Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is The Rate Of And Endurance Of "Black Heterosexual Marriage" Sufficient For Attainment Of Our Community Stability Goals?

An article from a 30 something, unmarried Black female in the New York Times appeared to have sparked some conversation.

In both articles the authors appear to come to the table with the goal of first setting the proper dimensions of the real world situation of marriage for Black people - Black females in particular.  When you read the contents and the arguments within, both show that they appear pacified in noting that while indeed there are too many Black females that are seeking out marital relationships - "societal inequities" are the reason for these fateful numbers.   The "Prison Industrial Complex" strikes again.

When I read this narrative I can't help but to place the arguments and conclusions into the model that I have constructed that can effectively predict the rationalizations of those with a "lumpenproletariat" consciousness.

The primary mark of the "lumpenproletariat" is that they believe themselves to be so defined and confined by the system around them that their own actions are unable to surmount these forces that work against their interests.  As such both authors put forth the data point that by the age of 55 - 87% of Black females had been married at some point in their life.  They were careful to not make note of the percentage at that point in time who remained married or detail the rate of endurance for such marriages.  As such I took away that their primary purpose was to pen a "push back" against "critics of Black marriage.

In fact this sentence argues as such:

It is part of a persistent historical and present-day attack on black people in America, with black men made into deviants and black women into problems.
As Pearl Cleage writes in “Deals With the Devil: And Other Reasons to Riot,” it’s a no-win competition. “We’re all in terrible shape because of the presence of racism and sexism in our lives. ... Sexism is still not a word that gets used much in the black community, even though it describes a form of oppression that affects the majority population of the community — women! — and is no less virulent and deadly than racism."
The marriage crisis is the just the latest example.

I have several posts about "Racism Chasing" in draft form in this blog.  The daily transactions that I receive in from the prevailing Black Political Discourse is that RACISM and White Supremacy preside as the primary force that is working against the Black community today.

My new found disposition is for me to allow people to retain their own beliefs and work to develop a more comprehensive model of the real world with the goal of having them prove that their views represent fidelity with the real world model.   Their challenge is to address the "dark matter" that exists as the gap between this real world and the model that they hold fast to in their mind.   The results that they express so much perpetual anguish about won't attenuate until their address these artifacts within the "dark-matter" zone.

Is The "State Of Relationships Within The Black Community" Sufficient For Our Attainment Of Our Desired Standard Of Living?

The question above is a better challenge question for the Black Community than the arguments detailed in the article above.

The default defensiveness that is erected within the Black Political Discourse paints us as a people under constant attack and thus the arguments either tacitly defend the present state or, more frequently, obfuscate the point - seeking "congregational unity" as to the source of our problem.

With the question in the section title above - Black people are pulled into the solution set for the attainment of their own Permanent Interests.  With the goal being "community stability" and "healthy relationships" a more affirmative set of actions need to be applied to the situation at hand.  The enumeration of "threatening forces" does not remain as the objective.  This is mere pacification and contentment rendering.

The more clearly articulated agenda says: "For us to successfully mitigate the exposure to these THREATS - the Black Community must fortify the foundational elements within, producing a consciousness among our people that will produce targeted outcomes that are desirable".

Previously we were tasked with taking the political route.  Placing "favorable people into power" was to mitigate certain problems.   Yet as we look at the various cities where "favorable people" now dominate the Criminal Justice System - there has not been the anticipated changes in the "complexion" of the occupants of the prisons.   If we continue the operating assumptions we'd have to claim that the "favorable people" in power are now complicit in seeking to destroy Black people by incarcerating their own kind.

My contention is that a far more productive and enduring strategy is to focus upon the "top level goals" and then compel those who are presently aggrieved that their long run best interests are found in the self sacrifice of managing their own relationships and imparting their values upon their children and immediate community members.  Over time this will become the prevailing order for the masses. 

In short the "Grass Roots" archetype that we use for politics needs to be adopted in cultural and social goals.

The powerful forces of "political gravitational pull" and "racism chasing" represent distractions and mutually exclusive occupations which prevent this more enduring consciousness from ever taking root.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saudi Arabian Company Leases Land In Ethiopia For Rice Production For Export

Saudi Company Leases Ethiopian Land for Rice Export

The audio report tells of a complex situation in the African nation of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government has the task of looking out for the long run interests of its people and nation.

From the article my opinion is that the Ethiopian government should leverage the investments in water distribution infrastructure from the Saudi Arabian company to allow smaller farmers to tap into the "water utility" for their own use.

Since the Saudis seek to export their food crops and there is a need to increase Ethiopia's internal food production, the government should use land zoning as a means of allowing smaller farmers to have a share of the "fertile land" and direct future expansion of both the Saudi and domestic farm operations into less desirable lands that require land preparation to be made into farmland.

In addition I recently saw another news story about the technique of growing rice in "dry" conditions instead of the water drenched method that is shown in the picture above.  (I need to recall where I saw this and post it later.).   This new technique used a fraction of the water and depended upon inexpensive flexible pipes to channel water directly onto the rice stalk.   Since the Ethiopian government is planning for the future and has potential water scarcity they should drive for this new technique to be used.

As is the case in so many other nations, Ethiopia is charged with setting up the ground rules by which all of the players will operate upon.  Their proximity to the Middle East has them strategically located to serve the foreign demands of a fast growing region and leverage the commerce to build up their internal competences.

Ethiopia's Rapid Economic Growth

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY: How "The Least Of These" Vernacular Was Used By The Slave Master

Take a listen to these two clips about the life and times of Confederate hero "Jefferson Davis".

I will provide deeper analysis later on.  For now tell me if you hear a primitive set of talking points by then made by White "Slaveholders" as you do today in reference to the benevolence ascribed to "The Least Of These"?

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The challenge is NOT to just to identify people of benevolence when you are in need of assistance................ You must also be conscious about your refusal of their benevolence when you are made to stand fully erect. Otherwise their "benevolence" will become "imperial beneficence" where they assume that you could never stand up on your own - fearing the great change in consciousness that would be required to do so.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Freed Black Consciousness - From Team Members - To Patients - To Resource Managers

Again - this is not a political blog.
This blog is used for strategic analysis of the METHODOLOGY through which the Black Community might produce outcomes that are more in line with the prevailing desires that are heard from the masses.
In as much as politics and ideology have become fused with the notions of "The Struggle" one must talk about these points.  It is fair to analyze the political orientation of the Black community without being an operative within.

This particular post represents a documentation of the means through which our community sought repair and "salvation".  It also represents a change in my personal views on the matter.

The Team

In the diagram above the "Team Membership" archetype represents the disposition that has been taken over the past 50 years.  As integration increased that which was once a "unique Black Community struggle" merely became a "special interest group" on the Progressive bandwagon.

I have noted several times from my personal research (reading magazines and books) that the "Progressive Machine" enumerates 'the Black vote' as one of their constituencies.   Further I value when these main stream sources detail their strategy and then preemptively talk about what must be done to appease "the Black vote".  Later on - like magic - the "Black Racial Services Machine" can be seen executing the messaging into the Black community.   

A perfect example of this is the transition over to the argument about "Income Inequality".   On the one hand we hear on "Meet The Press" a liberal US Senator talking about how Democrats must change the topic from "deficit reduction" over to "Income Inequality" and just a few weeks later this is what is seen within the Black community political discourse.  This is no accident.  They are on the Team.

One closing note - with "The Team" - failure to deliver upon the expectations of a team member does not mean that this individual player will quit the team in protection of its own CONSUMER interests.   They prove the team archetype correct when they are seen staying true, despite the failure and working hard to make their team more effective.

