Monday, January 31, 2011

With All Due Respect - If Your Young Child Has A Twitter Feed Of A Celebrity - YOU Are The Problem Not The Celebrity

Rihanna Offends Young Fans With Language Used In Her Tweet To Her 3M Followers

Rihanna's language on Twitter has allegedly shocked some of her younger fans.

The singer, who has a following of over 3 million on the social networking site, swore when tweeting a response to her rapper friend Katt Williams.

Williams posted: "Watchin clifford the big red dog =) somehow im reminded of @Rihanna idk (I don't know) why tho (sic)."

The 22-year-old then wrote in reply: "LMAO (Laughing my arse off), Katt u lil c**t."

A fan later told The Sun: "Rihanna is a role model to millions of young, impressionable kids.

"She shouldn't be using that kind of language - especially when she knows how many people follow her."

I am not a fan of Twitter.
I don't get why someone would want to latch onto someone else's every word.

With that said - it is not surprising that if you do agree to latch on a Twitter feed of an otherwise private individual you will be exposed to and sometimes offended by their antics.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Transaction Of "Black Inferiority" Must End!!!

A tear streams out of my consciousness eye when I hear some Black people talk, attempting to construct an analogy of what they see as our challenges today.

Today I listened to the radio as the local Black talk radio station talked about the plans to raise the academic standards associated with the Georgia "Hope Scholarship".  This is the Georgia Lottery funded scholarship which offers benefit to Georgia residents to attend GA based colleges.  The money is running low and the college costs are increasing.   This has triggered a number of hard choices to be made by the GA State Legislature.

As the argument goes - the policy which raises the academic standards while not doing "means testing" will have a "disparate impact" upon minority students.  The hopes for social migration upward is dashed as their funding for higher education is taken away with these standards.

If they left it there and fought to introduce means testing I would be right there with them.

The Assumed Inferiority Of The Black Student

The one woman who called in and gave the narrative of her view of the scheme to destroy Black people got to me.  Central to the story is the notion that Black kids can't compete with White kids academically.

She set up the stage of how "back in the day" Black children were made to pick cotton as White kids went to school to develop themselves academically.  White families directly profited from the denial of education to Black children and their deployment as exploited laborers.

She then said that today the system continues.  "THEY" saw "too many Black children receiving a college education" and their response was to start chipping away at the program that was funding these Black children into college.

"Every day Black people play the lottery, thinking they are going to get rich on the spot.  This money is sent into the state and then given to fund the education of White children.  The Black kids are sent to jail where their lives are destroyed".

The Denial Of The Representation Of Blacks And "Favorable People" In The Establishment

In the state of Georgia 2011 - the highest concentrations of Black people also are represented by the highest concentration of Black and/or favorable people (progressives).   If you get locked up in Atlanta or Stone Mountain GA - you will be given a ride in the back of a patrol car by an officer that is commanded by a Black man.  You will be sent to the county jail in which the chief jailer is a Black sheriff.

Never one to allow these facts to disrupt their narrative they tap into a tail of conspiracy against Black people by organized forces.

I have said plenty of times before that those who have a "Struggle Milieu" don't necessarily have any plans on how to operate after they have "won" the seats of power that they had struggled for. In as much as they pursued an imbalanced strategy that did not focus upon organically generating, capturing and controlling the money inside of their domain and effective management of the institutions that they now preside over - the present circumstance is one of massive squandered potential.

When we hear about claims of increasing segregation in schools, for example - there are some who advance the notion that today's "de facto segregation" is just like the "de jure" segregation of the past.  It is to their benefit to leave the argument ambiguous because they realize that a sufficient quantity of Black people will bite.

In truth the present control over these institutions, the legal right for Black people to live wherever we choose AND the obligation that the "policy control districts" that we reside in to produce the economic wherewithal in line with the franchise that has been extended to them via the state charter makes todays challenges far different than what we as a Black people suffered from in the past.

It is far easier to talk about the issues on the radio and tell the masses "what 'WE' need to do".
I am not doing this.
I am making a direct indictment against the aggregate forces that are dominantly controlling the institutions and the messages, never being challenged by the "rank & file" of the community despite their dissatisfaction.

(Note - I have "Hard Times At Douglass High" running in the background as I type this, plotting on which scenes I will rip in order to make my case.   Sadly this school does not deserve to bear the name of this great intellectual nor does the statue of one of its brightest graduates - Thurgood Marshall - deserve such disrespect .)

I have no plan for change to offer.
We are now living within the last cycle of "grand unifying theories" that was supposed to fix our community's problems.

