Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Your Community's Standard Of Living

The ongoing debate over taxation in this nation has motivated me to create yet another model of the situation at hand.

The most frustrating part of the debate from my perspective is how certain people make their moral indictment in one area while failing to acknowledge their strategic failures to address other pillars that lifts the standard. For some people the offense is blatant.

I personally believes that a force that destroys local economic productivity that scores of individuals used to achieve a net higher standard because of the implementation of flawed policies has done more harm that a force that refuses to have the national government to use 'redistributive policies' to shift money from one group of people to another via the tax system.

As I designed the model I actually altered the emphasis as I went along.  The truth is that no one of these lifts are exclusively in use at any given time.  There is alway a combination.  Instead of discrete forces they are more accurately see as a point of best practice, in this case the larger on the X axis one trends the better.

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