The Patient Receiving Treatment From The "Medical" Institutions For His Cure

This next archetype, represented in the lower portion of the diagram formed my personal working theory.

In as much as Black people note the damage from "400 Years Of Chattel Slavery", "Stolen Culture",  "Jim Crow Terror Attacks On Our Persons And Economics" and existing structural racism - the resulting injury of our people and our consciousness was to be healed via the INSTITUTIONS that we matriculate through for "finishing" and protection.

The central thesis of my argument had been that we should judge the EFFECTIVENESS of these institutions by looking at the absolute standing of Black people as they entered into these institutions as youth.  The effectiveness is appraised by their relative standing upon their exit (or intermediate steps within).

This is true for an individual person and for an entire city or even our entire national population group, as measured by educational attainment, income, health outcomes - and another of other important attributes.

It stands to reason that a parent who sees that her 4th grader is not reading as proficiently as expected will inspect institution and its ability to deliver as promised.

In the discourse of Black Community Development - I reasoned that as the Black community shifted away from the focus on centrally managing our community "Human Resource Development Institutions" become distracted with national politics, should be held accountable for failing to reform what is now within their hands.

Affirmed Destinations and Directed Outcomes

My new, more focused theme for 2012 will be a departure from these previous stances.
The people are required to develop a more accurate model of the forces from the real world.
They must define their destiny - their Promised Land.    From this definition there are some positive points and some unintended consequences.   It is incumbent upon them to accept both of these truths and more fully and transparently accept all of the results.  

When the "unintended consequence" is more unsavory than the "ideological hope" that accompanied it - the people must execute the duties of their new found OWNERSHIP and agree to retire the "upside hope" which came with a diabolical twin.  (ie: sexual freedom from traditional mores which also brought about rampant STDs)

There is also a scope and scale dynamic.  It is unreasonable to expect that every member of the group is going to willingly come along and equally unreasonable that you can compel them to.   As part of this new found discipline is the understanding that a group of conscious participants who seek to eat upon the fruits of the field have done what was needed to receive the benefit.  Those who chose the route of squander must first renounce their divergent ways.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Manipulate Black Public Opinion By Dangling Red Meat That Is Laced With The Popular Enemy's Scent

This is a blog of observations and strategy.

It so happens that politics and ideology is so pervasive in the lives of Black Americans that the discussion of how the forces of politics bear upon the Black community is a necessary point of analysis and debate.

When forces who understand how Black people think then use this fact to purposely manipulate our opinions - this is indeed a issue of "Strategy For A People Seeking Repair" and not just a matter of ideological and political jousting.

Using A Popular Enemy Of Black People To Manipulate The Reactions Of Blacks

Again I bring up a real world political issue for the purposes of analysis of how it bears down upon Black people, not to debate the issue itself.

The recent loss of an American drone into the hands of the Iranians provided the backdrop.  This craft is a high tech and classified vehicle, a worthy trophy for the Iranians to place on display.  

I make my inference of the common belief in the Black community that American CIA intervention in foreign nations as a provocateur is frowned upon.  There are many decades of criticism that I can point to as a means of establishing this as the general disposition of most politically aware Blacks.

From my analysis - the news about the Iranian drones brought a challenge to those who, I believe, are conscious about what they tee up to their audience of Black, progressive listeners.   They have a vested interest in distinguishing President Obama's actions from the actions of the US Military & Intelligence Industrial Complex.   They make the point that these forces are going to continue doing what they have always been doing.  The best thing that Obama can do is make them "less evil" but not fundamentally change them.  The "dogs of war" will always bite.  Fair enough.

On the subject of the American drone - from my estimation this news of the Iranian capture broke last Wednesday.   This story did not get popular airplay on the sources of political discourse to Black people (ie: Black Wing Talk Radio) until Tuesday.   The precipitating event for these discussions - again in my analysis, was not the drone in the hands of the Iranians - an event that happened last week.

The event that precipitated the discussions on Black-wing talk radio was the fact that former Vice President Dick Cheney, a Republican, criticized President Obama on his handling of the drone issue.   Cheney argued that President Obama should have launched a military operation to either destroy or retrieve the craft that reportedly malfunctioned over Afghanistan or Pakistan (during a top secret operation ) and then crashed on Iranian soil.

As I listened to several radio shows that cater to Black people the slight of hand was clear.   The radio hosts TIED the public events details about the drone with the comments of Dick Cheney.   The point of this post is the analysis of this deliberate scheme.  The results speak for themselves.

While I did not keep written records and I am only speaking from my perceptions - since the majority of the radio hosts asked the question akin to "What do you think about Dick Cheney's criticism of President Obama......................." - the responses given were to this leading question.

It was clear that this news event was used to compel Black people to fight in the continuing proxy war against the right-wing, conservative Republicans.  NOT for the purposes of transparently discussing an important national security issue with certain ramifications in the diplomatic and military conflict with Iran.

Ironically even when the few callers that mentioned that the United States is provoking Iran into a military conflict they spoke of "The United States" in terms of it being an "out of body experience" from Commander In Chief Obama - who sits at the helm.  Once again - "The System" is blamed when a favorable person sits in the chair.   The occupant of the chair is blamed when an enemy is sitting within.


This small tricks which do well for embedded operatives to retain "Black congregational unity" in focus are disastrous to our long term community and global consciousness.

We recently saw that a NATO/Western Imperialist war launched upon a sovereign nation in Africa AND the prosecution of a high rate of African leaders in the International Criminal Court can be carried out with the approval of Black Americans merely by the positioning and marketing of these events with the benefit of a "favorable person" selling them to his base of supporters.

The notion that these actions of today might be setting precedents for the future in regards to the relationship between Africa and those who have historically oppressed and molested the interests of a strong and independent people living on the continent have been squandered.  These in depth conversations have not happened.  Mostly transactional debates in the context of domestic American  politics at the presidential level have transpired.

Group manipulation is certainly not unique to Black people.  Any group based on the division by age, gender , race, income or civic interest is manipulated in some way to achieve a desired reaction from the masses.  The goal being to have them fighting their enemy.

The point that should trouble those who care to believe themselves to be conscious about the Black community's interests is that this same technique can be used to manipulate Black people to render silence about the traditional criticism of the American CIA into less powerful nations around the world as we instead are made to debate about the domestic "fire breathing dragon" in the context of America politics.

As such some people are more inclined to make note of the plot of land that their enemy resides per his opinions and then take the opposite position for no other reason than ceremonially opposing their enemy.  This being the case even if they have abandoned or muted their previously held positions that happened to be similar to that which their enemy now occupies.  It seems that the greater aversion is to occupy the views at the "same space and the same time" as this enemy - lest one be forced to argue against the "favorable force" when they run awry.

Simply put - a people cannot legitimately manage their affairs when so much of their political dogma is based exclusively upon the move of their long time ideological enemy.  They can't help but to lose their own soul in the process of this jousting.  This external enemy defines the terms of the debate.  Their reaction is merely a function of what they see this enemy doing.   Let them find themselves in a place that is absent of this enemy and their conditioning will have them seeking him out, rather than fully appreciating their challenge at hand of laying out ORGANIC view that result in the ultimate standing of the society they now control.

I hasten to believe that some people who are so tuned into their enemy's actions fail to see that others are watching them and purposefully manipulating them.  In as much as some of these operatives do so under the guise of "the Black Agenda" their antics are more so contemptuous to the cause for our community development.