There is no grand centralized scheme to speak of.  The only thing that these do is to forge our "ideological unity" from us and to extract the wealth known as our "vote".  This act is akin to the previous colonialists and their "puppet post-colonial government" that followed them.  The exploitative mining operation that is taking place within the Black community - is for our "community consciousness" which gets shipped elsewhere, for someone else's benefit.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bigot - Defined

My definition of the word "bigot" is:

A person who builds a model of the world in his own mind and/or his group's consciousness in which those who threaten his interests and those who he invests the balance of his scorn and attentive focus do not represent an accurate representation of the complete set of forces that actually bear down against him in the real world.

As hard as the bigot tries to achieve the results by striking out against his target - the failure to achieve the desired ends does not cause the bigot to change course.  It causes him to double down and focus harder on his target - for they are indeed wily bastards that are quite cunning. 

The human mind is powerful.  The dynamics of group think and group unity enforcement in which multiple human minds are put together can be awesome and dangerous.  Put the group mind together in pursuit of a "Moon Landing" and history making accomplishments can be had.  Identify a group for hatred and exploitation and an 'equal human being' per God's creation can be turned into a barn yard animal.  The savage is able to justify his behavior against his equal per this "congregational agreement" to demote him as such.

Those who would normally act as a countervailing force of reason and intimidated into silence.  They are treatened with the same treatment as is afforded to the target of the bigot's scorn.  Since the a segment of aggressive individuals within the group have a consciousness which seeks to retain their relative power within the said group and the bulk of the remainder say "I'm just glad that I am not on the receiving end of their savage behavior" - the synergized power of the bigoted group rolls on.

How To Confound A Bigot

I bigot does not take too well to reason.  Again - his adoption of rationality will cause his loss of relative power. 

Traditionally the primary means of confounding a bigot is for a greater power to envelop his range of operations, forcing him into compliance. A force that operates upon principals that offer a closer set of adherance to the natural rights that our common God has put forth to all men.  If he does not believe that a man or a competing ideologic is made equal - he must at least be forced to stop physically assaulting that man.  Consquences for his felonious behavior must be exacted as he is made to behave himself.

The above paragraph is most aptly applied to INTER-group behavior.  The matter of INTRA-group behavior is a bit more complicated.  At the community level, for example, there exists no ability to take up arms against a set of neighbors who hijacking of the congregational consciousness has lead to great injury of the whole.   The only resource is for those who study them and their antics to distill their common desires for a living standard from the METHODOLOGY that they have chosen by which to purse these ends.  With the purchase of advertising space and frequent repetition - these commonly agreed upon standards must be held up to those who prefer group unity to effective results.

  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economies
  4. Healthy Lifestyles & Relationship Outcomes
  5. Solutions That Are Comprehensive and Enduring
  6. The Desired End Goal Achieved Upon The Backs Of The People As The Competencies That They Develop Via This Practice Will Be Honed Talents That Are Used To Hold Up The Platform Upon Which They Reside Upon
By asking those who are otherwise given to "bigotry" to do a "self-exam" as to where they presently stand despite their unity - those who value the truth more than complicity in "fitting in" will begin to ask pertinent questions.

The most effective means of countering bigotry is to force the purveyor to substantiate his views while justifying his molestation of others, asking that he prove the superiority of his thoughts by proving that they can survive on their own.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Malcolm X Political Football Game - 2011 Season

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Would Be Pleased With The Access To Guns But Disappointed About Their Use Today

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner - Gun Ownership For Protection
Bishop Henry McNeal Turner is my favorite "community organizer" of all time.  In the face of unrelenting attacks on Black communities AND knowledge that there were no transparent authorities that his community can turn to for protection from the arbitrary enforcement of the laws - Bishop Turner realized that the only chance for the community to remain intact is to possess the means by which to defend themselves.

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner strongly suggested that all Black households have a firearm on hand.  This would allow them to defend their individual homes and people within.  This would allow the collection of individual homes to defend themselves from any threat that entered into their community to molest them or cause mischief.

The key distinction between Bishop Turner and many of today's "community organizers" is that Turner could not afford to stand upon any theoretical moral high ground.  During his day - those who preferred to be "right and just" often found themselves negated as their vocal chords were crushed by the rope that was put around their neck - the weight of their own body providing the crushing force transfered to the rope.
The establishment, upon seeing the threat of an armed Black man who could defend himself from THEIR attacks began to adopt policies which had the effect of suppressing gun ownership for Black people.  The original "illegal gun trafficking" among American Blacks was executed in response to Turner's pronouncements.

