Thursday, December 23, 2010

"If you put bad-behaving people in a good neighborhood, they have no choice but to adapt to the environment."

The title of this blog entry comes from The and their report on "The Closing Of Cabrini Green".

This blog entry is not about Cabrini Green.

Look at the phrase:
"If you put bad-behaving people in a good neighborhood, they have no choice but to adapt to the environment."
It implicitly says that there needs to be an envelop of structured living which has clarity and order about "the rules of the road" that all who enter into the fold must abide by.
It says that this force of  "the way things work" within this envelop is more POWERFUL than the agents that come in and seek to alter the course, derailing the way things work.

Instead the prevailing forces use INDUCTION to force these invading agents to assume their ways, drawing them to LIVE UP TO this prevailing standard instead of taking the whole down to the lower level of the invading agent.

These words were rattled off by an "urban sociologist" in observation of how the residents of Cabrini Green were stock piled into a highly concentrated area and "the bad people" ruled the roost.

The Compliment Of Activism's Constant Search For Justice Is The Establish's Need To Retain The Institutions Upon Which Just Outcomes Can Be Rendered

Long story short - there is no point of "absolute justice" that can ever be obtained.  A society can only actively manage its course and heading so that there is more "just outcomes" that are delivered than there is misery and benign neglect as the common theme.

The person who made the statement in the title made mention of a "Prevailing Establishment".  This is expressed as a "good neighborhood".

  • Safe Streets
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles & Relationship Outcomes
These are the attributes of a "good community" of human beings.

These outcomes aren't expressed because of the intrinsic properties of the "good people".  All human beings are equal human beings.   These outcomes are a direct result of the system of which envelopes these human resources and allows them to develop for participation in a framework that allows them to move the ball forward.  This framework also sets up limits with the hopes that their aggregate actions are in a forward direction instead of out of bounds or backward.

The Power Of The Forces Of The Past Versus The Prevailing Development Forces Of The Present

We often hear about how the forces of the past are most responsible for defining the injuries that are seen at the present.   It stands to reason that a system which envelops a people and who's daily transactions upon them pushes them downward then Carter G Woodson's observations are indeed correct.   This person will be conditioned to go to the "back of the bus" and will likely instruct his progeny to take the very same course.

The point that we rarely hear, however, is that when a collection of people become "self-actualized" enough to see and understand these forces from the past and how they imprint negatively upon their people that it is in their interest to set up a system to counteract these forces.   Those people who have the skill to define the date in which their past "culture" was stripped away from their people should also have the insight on how to construct a system through which each parent who is now free implements upon the new generation.   If one's culture was stolen over time or lost through ONE GENERATION that was disconnected from the source then it should also be the case that ONE GENERATION that is disconnected from the dysfunction culture can be molded back on the right track.  That is IF there is a will to disconnect them.

In truth the correction takes more time than one generation.  This is why it is so critically important to place a time line in as a measuring tool.   If one can't measure the COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of a people as they have been serving under the dictates of a system of their choice - then the system is not interested in creating a "Good Community".   There is some other agenda at hand.

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