I don't fault the operative for doing what they do.  It is the rank & file, who allow themselves to be manipulated, in their complicity of silence for the same of advancing 'the team' they provide for the conditions by which their long term interests are usurped.   Those who sit silently, failing to bring forth their views that were held just prior to this latest skirmish - deserve to be cheated out of their long term future because they did everything along the way to support the theft of this consciousness.

One day the drone will target them.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Conflict In The Congo

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The national military "defense" forces of The Democratic Republic Of Congo spend more time focused on internal threats than upon ensuring that no external threat overruns their interests.

Even if large regions of Africa were to fold their international borders into a federated nation the internal conflicts would prevent them from maximizing the advantage of nationhood on a larger scale.

Africa of 2100 is being formed today.
There is a critical need to get the people focused on longer term, comprehensive goals.  Africa now has more than a billion people.  With its natural wealth and more development of its human resources it could be a larger economic player on the global market.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are Black Students In Possession Of The Skills Necessary For Comprehensive Uplift Of The Black Community?

The 5/5ths Equal Human Being Strategy Playbook is my NON-political blog in which strategies for effective transformation of human resources are discussed.

I believe that it is a legitimate exercise for me to analyze various political strategies that are promoted as the pathway for our community's development without the mere discussion of politics considered as a political attack by those who have their consciousness fused into the "American Political Domain".

In the end I see the "American Political Domain' as a METHODOLOGY for development.  It is but one of several other credible and comprehensive gateways through which a group of people can achieve a desired end.  It is thus legitimate for me to measure and analyze the EFFECTIVENESS of this methodology on my way to questioning our present consciousness and composition as a community.

Surely those who have sold us this "pharmacological concoction" should be expected to produce the evidence of the efficacy of what they have asked us to ingest.  Upon feeling continuing pain after the last round of treatments they ask us to double our dosage so their competitor in the domain can't make any inroads into our medicine cabinet which is stocked with their branded pills, syringes and skin patches for those who are scared of needles.

MSNBC's The Are Black Children Lacking In Basic Skills?

My response on The

David Driscoll and Doris Hicks:
While your article is compelling as it details key issues involving the need to more effectively educate Black children I have a problem with your choice to travel through time warp from WW I to the present.
Though many people on this board are no doubt tired of me saying it - 'TODAY WE ARE LIVING IN THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED PERIOD of what was hoisted upon us as the authentic "Black Community Development Consciousness" that we were all supposed to fall in behind.
Mr Driscoll and Ms Hicks - your rallying call for the education of Black kids FAILS to demand more ANSWERS - in protection of the "Black Community's Interests" - from the events that have transpired, certainly over the past 45 years, that we were told would "cure" any Black child that matriculated through the system that "favorable people now in power" had control over WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
Should I be faulted for wanting to avoid the shame of a "Fooled Me {fill in the blank} Number Of Times" moment as I march because I want to remain in good standing?
Mr Driscoll and Ms Hicks - the popular talking point accepted by most of our people is that HISTORY has damaged us so much AND that we continue to live in a SYSTEM that works against the Black man's best interests that WHATEVER we get at the end of this matriculation is merely evidence of the need for FURTHER STRUGGLE.  (This is how I took your article).
As for me - as I continue my longitudinal analysis of "What Makes The Prevailing Black Politically Conscious Mind Tick" - I am forced to hold my ground and note that we MUST appraise the EFFECTIVENESS of the institutions that favorable progressives now control WITHIN the Black Community by measuring the amount of UPLIFT that is produced as each proceeding generation of young Black people matriculate through as their consciousness about the world around them is forged and DIRECTED upward, regardless of the challenges.
The problem that I have with the "Black Progressive Press Franchise" (and the "Expert witnesses" that it brings before us) is that while you are keen on marketing the "UPLIFT" that the favorable machine in power has graced us too often fail to provide QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS regarding the question of if this "Uplift" is SUFFICIENT with respect to:
* What is NEEDED for sufficient numbers of Black people to "achieve the target outcomes"
* What should be EXPECTED - now that "the enemies" have been sufficiently curtailed from unmitigated attacks on Black people AND the presence of 'Permanent Friends' who LOVE BLACK PEOPLE - are now in power, delivering the "Progressive Public Policies" that we were told by Baynard Rustin and others would prove to be the cure
Do you see Mr Driscoll and Ms Hicks - at some point the Black community - through courageous RESEARCHERS and JOURNALISTS are going to have to put the SYSTEM THAT WE HAVE INVESTED IN as the jet engine for our "Community Development Consciousness" ON TRIAL - to have those people who have convinced our people to make continued investments that THIS ENGINE is indeed worthy to remain attached to our community's wings.
OR IF we need a major overhaul because we are forced to agree that TRYING HARDER AT THE SAME THING is merely likely to produce the same results.
(Please note that I have purposefully NOT defined an alternative methodology.  The Food And Drug Administration is not compelled to find a CURE for the ailment in question.  They ONLY compel those who are marketing a cure to PROVE that their cure works or cease and desist from making further claims.
Mr Love and Ms Reid - WHO is the Food And Drug Administration WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that is ensuring that we do not INGEST any concoctions that taste good going down but ultimately does not have the claimed active pharmacological effects on the patient??"

Intact, Loving Black Couples - The New Face In Advertisements

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We have arrived!!
The image of prosperous and healthy young Black couples enjoying the American Dream. 
The consumer of these images are to make inferences to the prosperity seen on the screen and be compelled to purchase the product or service that the commercial is advocating.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Income Inequality Debate - The Impact Of The Failure To Focus On "Organic Competency Development Through Our Institutions"

Each day more evidence is released that should cause more of us to being to question certain strategies that were promoted as the gateway to our community development.

The last item - the report the growing income divide in America is likely to gain more traction than any of the others.

While the other points of information might force those who believed that their course of action might need a bit of adjustment as reality has proven otherwise - the news about the growing income divide in America can be used as the key indictment that allows them to continue their struggle for racial change within the system.

As you listen to how the system has failed to prevent the aggregation of capital into too few hands at the time it is highly unlikely that we will hear a parallel conversation about how the political agenda which fomented the take over of the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" have failed to produce the uplift that was promised by the political machine which obtained the community's confidence.

In bypassing this key offense to our community's long term interests in developing a functional means of institutional governance these forces are allowed to blame the shallow results upon the failure in the national government -far, far away.   The irony that the promised solution to the local problems resides in their conquer and reformation of the external federal government is lost on most of them.  They charge that the combination of racial discrimination and capitalistic misappropriation of resources is the cause of our persistent problems.  Problems that throb even after our community has agreed to assist these forces in successfully capturing another rung up the political mountain that they are climbing - purportedly on our behalf.

Their claims that "America does not manufacture anything any longer" adequately explains why the economy is now a series of financial services transactions absent sufficient value-add to include more blue collar workers in on the deal.

With this view intact they fail to see that they are scheming on "funny money" that is increasingly "confidence money" or "fiat currency".  Why then would you base your "social justice salvation" upon redistributing "confidence money" that has a $15T deficit behind it?

It only stands to reason that our community can conclude "Mission Accomplishment" IF the people who matriculate through the institutions that are in "our" hands are sufficiently uplifted to retain a desired living standard.  Otherwise a "fiat social contract" that is keyed upon "confidence money" will be broken just as soon as the confidence in the entire system falls through.

Any parent who sends their child off to school for the purposes of education and socialization has the fiduciary responsibility to monitor their child's progress as they are the primary manager of their own child's education.  If and when the child does not advance in a manner that is commensurate to a prescribed development track - the parents are charged with interrogating their child for any problems and then going to the school to assess its proper operation.