Internet Based Gun Sales

The world has indeed changed since Bishop Turner's day.
On the radio I heard of a web site that allowed individuals to purchase guns through the Internet.
It turns out that the web site is merely a means by which the weapon can be selected.  Upon ordering the firearm the company is required to ship it to a licensed gun owner close to the customer.
The customer is required to go to the physical premise and conduct the standard background checks.  This is merely a "supply chain" augmentation to the standard process in place today.

Gun Control Is Not Your Problem - The Shift In The Domain Of What You Are Defending Against IS

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{fill in the blank] Against {fill in the blank} - It Matters Not When It Comes To People With Hijacked Consciousness

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  • Christian Against Muslim
  • North Against South
  • Hausa-Fulani Against Yoruba
It matters NOT.

One should note from the video above the presence of the AGENT PROVOCATEUR who riles up the people, causing them to focus in on an "enemy", while not realizing that while the enemy "looks just like them" - they are in fact their own worst enemies.

You are looking at the development future of this region of Africa per their INVESTMENTS that they presently make.  
  • I see SCIENCE as they study the molestations of their enemies and learn how he operates 
  • I see Human Psychology at work as people who burn other human beings and then celebrate over their charred bodies receive scar tissue upon their own emotional receptors.  They strike first so that they won't be similarly consumed in a fire
  • I see ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT in that the abundant units of labor being directed toward this destruction are setting the state for next generation's INVESTMENTS in the place, where assets will be acquired for a steal.
  1. If there was ever a time to rediscover the "Mystical Magical CULTURE" of Africa that existed continent-wide before the European came and stole it away - NOW is the time for various "Internet Cultural Anthropologists" to bind it into a book and accompanying YouTube video for dissemination to these warring people.   

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Connection Between The Fall Of The Portuguese Empire And Present Inability To Pay For The Nation's Social Safety Net

What does one do when it is clear that a swarm of lies has been told for the purposes of obtaining their support for a set of entitlements that they are promised to receive in the future only to look behind the 'magic curtain' to see how others who accepted the premise before you are faring and the truth becomes known?

For me - the answer is three points:

  • Expose the fraud by allowing the voice of the people to be directly channeled, removing the operative middle man from his perch upon which he refracts the light of truth, inserting his own vision
  • Provide the people with a greater understanding of history and how all of the forces that bear upon them, attempting to gain their confidence are connected to certain movements that can be identified from the past
  • Equip and Empower them with a new set of skills for scrutiny and productivity where they are made to see that the best "entitlement" is the one that they have received as a result of trade among equals

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"The Portuguese constitution guarantees everyone a right to health care. They may just have to wait for it to be provided to them by the state." - said the narrator in the video clip above.

The (Basket) Case Of Portugal

I will not go too much into detail on the "transactional debate" over the present ability of the nation of Portugal to live up to the constitutional mandate for "universal health care" provided to its people, except to note that these type of expanded "RIGHTS" depend upon sufficient government financial resources in order to avoid producing "unconstitutional" violations upon the people.

The purpose of this post is to go beyond the modern theatrics associated with the American debate over "multiple taxpayer paid health care" and instead focus upon the economic wherewithal that is necessary to uphold this agreed upon standard of living.

As I make note of the collection of individuals who point to Europe and beyond as a perfect reference of what the United States should one day hope to become I am forced to note another element of their argument.   The element that is missing about the imperialistic history of these nations which allowed them to build up a storehouse of wealth from which these public resources are derived.  More importantly why are those who traffic in "social justice" today so willing to remain silent about the linkage of this history today?  Is their desire for receipt of goods from the public trough worth the purchase of their silence?  With their logic as such - why don't they merely support the "imperialist actions" of America today so that such benefit might be had for future generations?

How did the continent of South America agree to speak Spanish on one portion and Portuguese on the western portion of the continental plot of land?
Wiki article on the geographic districution of the Portuguese Language:
Portuguese is the official and first language of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe. It is also one of the official languages of East Timor (with Tetum), Macau (with Chinese) and the gabonese-equatoguinean city of Cocobeach (with French and Spanish).
Uruguay gave Portuguese an equal status to Spanish in its educational system at the north border with Brazil. In the rest of the country it's taught as an obligatory subject beginning by the 6th grade.[12] It is widely spoken, though not official, in Andorra, Luxembourg, Paraguay, South Africa, and Namibia.
Although the majority of Portuguese speakers are found in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe, there are also two million in North America (most in the United States, Canada, Bermuda and Barbados). More than 2 million speakers live in Central and Northern America, under 10,000 live in Australia, including speakers of Portuguese Creoles from nearby Asia and India, and fewer than 50 thousand speakers live in Oceania.
With more than 200 million native speakers, Portuguese is one of the few languages spoken in such widely distributed parts of the world, and is the fifth or sixth most-spoken first language in the world. It is spoken by about 190 million people in South America, 17 million in Africa, 12 million in Europe, 2 million in North America, and 0.61 million in Asia. Portuguese is the third most spoken European language. Because Brazil, with 190 million inhabitants, constitutes about 51% of South America's population, Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in South America and it is also a key language in Africa.
Portuguese is with Spanish the fastest growing language of Europe, and, following estimates by UNESCO it is the language with the highest growth potential as an international communication language in Southern Africa and South America. The Portuguese speaking African countries are expected to have a combined population of 83 million by 2050. The language is also starting to regain popularity in Asia.

