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The Homosexual Agenda - "Certification Of Equality" Using The Enforcements Of The System

This post is my grand attempt to tie up several important points in today's political and social discussions:
  1. "Gays Serving Openly In The Military"
  2. Same Sex Marriage
  3. The "Normalization" Of Same Sex Relationships
  4. Social & Cultural Anarchy By Progressive-Fundamentalists

Let me start out by saying "I am not a bigot".
I am only joking.  I only put that in there because I recall a progressive opinion writer having called out Juan Williams for saying the same words during his recent dust up regarding profiling of people in Islamic garb.

This does serve as a segue toward the key point of my argument.  The bottom line is that people are being lulled into the notion that as a society we must be "discrimination free".   Our tolerance should extend toward allowing people who have chosen to live as they please to do so.  That we should change our grand order of things to accommodate them......lest WE be "bigots".

I marvel at what is happening over time.  Surely but slowly the words used to shun a person who is out of order with the prevailing standard are being flipped in support of the normalization of the homosexual relationship and all that must be altered in our culture as a result.  

Several weeks ago I watched a live cultural exchange in the form of a "Hawaiian Luau".  At the end of the performance a "hetero-normative" transaction took place.  The Hawaiian host asked for all of the "married couples celebrating an anniversary" to stand.   The flower necklace was exchanged between the couples and then they were asked to kiss.  Then he did the same for newly weds.  Then finally he asked if there were any "newly divorced people" in the crowd.  

I have no idea if there were any homosexual couples in the audience that day.  If there were chances are that they would not have likely participated.  As well if they did there would be no riotous attack upon them for daring to participate as such.  These type of attacks being akin to what African Americans, Hispanics and Aleutians faced as they attempted to alter the tightly controlled social order of "White Supremacy".

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In The Absence Of Social Control There Is Chaos And Anarchy

 My personal views about my aversion toward the normalization of same sex relationships, bestowing upon them the equal footing of heterosexual marriage boils down to my strong promotion of the need for social controls in a society of people lest they lose their way as a whole.

The "Gay Pride" flag that is posted above is akin to the one that I saw mounted on a house during a recent drive through a community in the metro-area.  Indeed a person have a "right" to hang whatever symbol they choose upon their private property.  I will defend this right to the end.   

What it interesting, however, is what transpires when we delve into the motivations for the choice for this and many other people to make a public advertisement about their sexuality.   Does their uniqueness or minority status motivate them to publicly advertise their distinction in such an unsolicited manner?   Would we likely see a "heterosexual couple" place a flag upon their house to advertise their status?  Again I am not focusing on their right to display the flag only their motivations.

As I was viewing the documentary called "Brick City" featuring the struggle living in the city of Newark.  It played on "The Sundance Channel" - a cable channel.  In the one hour segment of "Brick City" Sundance pushed commercials of their upcoming show "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys".  This commercial ran during every single commercial break of "Brick City" in this one hours time - thus about 10 times.  There was a second commercial notating another gay themed piece of entertainment.  Did I feel that there was some intentional bit of marketing and propaganda contained within - YES.

I am not a frequent viewer of "Sundance".  It is quiet possible that they give heavy rotation to newly branded shows on their network.  If this is so then what I saw was par for the course.

The commercial for "G.W.L.B.W.L.B" featured several gay males who have slipped into a committed relationship with a female or they have become close friends - "girl friends" if you will.
  • One couple acted out how they interpose the sounds made by the other during sex
  • Another asked his female friend if she would be a surrogate mother for he and his boyfriend
  • Still another said something to the effect of "Well today everyone has sex with everyone so it doesn't matter any longer"
Any reasonable person viewing this and other trends in our society would conclude that what is happening is merely progress in what has been stated for a long time by progressive-fundamentalists:   If they can undercut conservative values in this culture they can achieve their final victory in receiving the balance of power over the minds and sympathies in this nation.

The Christian Conservative Is The Target

It comes as no surprise as I read through a variety of thoughts on the web, in the magazines that I go out of my way to obtain from "Borders Books" and doggedly record certain shows on television that change in mindsets today cannot occur without first prying loose certain tenants that are otherwise immutable.  

When I focus upon Bill Maher and call him out as a bigot it stands to reason because he makes use of the very same tactics that are used by classical "conservative bigots" to cajole, shame and undercut his adversaries in order to obtain his way.   Maher wages attacks on religions because he realizes that that which was cast in stone several thousands of years ago is not open to interpretation by the "evolved minds" of today who will reach a conclusion that is more favorable to his liking than did the ancient people who wrote the scriptures from the various Abrahamic religions that enjoy mass followings in this world today.