If they abdicate this essential "resource management" responsibility - trading it for an agreement to engage in a "Permanent Struggle" which takes them away from the essential contractual agreement to manage their child's well being - a point is reached when they must be called complicit in the dysfunction.

With the assumption that they are "free people" and not in bondage or duress - the focus on correcting the macro-system but which functionally results in an outsource of their individual and community responsibilities should create an indictment that is closer to home than they are more likely to accept.

The point is that when a community of people can't create the favored conditions that they aspire to - among themselves - their present choice to avoid building strong institutions in pursuit of their broader mission will most assuredly mean that they will be engaged in the very same struggle during the next interval of time.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Indian Physician Aims To "Wal-Mart-ify" Health Care, Taking The Expense Out In Order To Broaden The Circle Of Care

NPR - From Scratch - Devi Shetty, Founder Of Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital

"Hands which help are better than the lips that pray" are the words that hang in Dr. Devi Shetty's office with a picture of Mother Theresa, a former patient of his. Dr. Shetty is a cardiac surgeon who pioneered low cost cardiac surgery for India's poor population. Dr. Shetty founded the Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital in Bangalore India in 2001. Doctors at Narayana Hrudayalaya perform over 7,000 heart surgeries per year without comprising quality. Through its scalable, low cost model, the hospital is able to treat patients who otherwise could not afford health care. Dr. Shetty is now expanding his vision globally– through another low cost hospital in the Cayman Islands.

Audio Link

Dr Devi Shetty - Wikipedia entry

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Line That Was Crossed In The "MLK Jr High vs Stephenson High" Football Game

Comments On YouTube About The Game

The Line That Was Crossed In The "Martin Luther King Jr High vs Stephenson High" Football Game

Dr Martin Luther King Jr:  "We Do We Go From Here?"  - Chaos Or Community

Constructive Feedback:  "What Have We Come To?"   Unconsciousness or "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development

In following the entire series of events surrounding the big rivalry in Dekalb County Georgia between Stephenson High School and Martin Luther King Jr High School among - the football players, the cheerleaders, the general student body, the parents and the news media I was drawn back to the time that I was immersed in the public school system as a frequent substitute teacher.

As a recent transplant to Atlanta in the early 90's, in the midst of a recession - I was forced to become a substitute teacher, roaming between different schools in the Atlanta Public Schools.  While the young children in the elementary schools expressed the expected range of behavior, the children in the middle schools and high schools began trending into certain behaviors that proved astonishing to me.  

In the case of the lunch room conflicts that I witnessed it was ME who was the exception.  The permanent school administors understood this as the norm.  Their job was to put forth an authoritarian presence with the hopes of keeping any of these conflicts from turning physical. 

The one incident that remains in my mind is the event in which two 8th grade Black girls squared up for a fist fight in the lunch room.  As I stood between them with the consciousness of a delicate peace maker who was dealing with "two ladies" - one of them reached around me to strike the target of her anger. 

Before I could get a hold of the gap between my expectations per my own experience in school and what was happening around me - the assistant principal swooped in behind me and grabbed up both girls as a means of restraing them.   The fight stopped for a second.

One of the girls calmed down and he released her.   The other girl began to fight him.  The forearm that was just above her breasts was shifted around her neck as she fought to get loose.  5 seconds later she passed out on to the floor having lost temporary consciousness.

She stood back up and began to charge the other girl.

For me - I realized that my mistake was to assume that these two girls had been indoctrinated in "how ladies should act".   Even more the lack of respect among the majority of these students regarding how to carry themselves in school and other institutions was lacking.   The assistant principal's perspective was in tune with the situation.

I was not prepared for what happened the next day.   In the early part of the school day the one girls father came storming up to the school (according to the principal and assistance principal).   What I had assumed would have been - "I am sorry sir for the way my daughter acted in your lunch room.  She was not raised like that.  She knows better" turned out to be the 180 degree opposite:


The reason why I emphasize proportionality as a key tool for assessing a situation is borne out in this situation.   By far his daughter was an angry aggressor in every phase of the conflict.   In a lunch room packed with kids his daughter was 1/2 of the stage show that triggered most of the kids to leave their table and watch a fight.  (Did I mention that the funniest part was when the other girl pulled out her little pony tail hair piece as she prepared to rumble?  Both girls were a bit chunky so it was bound to be a physical fight).

There is simply no way that a person who watched the entire episode could say that the AP purposely choked the girl.   He did the right thing with regard to these two girls that were prepared to tear each other to shreds - no respect for the surroundings that they were in.  The AP's job was to stop these two who did not care and remove them from the presence of these other kids so they could focus on learning.

After I heard the parent's response I realized that my job #1 was to get away from the school system and to find a more permanent job.  They did indeed lack Black male instructors.  The average new hire teacher only lasted 5 years.   The ladies had a sign that they used among themselves.  They held up 5 fingers on their hand to indicate when they are getting the heck out of the classroom to find something more rewarding.    Sadly it is not the teaching that is unpleasant it is the discipline problems and the hostile, uncooperative parents.  They got little support and reenforcement from SOME parent.   The differences could be clearly seen in the students.

At the same school - report card day was an eye opener.  The one girl who was an "A student" was ostracized as "thinking that she is better than everyone else".   I could tell that she came from a family that actively managed her education.  

Unfortunately the sight of how the grade "C" was seen as an "A" among the rest of the students.   "I got a 'D' least I didn't fail.".   The little boy who would rest his head on the desk in every class did get an "F".  They too had a story about him - "He never comes to school.  He always gets 'Fs'".

At a nearby high school I was assigned to the "General Math" class for 12th graders.  Despite the fact that they were about to graduate into the world in a few short months the reasons why they were assigned to "General Math" rather than algebra, much less "Honors Calculus" became clear.

As I observed the classroom dynamics while they feeled me out - I noticed that one male student was "busting on" a female, running her down in the way of jokes that got easy laughs.  She would verbally assault him or slap him as a means of her rebuttal.  

It was clear that this was "the norm" in this class.  I just happened to be the person standing in the front of the room. 

I felt like I was in a back alley somewhere.   The only thing that was missing was the individual bags of  "40's ", some cigarettes and a deck of cards.  These young Black students had no consciousness of their behavior and when to turn it off per their respect for the institution that they were in.

The story from my time as a substitute detailed above, the aggregate behavior surrounding the big football rivalry last night as well as the school bullying that is in the news are all symptoms of  a greater problem that exists in our society and more acutely within the Black community.

The problem is the lack of respect for INSTITUTIONS.

It is possible that at least some of the patents in the stadium during the football game were high school students nearly 20 years ago when the memories that I detailed were fused in my mind.

The irony is still stuck in my mind:  The school buses of one Black school are defaced by the spray paint put on them from their football rivals at another Black school.   Instead of the words "Niggers Go Home" - the words that would be painted if these same Black students stood in Lithonia Georgia 50 years ago have been replaced by the spray painted words:  "MLK".

Surely this is too much for others to take as well.

As Martin Luther King Jr was venerated just a few short weeks ago in Washington DC the man was honored because of his work to improve America for a larger set of people.

The name, his physical form and snippets of his words were assembled for the display in the monument.

Increasingly the man's name and his image that is loaned to various schools and thoroughfares within the Black Community fail to mask the dysfunctional behavior that occur.  This is less of a matter of the lack of respect for Dr King and is instead an indictment of the general lack of consciousness and respect over all.

I believe that we have been guilty of "idol worship" where "a man" has been hoisted as a leader and then as a symbol.   This physical being was allowed to substitute for the need for education and enculturation on the fundamental principles needed to mold our people. 

Over time the same rituals that have been developed for the sake of unity and common reference become empty containers that register conformity.