 Today all of the former colonial holdings of the Portuguese Colonial Empire are now free nations.  As the present nation of Portugal ages in population with scant evidence of productivity increases - its fiscal viability as an ongoing concern is in more doubt than ever.  Gone are the days when their foreign holdings function as a source for the home nation's increase.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A 113 Year Old Woman Dies In Louisiana

Group: Oldest living African-American dies at 113

Stunning - this puts the birth of the late Ms Mississippi Winn at 1898 - before the turn of the last century.

This should be seen as an "accomplishment" that she had lived that long.

"She was living on her own until she was 103," Hollins said, cooking for herself and taking walks. "She just believed she could handle anything."

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Tale Of Two Strategies For Community Development

Today I watched two videos that impressed upon me.  Both had messages that are to be applied to either a different time frame or a different scale than what we are presently accustomed to focus upon.

TIME: The Fear Of Turning Back The Clock

(Subject courtesy of

SCALE: The Policies Scaled Upon Africa Are Parallel To Those That Are Downsized To The Black Community In America

(courtesy Booker Rising)

The connection between these two videos is that the first is being used by "Media Matters" and other operatives to connect Black people of today with the threat that this representative wishes to "turn back the clock" to a time where "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect". Today's mandate that all Americans are "equal human beings" and thus have access to all public accommodations - adding necessary transport beyond our natural boundaries if racial integration is necessary - is threatened by the choice to eliminate the "transportation mandate". After watching this video we are asked to "struggle harder" in our fight against the enemy that we have in sight - as he attempts to return to his "side of the tracks".

The second video clearly has a far more expansive vision. Beyond the local shortsighted focus on their proximate adversaries - the second video details the fate of the "container ship" that the people struggling in the first video are riding upon.

Sadly the consciousness and organization that the people confine themselves to disallow them to make note of the threats that are present ahead.

Even if they are made aware of these threats they will typically deploy "conspiracy theories" or otherwise satisfy themselves that their enemy is responsible for the terminal fate that faces them.

Unfortunately - none of them are going to accept the full measure of the precarious situation that faces them, preemptively choosing to change their ways - until the first pint of sea water beings to fill their lungs - the starvation of oxygen to their brains forcing them to think more clearly.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Southern University Chooses To Keep Its Admissions Gate Wide

Southern University drops higher admission standards

A+ (97-100) = 4.0
A (93-96) = 4.0
A- (90-92) = 3.7

B+ (87-89) = 3.3
B (83-86) = 3.0
B- (80-82) = 2.7

C+ (77-79) = 2.3
C (73-76) = 2.0
C- (70-72) = 1.7

D+ (67-69) = 1.3
D (65-66) = 1.0
E/F (below 65) = 0.0

Southern University's challenge in having to receive students in the condition that they stand while knocking on the university door was created long before the doorbell rang. The fear that by raising the bar for admissions from a "lower C" to an "upper C" their finances would suffer a tremendous blow is a matter of fiscal reality. People will tend to focus on the loss of integrity that a degree from Southern University will suffer. In truth we need to focus on what this says about the credibility of the "feeder schools" that failed to prepare these students.

Intrinsic upon these standards is the need for remedial courses in the first year including a heavy dose of counseling to insure that the students adopt more effective study habits.

While enforcement of higher standards is more of an issue at schools with competitive admissions Southern University (and other schools) should form a partnership with the feeder schools from which the bulk of their students are received from. They need to collaborate on a more effective pedagogical expression so that the product of these institutions will be more attuned to the heightened requirements.

Southern University is no longer planning to toughen its student admission requirements this year, Southern System President Ronald Mason Jr. said Tuesday.

Partly citing “financial reasons,” Mason touched on the issue after a discussion about a new Baton Rouge Area Chamber research paper, titled “Toward a Renaissance at Southern University A&M College.”

The report released Tuesday suggested toughening Southern’s GPA and ACT entrance standards among other recommendations.

