.   The key distinguishing force is the METHODOLOGY OF LOGISTICS that transports a people to that promised land.

Religions, political machines, cultures and various sales men all attempt to sell the masses on a glorious future. As we buy into their nation our collective force of power and our willingness to yield our individual wants by placing them in line with this greater goal.  

There is nothing intrinsically "Jim Jones-ish" about establishing a forward migration consciousness.  The key mandate is that it be transparent and maintain its integrity toward certain principles that can't be hijacked by a persuasive leader who is ultimately a confidence man.  After reading the words in the passage, however I thought of Carter G Woodson's notion about people finding their way to the back of the bus even if a wall was erected.

The truth about the past in Africa is that even if there was no European invasion and molestation the "equal human beings" on the continent would have had to adopt a framework for development where certain rules were adopted that advanced any technological, financial, transportation or social justice prevailing standard among the masses.  As people fight back and forth about the notions of spiritual consciousness or even "savagery" of some of these people this will to promote or malign these people often misses the requirements for a framework for migration.

Just as most other places around the world experienced long stretches of land wars and associated pillaging before a system of stability was arrived at - the same would no doubt be the case for the African.

TODAY there is a need to go through this process of erection of such a framework.

There is no doubt that the events of the world is positioning our world of 2100 and beyond.  The more we can grasp a detailed image of this desired future and then "operationalize" it with the methodologies that we adopt, the greater the chance that these greater points might be obtained.

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