When that level of conformity is directed to a point which is "dumbed down", far below the level that we need to prosper as a community - a reform movement must come about. 

Not a radical and destructive revolution but a necessary recalibration back toward the tried and true methods that history has shown are effective at developing a society of people.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Kardashian/Humphries Marriage - A Serious Institution Squandered By Entertainment Minstrels And The Families Who Failed Them

This post is an affirmation of traditional marriage and a notation of the need for the man and woman in question as well as their family and community to enforce the integrity of this, the most important institution in all civilized societies - the union between man and woman upon which stable families are constructed.  Stable societies are produced when the society takes marriage as a serious endeavor.  Societies that fail to govern this key cultural and social and spiritual institution are destine to collapse from implosion.

In the tens of thousands of marriages christened each year there are bound to be some "runts" that never last too far in time.  People who now live together find that they don't like each other as much in an intimate setting where there is no "other home" to run home to.   Some people get married because they love the ceremony or the thought of being married more than they love the person on the bookend of their relationship.

This latest celebrity wedding to go bust is not exclusive in its failure.  I know some others that did not last one year together, this after seeming to be the perfect couple beforehand.  Certainly the celebrity nature of the Kardashian/Humprhies wedding makes one ask if it was serious in the first place or if they merely sought to profit from the endorsements received with reportedly exceeded their costs out of pocket.

I can imagine that those who are calling for (I'll use the politically correct term) - the "expansion of the definition of marriage to include other two people who similarly love each other but are presently DISCRIMINATED AGAINST because of their gender" will look at these two jesters and ask "Why is it that this society allows these two stage/screen/playing field stars to marry and divorce as quickly, conveniently and ostentatiously as they please but we are treated as inferiors, not able to marry, not a single time the one person that we desire to for no other reason than they are of the same gender?"

 I  Have An Answer For That Challenge

If we factor out the relationships between two heterosexual couples that just did not work out for reasons that were beyond their own control - example - a jilted third party (and ex-lover, a baby mama, step kids, a dysfunctional or bigoted extended family) who's undue pressure upon the couple ensured that the two young people who don't have the vision to structure their new lives together beyond the brick walls with spikes sticking out of them that these external forces have constructed - the most common reason for these early terminated marriages are due to the individuals and their level of maturity, their individual selfishness AND the lack of an imprint of a model of success laid by their family, their community or the culture that has the dominant influence upon them and their consciousness.

Show me a society that has atrophy in its force of guidance projecting from the network of existing families (and civic/social institutions) that are seeking to perpetuate a "norm" of behavior in support of their stability and there is a high probability that there will be a higher than average "free radicals" bouncing about as measured by:

  • Low or declining marriage rates
  • High or increasing divorce rates
As the force that applies the "hidden hand" that guides the individuals living within toward a certain order loses it own way - the people living within will similarly become wayward.

In the context of this more liberalized set of behavioral standards for heterosexual monogamous couples - the opening for individuals seeking "non-traditional" forms of marriage will be exploited.  Societal order is ultimately a choice but also THE responsibility for the society to enforce, its resulting produce being a function of these choices.

As secular values and the notion of "RIGHTS" that are associated with certain behaviors are made to trump the notion of "TRADITION" and "ORDER" in support of methodologies that have a time tested proof of greater likelihood of producing "directed outcomes" - the "free radicals" who seek to do as they please, beyond this "oppressive" tradition will see their mandate as the need to strike down such "oppression".

Ironically and sadly - they will often be seen seeking an increasing amount of secular and government solutions to fix the problems that a society who's "roll is no longer slowed" by cultural and civil institutions will suffer from.  

The body fluids, when exchanged create pregnancy or infection and the feelings of usurpation or anger that accompany such discord will also increase.

Though the "now dead men and women" who provided them with guidance of culture appeared to have no consciousness of the "freedoms" we now enjoy - they will begin to appear more "sage" than ever.  Only the blindness and bigotry of our present consciousness prevents our understanding that THEY TOO once thought that they were smarter than their ancestors in addressing fundamental issues of MAN.

MAN has not changed since this time long ago.  Only the technology and scope of our travels has changed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The "Black Flight Progressives", Not The GOP Must Call For The End Of The Voting Rights Act

AJC: Georgia seeks to strike down Voting Rights Act

"The 5/5ths Equal Human Being Journal" is not a political blog.  The political preferences of Black people, however, frequently express the underlying thoughts and assumptions that this particular blog seeks to appraise and strategize upon.

The issue at hand is the "Pre-clearance Clause" of the "Voting Rights Act" which mandates that any changes to election procedures or district boundary lines must receive "pre-clearance" by the US Department Of Justice.  All of this due to the past acts of racial discrimination which sought to deny non-Whites the right to vote and/or to marginalize their voting power.

This blog submission is not intended to debate the politics of this issue.  Instead the discussion will focus on the actions that are outside of the "American Political Domain".  This done on my way to arguing that the people who should be pushing for a release from these sanctions are the ones who have been provably most harmed by them:  "The Black Flight Progressive".

My analysis makes me believe that the pre-clearance clause is mostly a "Black Progressive Elected Official Protection Act".  

I have called for the banning of the use of racial gerrymandering to create "majority-minority districts" as unconstitutional.  These districts pack Black (and Hispanic) citizens into a district for the purposes of increasing the chances that a minority Progressive Democrat is elected by the will of the people. 

While people like to point to the "Portrait Upon The Wall" of the elected official they are loathed to talk about the real world truth.  There are few of these sculpted districts that has not suffered a massive exodus of Black people.  They are leaving these "Mission Accomplished Districts", ironically, to pursue their "Black Permanent Interests", in a place where it is more likely obtained.  I call these people "Black Flight Progressives".   After assisting to sculpt the district in question with the favorable public policy that their ideology directs them to - they fought to run "the ideological enemy" out of power and then stood at the precipice of having the "keys to the kingdom", running the institutions that they now control and delivering upon their promise.

The transition from "The Struggle" over to governance of the institutions through which our people develop has proved to be far, far more difficult.  As everyone understands the facts of "group behavior" compels individuals to form factions.  The faction is strongest as the collection of individuals has an "enemy" that forges them into a bond and triggers a struggle.  A collection that is under a threat will be compelled to rise to the occasion.  Their common bond, the memories that they share in common are those on the battlefield.  These stories will be told 30 years in the future when they regroup in a social setting.

Unfortunately the key governance attributes of "The Struggle" are not the qualifications necessary promote successful institutions as "favorable people" are at the helm.   The forces of cohesion which sculpted a "congregation" during the struggle will not be sufficient to motivate the people to respect the institutions while they are all alone. 

Human nature shows - that when "that first enemy" is gone - the people will separate into cliques and create new "enemies" among themselves.  The documentary "Brick City" proves to be the best illustration of this having knocked "Street Fight" - another tale of Black on Black politics in the city of Newark.

The Black Flight Progressive Must Step Up And Be Honest To Himself And Against The Machine That He Still Supports Despite Having Removed His Family From The Harm Of These Controlled Institutions

Despite the fact that the "Omega Black Wolf" - the Black Republican is the most loathed and frequently attacked figure in popular Black political ideology - there is another character that is more at odds with himself and, unlike the "Obama Black Wolf" can't reconcile his two incongruent "selves".

(Again I am not talking "politics" I am using political associations for the purposes of discussing how ideology and group dynamics play upon the actions of the Black community - a virtual consciousness)

While the Black Republican is a conservative, is a member of the political party that a recent poll stated that only 2% of Blacks are members of - if he also lives within a "Republican"/conservative district - at least he is being consistent.  His community values are in line with his political viewpoints.  He is "living with his own kind" - if you will.