Maher is keen on attributing our violence and confusion as a consequence of blind allegiance to organized religion.  I would argue that the murder and mayhem are men who have hijacked the spirit of each one of these religions, perverting them for their own uses.  Furthermore I challenge Maher and anyone else to explain who we should affix blame to when men use the frameworks of government and secularism to perform these same evil deeds?  Maher feels no need to answer for secularism.  His goal is to "keep religion on trial" and render indictments as such.  He has no requirement to spell out how his theories will improve our situation in this world.  He only need show that the prevailing order as influence by the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tenants is fatally flawed.

The Normalization Of Same Sex Relationships Is A Subset Of Secular Progressive-Fundamentalism 

We live at a time where we have been handed certain social norms and constructs while having lost our consciousness of the original purposes for these constructs.  Indeed some human beings that share our exact same genetic make up and human instincts and frailties were the original builders of the "wheel" we now call our cultural norms.  They no doubt came to these realizations after having tried a course that took them into several different directions.   The product that we have been presented with is a result of many burned hands on hot stoves.

Some attempt to link the "Judeo-Christian" norms with a history of slavery and White supremacy.  This being done in an effort for those who are aggrieved by such memories will reject these norms and often adopt the opposite positions since anything that their enemies support must be counter to their people's interests.

In doing so they fail to see that their own people, during their times of  "self determination" were forced to adopt a certain order for living - lest they too suffer from mass chaos and dysfunction.    Detailing the position opposite of their long time oppressors does not bring forth the "Mystical Magical" culture that was in Africa that had us all espoused in the state of royalty otherwise known as "When We Were Kings".   In as much as there has NEVER been a system created on this Earth by man that was perfect - such selling of the past is little different than what the Tea Parties of today are accused of doing in regards to times past in America when they had absolute control but little regard for the human rights of people who did not look like them.

Gays Serving Openly In The Military
I have listened to various arguments about this matter.
I am forced to agree on one think - Many White male conservatives who argue affirmatively for the ban on gay enlistment indeed sound like staunch bigots -using arguments that sound speciously like those arguments used against Black people.

  1. "Now is not the time.  We are at war"
  2. "It will cost too much money"
  3. "Most straight soldiers don't want to shower with a homosexual"
  4. Making use of the popular view of other soldiers as justification for the continuation of the status quo
I reject all of these points.

Again my call for the prohibition of openly gay service men is focused upon the rejection that the US Military should accommodate "sexual orientation" and all that comes with this acknowledgement.  I support people who are in fact homosexuals serving in the military.   I would remove all "witch hunts" that seek out homosexuals and discharge them from service.

Any homosexual acts done by enlisted personnel under the prohibition of fraternization should be the trigger for disciplinary actions and possibly discharge from the military.  The goal of the military is to maintain strict order and respect for the hierarchy of power lest more lives be lost than what is necessary on the field of battle from the disorder.

We must also acknowledge that the vast majority of a soldier's time is spent off of the battlefield and engaged with interactions with his peers and superiors.  A military that took in a diverse set of individuals prior to boot camp worked doggedly to make them into a company that had the homogeneous task of extending the ability of the USA to extend its military power around the world.  No person who is in fact gay should be deemed unfit to carry out this task.  At the same time that unity and cohesiveness accomplished in the mental and physical conditioning of  basic training can't overcome the realities that fully socialized human beings are inside of the uniforms of these personnel.  

As the newly unbound gay enlisted man attempts to symbolically hang his "gay pride" flag in association with the power that the US Military affords him - there will be two forces at play that were similarly faced by the "colored troops" of the past:
  1. The solider in question will attempt to use the "stripes" on his uniform as a conduit for RESPECT that the antagonist in question is likely not to give him if the stripes were not on his person.
  2. The antagonist in question will decide if the "man inside" is intractably attached to the stripes or if he should be forcibly removed from the uniform and dealt with as others who are naked of such a cover would receive.
Thus, in closing, the real question and the great unknown is: "What will the newly OUTABLE gay solider do as he chooses to use the cover of power granted to him by the full faith and confidence of the United States in advancement of HIS flag"?  

"Which flag" will he advance in the process?

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Fear...Fear...Fear!!! This is a generational issue, and thank god for that because generations die along with their fear-based and backward beliefs.