Contrast this with another force that is far larger than the "Black Republican" - "The Black Flight Progressive".

The Black Flight Progressive has left "the creation" that he helped engineer, vacating it to live along side his ideological enemy.   Again - coming face to face with the "victory" of seeing the "last White conservative exit the seat of power and a sufficient number of them move into a new political boundary so that they can create the public policy collection that they prefer - the Black Flight Progressive was forced to transition into a governance position, needing to achieve the desired outcome ON THE BACKS OF the people he struggled along side, via the INSTITUTIONS that they now commonly ran.

My personal criticism of this leadership is that they failed to prepare the people for the day when they needed to stand up as the exclusive administrators (and funding agents) of the institutions who's control was wrested away.   It is clear that they are masters at "human behavior" and "group think".  These skills were necessary for keeping our people unified and conducting battle.  As such incredible tales which blamed the enemy for issues that clearly were due to their own incompetence was carried off because of the presence of a bunch of co-conspirators who were in on the game - hating the enemy just as much as the speaker does.

In the realm of ideology - this same group was unwilling to put aside their dogmatic belief in certain libertine social and cultural policies that promoted "individual wants and actions" above those which promote discipline and focus in support of institutional integrity.

I will expound upon this point with another post as I have the present issue around Shorter College (a private Christian school that is compelling all of its employees to sign a lifestyle pledge as a condition of employment) and Manning Marable's "Malcolm X" which provides the most comprehensive details of Malcolm X's strict institutional integrity enforcement - where bans on smoking, obesity, adultery and domestic violence were enforced and "self-reprimand" was seen as a central part of discipline and submission for the greater good.  

Today in the broader Black community there is a call for 'submission' but it is far too often driven in relation to the corrupt fusion of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" into the American Political Domain.  Thus - "submission to" without "integrity of" is molestation and "consciousness hijacking". 

(back to the main line of argument)

As these forces are faced with seeing "their fingerprints upon the steering wheels" of our institutions yet the results far below that which was promised - they seek to retain their ideology and continue with their knowledge of "group think" by seeking out where the enemy has absconded to and continuing a marginal fight with him - alleging that in his DEPARTURE from our ranks he has attacked us with a force called "Benign Neglect".  (Or 'corporate abandonment').

What painfully must be accepted as "YOU now find yourself 'all alone, by yourself, with nothing more than the ideology that you have hoisted upon your people as the means to feed them.  Now you see that as you stand in the mirror looking at yourself, with your hungry belly and your string of usurpations - you do not like what you see" is not marketed as such.  

With the confidence of the grieving people still intact the notion of "shared sacrifice", "national social justice" and "social contracts" get promoted as a means of lassoing the enemy that has departed back into a state of default, having broken the contract that they have in common. 

The previous struggle that had us seeking to get into the front door (I am thinking now of the once segregated "Gompers Elementary School in the Wynnefield section of Philadelphia) transitions into an outward struggle for "equal" resources - now that "WE" have control over the physical plant that we thought that we were fighting over.  Today as these bricks and mortars are not producing the effects that were promised - the two tracks that have been established.

The truth - that is presented to the masses - is that the "vacated people themselves" were actually the focus of the original struggle.   The quest for them to respect Black people that remains elusive.  By having "our children" sit next to "their children" and receiving the equal education and social inculcation a greater set of normalcy would come over both groups of children and would be carried into adulthood.

The second track that is withheld from our consciousness is that even as we climb to the "top of the hill" - the facility that was our object of desire - the vacation of the facility - the high rises that allowed us to see the curvature of the earth - now under our control - still did not translate into our equally - as we were all by ourselves.   The call for "resource equality" was merely for indictment purposes.  The circular reference that a group that "hated you" and thought you to be inferior for the purposes of retaining their own supremacy - would agree to yield to you an equal portion so that you might become their equal proved an irrational one.

Further - after having taken over the physical accoutrements where "quality education" was radiating only to find that where ever YOU go an "urban school" is created - some deeper queues of a problem unresolved are missed due to political expediency.

The Republicans Leading The Call For An End To The Voting Rights Act Is Merely Another Opportunity For Demagoguery By The "Occupiers Of Black Community Leadership Positions"

As the GOP of Georgia files a lawsuit against the US Justice Department the forces who believe that their elected seats are most threatened will begin to "rattle the slave chains".  

They will tell Black people that this is merely one step backward into the bonds of chattel slavery if we don't resist - standing strong with the White Progressive who will fight his White Conservative brother.

In truth - it merely allows this "Embedded Confidence Man" to evade having to explain to us WHY, after having taken control over the "Human Resource Development Institutions" - not only are we at risk for going back into slavery - but these institutions have not been used to develop Black engineers who can make intelligent robotic devices that can harvest the delicate fruits and vegetables that otherwise require human hands for picking.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mormons Begin A Marketing Campaign

The Mormons have a marketing campaign in place.
It appears that they are taking the lead in (re)defining themselves in society in the wake of those who have certain negative views about them.

Mention the word "Mormon" and many people think of :
  • Polygamy 
  • Bans of Black People
  • Joseph Smith As A Cult Leader
  • Some Weird Notions Of Reincarnated Spirits
Mormonism is one of the few religion in which outright bigoted statements against them (from left and right) are permitted.

I am a Christan.  I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior. 

While I am no expert about the "Christian" state of Mormons - it am not blind to noting that pound for pound they sculpt a more disciplined and well-rounded person than do many Christan entities that don't suffer from the same scrutiny. 

When the Mormons rolled their tractor trailers down to the Gulf Coast post Hurricane Katrina, distributing goods from their "end of times" store houses - none of those pious Christians from more main-line denominations (with many claiming "Christianity" without any particular church home) - was seen rejecting the goods distributed by the Mormons because they are not "real Christians".

One thing is for certain - the Government is not a Christian entity either.

Millions of Americans make use of the Mormon resources for genealogical research. 

As we grapple with individuals with secular theories that they promote to replace the "Judeo-Christian" ethic that still has a hold on our society - I see more redeemable qualities from Mormons than I do with those who are driving the entire society to Hell.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two 19 Year Old Black Men Shot Dead On The Streets - The "Training" That Their Respective Killers Received

In metro-Atlanta this past weekend at least two Black males where shot dead on the street.

One was shot dead by a policeman.  The other was "Just another Ninja who got himself kilt".

Based on these divergent vectors through which the homicides occurred I formed a theory on how each of these deaths would be presented in Black community and political discourse.   Based on my observations of local talk radio - I was proven largely correct with my assumptions.

The purpose of this blog entry:

  • Is NOT to debate the facts surrounding the homicides of these two Black males
  • Is NOT to detail a pattern of deaths at the hands of the police or "Street Pirates"
Instead the purpose of this blog post is to focus upon the assumptions of "the training" received by policemen versus a civilian raised within the Black community and the related "responsibility" that is applied (or not applied) to them. 

A Focus On "The Killers"

Homicide Victim

Joetavius Stafford, 19 years old

Matthew Hardeman, 19 years old
The Man Who Killed Him
Officer Robert Waldo
MARTA Police Department

Reportedly shot Stafford 3 Times

Killer Unknown
Victim Shot Multiple Times 
And Left Dead In The Streets
The Assumptions Heard About The Killer On Black-Wing Talk Radio
  • White Male - a history of oppressing Black people
  • Police Officer - a history of using the authority of the law to impose the racist will of the society against Black people
  • Iraq-War Veteran - a flashback to his traumatic experiences on the battlefield may have contributed to his present actions which left a Black man dead
This was the main story heard on Black talk radio with "Occupy Atlanta" coming in a distant second.  "They can't keep killing our young Black males" was the universal cry

  • Street Pirate 
  • Assumed To Be A Young Black Male (based on the area where the murder occurred)
This story received only passing mention.  The news that yet another Black man "got himself kilt" is not "new news".  A White policemen killing a Black man provides far more of an indictment upon which a protest can be formed.

Unfortunately "They Can't Keep Killing Each Other.  Who Is Putting This Consciousness Into Their Heads" was not heard among the demands.
How "The Killer's  Training" Has Altered Him Officer Waldo is a White man who likely grew up in a White community. Without any additional evidence I must conclude that he, like many other Whites lived in a community that reinforced certain critical beliefs about Black people.

The police training that Officer Waldo received as a necessary mandate for certification to assume the responsibility as an "Enforcer Of The Law" that he as a government official provided the power to use deadly force and to detain people - restricting their freedom - must receive prior to operating in his capacity as an officer.

In his training he was expected to cast aside any personal biases that he might have entered into the academy with and instead enforce the law upon all civilians - coming into contact with MARTA transit property
The unknown Street Pirate who murdered Matthew Hardeman has not yet been identified or apprehended.

From his actions of shooting a Black man who he was in conflict with and leaving him dead on the street - we can credibly assume that he did not receive sufficient "Conflict Resolution" and "Event De-escalation" training in the years spent incubating in the community that he was raised in.

His ability to measure the comparative value between a CAR and a HUMAN LIFE must be brought into question.  For some reason he appears to believe that the late Mr. Hardeman was a threat that needed to be neutralized - without a gun or other weapon as a threat vector.

The fact that he "dissed" the killer in some way was the precipitating event
Assumed Responsibility And Accountability It is a given that an officer of the law has certain responsibilities placed upon him based on his position and his role as a "Law Enforcement Agent".

What happens when a member of the community who's present consciousness is a direct result of him having matriculated through the community has any notions of RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY stripped away from him that his very status as an "Equal Human Being" is at risk?

If we are a "Government OF THE PEOPLE and for the People" - how can this segment of the population be stripped of these expectations and allowed to live down to them?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Herman Cain, Barack Obama And "The Black Experience"

This is not a political blog.
This is a blog about strategies for community development.

Inevitably the content of the political discourse from Black Americans are founded upon the societal, cultural and racial underpinnings that make up the metallic core of the Black community consciousness.

Like any group of people the prevailing political consciousness that is defined in the Black community (note this is a subgroup of Blacks and not "THE Black community") have a certain disposition in which their enemies and their friends are identified in their debate.

When it comes to authentic blackness it is less a matter of the physical representation of Negroid features.   The concept of "Political Blackness" now dominates this definition.

Even the symbolically most "Black Power" organization - The Nation Of Islam never mentioned the oddity of their friend Michael Jackson's morphing over time and his choice of the children that he would engineer.  At the time of his criminal trial a few years ago the case of racial discrimination against a Black superstar at the hands of America's RACIST judicial system provided sufficient pigmentation for Michael Jackson.

From this we can deduce that the priority for this form of "Black Consciousness" is that it render an indictment against "White Supremacy" - even if it must use an individual who's use of plastic surgery to desecrate his God given body image, morphing him toward whiteness is used as the exhibit for the Black prosecution.

From this introductory tale we see that "The Black Community Political Consciousness" IS NOT a matter of genetic Blackness.   It is only an agreement to "be down with Blackness" and the associated indictment of (their definition of) "White Supremacy".

The White Progressive Joint Venture Partners

Again this is not a political discussion.   I am discussing how political and ideological orientation impacts Black cultural consciousness.

Since we have just defined the virtual rendering of "Black Political Consciousness" - separate and distinct from genetic Blackness.   It stands to reason then that even White people who join in on the prevailing indictment that the balance of Blacks agree with can be seen as "friends of the Black Struggle".

When it comes to "The Black Struggle" in America it takes the form of a stance against:

  • The Economic System (Capitalism & Corporatism) in favor of Quasi-Socialist policies
  • The Criminal Justice System - where again economic mis allocation is said to be the root cause
  • The Educational System - where the system seeks industrial outcomes that are askew to the natural and spiritual orientation of Black people and thus our challenges
  • The Health Care System - where a society that would rather be without Black people have no intention of doing what is necessary to ensure better health care outcomes for Blacks, preferring that they live a diseased life and die early
The opportunity to form an alliance with White Progressives comes from the tentative overlap of the White Progressives' ideological orthodoxy with that of the Black Progressive.   

The progressive ideology within the context of Black political thought is the unchallenged monopoly.  Those who challenge it risk being "De-Blackfied".   Among White people, however, RACE is not the enforcement mechanism for political ideology.   

Indeed one's economic class, profession or affiliation with "the academy" work to define one's ideology.  One key difference between White and Black is that one's "Whiteness" is not at risk based on their possession of "offensive theories".  

One of the key elements in the intramural battle among Whites is the treatment and inclusion of non-Whites in the social and economic cover provided by the society.  As Blacks were given the right to vote and where stratified into the lower class the forces trade unionism and social welfare proved to a worthy multi-racial joint venture partnership.

Ironically the very same group of Blacks who can be heard plotting a race-based strategy entitle "What We Need To Do As Black People" are also a large composition of the Blacks who constantly demand that Whites "UNDO" what they have done intramurally to the exclusion of other races.  The key difference between these two mindsets is that the Whites used violence and chattel slavery to enforce their system and to extract labor resources from the Blacks in an effort to carry forth their race-based prosperity.  The irony is that on their way to "Doing For The Black Community" they are unwilling to unplug the flow of resources from the larger, wealthier White community.  

The laundering effect that wipes these funds generated from capitalism comes from their transformation into taxes and then redistribution in the name of "Social Justice".  

The Greatest Offense Of The Black Man Named Herman Cain Is His Threat To Laundry Cycle

I have posted my argument several times before - a man named Barack Obama was raised by the loving care of a White woman and her two White parents.  This is a neutral statement without the purposes of casting an indictment.  I even argue that those who seek true reform in the development of little Black boys who will one day have to compete in this world should seek to extract the key elements used by Barack Obama's mother for replication.  

The purpose of my argument is to point out the reluctance among the Black community to do the necessary introspection that would identify the dysfunction that is present within our community that need to be expunged through management.  The adoption of a "functional culture" that produces directed outcomes in line with our permanent interests must stand supreme for real change to take root.

All week long on Black talk radio there have been blistering attacks on a Black man named Herman Cain.  Despite having been raised by two Black parents in the height of segregation the attacks have focused on his "Black Authenticity".  I have no intention of defending any of these accusations.  The goal of this post is to provide a greater context as to way some Blacks choose to render these attacks at the perception of a threat.

In 2008 White America was provided the opportunity to prove their reformed state by voting for a Black man as their President.  As we inspect this a bit further - a Progressive Black candidate receiving their votes would show the nations progress.   With Herman Cain as a conservative Black man - just 3 years later the prevailing argument among those who set the previous conditions for acceptance now argue "If you vote for THIS Black man you show your White racism because HE is a White Racist in spirit and he hates his own people".

I have established previously that the genetic race of Herman Cain is not the determining factor in making this otherwise irrational statement true.  Indeed he has the "Slave Blood" that some others said that Obama lacked in the opening phases of his election campaign.  

The "sin" of "Republican who is Black" Herman Cain is that he publicly rejects the key tenants of the prevailing Black Political Consciousness.   By contrast Barack Obama supports them.  Many White Progressive Joint-Venture partners choose to tuck in any disagreements that they have with the notion and instead choose to harvest the "Equal Black Ballots" from the Black Community that they use to fight their White Conservative adversaries in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

For Herman Cain to have a group of White people support him is NOT evidence of "progression of racial relations" in the view of the prevailing Black political consciousness.  Instead it is evidence that a Black man can be a "Confederate sympathizer".  

"Black Consciousness Enforcement" In The Context Of Black Grievances In Mission Accomplished Zones

Note:  None of the arguments made in this section are based on any notion that Herman Cain represents the correction/salvation of the Black Community.   I only use him as an important provocateur in the exposure of the misalignment of the prevailing Black consciousness in relation to the proper operation of our community.

The irony that I am watching is that of a Black man who has never held elective office receiving the scrutiny from Black Americans that they SHOULD HAVE applied to the preponderance of other notions put forth by politicians and community leaders that they show support for.  

The only reason for this conundrum is that, in our present consciousness, the Black Community prefers "Congregational Unity" over the process that includes the stepping on toes of sacred cows in the process of agitating toward correction.   Put another way 'Speaking Truth To Power' is an EXTERNAL operation.  Those who have mastered this technique don't suffer too kindly the notion that they too should submit themselves to transparency and inspection.

As their direct base of power is then augmented by their joint-venture partnership the Progressive practices "Prevailing Authority Repudiation" - the act of denying that he too is a part of the system that he is protesting against.  Their perpetual demand for change in the system that they are incumbent participants in is the genetic core of their struggle.   

Herman Cain represents a threat to their disposition.    A Black man who, like them lives and consumes the accouterments of this system but - ADMITS IT and DEFENDS IT.  

The sight of Commander In Chief Barack Obama using the power of the US Military to execute an international coup on the continent of Africa and the relative silence among the "Black Nationalist" base is an example of the case where 'if the ostrich places his head in the hole' and doesn't verbally acknowledge the violation by their friend.......then they are allowed to maintain their distribution of "good guys and bad guys" in relation to their pre-established orthodoxy.   

It seems that they have rationalized that as long as Obama uses his power within the make substantive CHANGE within the system - they will conspire to not attack him for directing "the Beast" to breath fire in the name of American Imperialism.  As they gather this weekend to celebrate the opening of the "King Monument" in Washington DC and then march for "Jobs and Justice" they can't bring themselves to see that unlike Dr King - President Obama is sitting in the chair that President Johnson once sat in.   King protested against American imperialism.   Obama is the orchestrator of imperialism as the Commander In Chief.

In this way Herman Cain & Allen West are no different than Commander In Chief Barack Obama in procedural terms.  All three of them were in support of the recent US Military operations as directed by Obama.  These operations would be strongly opposed by the American Progressive in normal times.

The Black Conservative Republican falls out of favor with the Black Progressive orthodoxy because he also protects the domestic order that defines the economic stratification of the Black Community.

It should be no surprise that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement got strong support from the prevailing Black Progressive voices.   There is no difference between their words and that of the majority White occupants.  The zaniness on display by the Whites in the form of their dress and their antics should not be mistaken to be a difference in their ideological core with their Black Progressive joint-venture partners.   "Tax The Rich And Redistribute To The Poor" and "Strong Government Control Over Corporations" are common tenants for both of these groups.

With Herman Cain and most other Black Conservatives looking at the "Occupiers" with scorn there is little chance that they will be seen as appealing alternatives to the Black Progressive Democrats who support them.  Cain has been attacked for "sitting out the Civil Rights Protests".   Today's "social justice struggle" are merely using the same methodologies for expression as yesterday's civil rights movement - even though the issues are tangentially related.

The Failure Of Our Human Resource Development Institutions To Provide The Necessary Uplift

Unlike the Civil Rights Era today "Favorable People" control the key institutions that are charged with developing Black people within the Black Community.  They achieved this power after the civil rights reforms enacted by the nation enforced the integrity of the value of the "Black ballot", making it an "Equal Black Ballot".  The present leadership was chosen by Black people in the context of our present prevailing assumptions of economic theories and the role of government.

"Prevailing Authority Repudiation" allows this same Black community to deny the role that those who have failed to reform our institution have in our present conditions.  As a force grows in power they, in theory, should be held more accountable for the prevailing conditions.  At least we should be able to identify a marginal amount of increase commensurate with their presence in power.

Unfortunately the evidence of "Black Power" is shown by the prevalence of Black and/or progressive faces in the seats of power than by the effective results that these institutions now produce.  It can be argued that the main consequence of these favorable people in power is that the protest movements against the previous occupants of the same seats of power now walk past as they seek out where the conservative opponets still reside.

It is up to the force that defend the INTEGRITY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY to prevent this scheme from being executed upon.  Without a force demanding "earnest money" along the way of the long struggle the BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS itself becomes merely a struggle FOR progressivism.    Despite the domination of progressivism IT will never be held accountable for producing organic results through the institutions that it now controls.

For me as a Black man and a skeptic of progressivism it is quite disturbing to note that the "congregation" has near unanimously agreed to look past the promises that we were told would be the benefits of our past investments.  Instead the present set of activists are given the same promises that were heard 50 years ago.  The "community historians", being in on the scheme can't be trusted to defend the institutional integrity, thus go against their friends who are leading the next crop of young Blacks into "The Struggle".

With their firm control over our public schools and the loyalties of the parents who supplement the education of Black children at home - we are told that forces outside of our community do more to derail their attainment of academic excellence more than the affirmative force that they apply are able to provide uplift.  My argument is that this is the apex of "Black Inferiority".   The notion that, even as free people, we can't manage to assemble and manage the appropriate set of messages and resources that will allow those who are born from our own "community wombs" to prosper.  Black Inferiority is merely an instantiation of "Prevailing Authority Repudiation".  It compels Black people to believe that our failure to invest in and enforce "community governance" in line with and TO SCALE OF our permanent interests can be compensated by the outsourcing of these concerns outward to the national government in the name of "social justice".

For the White Progressive - they are placed in a "can't lose" situation.   As the Blacks struggle with this misaligned notion - the VOTES will be deposited in a favorable manner.

As "The Blacks" feel an increasing set of discontentment at having fallen short - the blame will be cast upon the popular enemy of "The Blacks" and not the Progressives who have dominate control.

This shell game only works in the context of a functioning American system.  Sadly - take the Black American and his consciousness outside of this capitalistic system and place him among the majority of other Blacks in the diaspora and he will soon see that - absent a government to indict and then transact upon - a more ORGANIC alternative should have been adopted.

The "Black Racial Services Machine" AND Herman Cain Need To Be Put On Trial By The ENFORCERS OF THE INTEGRITY OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY

I have no problem stating that Republican Candidate Herman Cain is NOT a player WITHIN the Black Community.  He is an operative within the "American Political Domain".  He and other "Republicans Who Are Black" seek to put forth the notion that the Black community's healing involves casting their votes in a different manner.  In this way they are the same type of threat to the Black community's integrity as are the far more plentiful "Democrats who are Black".

The key difference is that Cain and the other few who stand with him do not have the presiding control over Black institutions with the power to hijack and molest our all important "Black Community Development Consciousness" by rendering it as an appendage of the progressive struggle.

Conservatism and Progressivism are METHODOLOGIES toward a particular end.  They are tools used in a particular context.  They can't be mistaken as "ends".   The presence of a panel of conservatives running the Black community's institutions does not provide evidence that outcomes in line with our community's interests are at hand.