Last year, Southern had planned to increase the minimum GPA standard from a 2.0 to a 2.5 — on a 4.0 scale — and to phase in the minimum ACT test score from a 20 to a 22 by 2012. But after facing opposition from the Faculty Senate and others, the decision was made to delay implementation until 2011.

Now, Mason, who became president last summer, said the toughened standards are being indefinitely delayed.

Mason said the focus is on doing a better job of retaining and graduating students under the current admission standards, at least until the state mandates stricter entrance requirements.

Tougher standards typically cause a temporary dip in student enrollment, which is why Mason cited financial concerns from the potential loss of tuition dollars at a time of state budget cuts to colleges and Southern’s problems with already declining student enrollment levels.

Southern’s enrollment has dropped from nearly 9,500 students in 2000 to about 7,300 this past fall.

“We ought to maintain as much flexibility as we can,” Mason said.

There also is no guarantee that tougher ACT standards equate to better graduation rates, Mason said.

As for the BRAC report, other recommendations include:

n Developing a better student tracking system to improve retention, including following students who drop out with a goal toward re-enrolling them.

n Attracting more dollars through federal grants and an aggressive private fundraising campaign to help offset state budget cuts.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Frederick Douglass Was A Supporter Of The BAOHPEH, Inc

Excerpt - The Present And Future Of The Colored Race In America
Frederick Douglass 1863
The first is, despite all theories and all disparagements, the Negro is a man. By every fact, by every argument, by every rule of measurement, mental, moral or spiritual, by everything in the heavens above and in the earth beneath which vindicates the humanity of any class of beings, the Negro’s humanity is equally vindicated. The lines which separate him from the brute creation are as broad, distinct and palpable, as those which define and establish the very best specimens of the Indo-Caucasian race. I will not stop here to prove the manhood of the Negro. His virtues and his vices, his courage and his cowardice, his beauties and his deformities, his wisdom and his folly, everything connected with him, attests his manhood.

If the Negro were a horse or an ox, the question as to whether he can become a party to the American government, and member of the nation, could never have been raised. The very questions raised against him con-firm the truth of what they are raised to disprove. We have laws forbidding the Negro to learn to read, others forbidding his owning a dog, others punishing him for using fire arms, and our Congress came near passing a law that a Negro should in no case be superior to a white man, thus admitting the very possibility of what they were attempting to deny.

Excerpt 2:
But it is said that the Negro belongs to an inferior race. Inferior race! This is the apology, the philosophical and ethnological apology for all the hell-black crimes ever committed by the white race against the blacks and the warrant for the repetition of those crimes through all times. Inferior race! It is an old argument. All nations have been compelled to meet it in some form or other since mankind have been divided into strong and weak, oppressors and oppressed. Whenever and wherever men have been oppressed and enslaved, their oppressors and enslavers have in every in-stance found a warrant for such oppression and enslavement in the alleged character of their victims. The very vices and crimes which slavery generates are usually charged as the peculiar characteristic of the race enslaved. When the Normans conquered the Saxons, the Saxons were a coarse, unrefined, inferior race. When the United States wants to possess herself of Mexican territory, the Mexicans are an inferior race. When Russia wants a share of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks are an inferior race, the sick man of Europe. So, too, when England wishes to impose some new burden on Ireland, or excuse herself for refusing to remove some old one, the Irish are denounced as an inferior race. But this is a monstrous argument. Now, suppose it were true that the Negro is inferior instead of being an apology for oppression and proscription, it is an appeal to all that is noble and magnanimous in the human soul against both. When used in the service of oppression, it is as if one should say, "that man is weak; I am strong, therefore I will knock him down, and as far as I can I will keep him down. Yonder is an ignorant man. I am instructed, therefore I will do what I can to prevent his being instructed and to with-hold from him the means of education. There is another who is low in his associations, rude in his manners, coarse and brutal in his appetites, there-fore I will see to it that his degradation shall be permanent, and that society shall hold out to him no motives or incitements to a more elevated character." I will not stop here to denounce this monstrous excuse for oppression. That men can resort to it shows that when the human mind is once completely under the dominion of pride and selfishness, the reasoning faculties are inverted if not subverted.

I should like to know what constitutes inferiority and the standard of superiority. Must a man be as wise as Socrates, as learned as Humbolt, as profound as Bacon, or as eloquent as Charles Sumner, before he can be reckoned among superior men? Alas! if this were so, few even of the most cultivated of the white race could stand the test. Webster was white and had a large head, but all white men have not large heads. The Negro is black and has a small head, but all Negroes have not small heads. What rule shall we apply to all these heads? Why this: Give all an equal chance to grow.

The Forces That Misappropriate The Attention Of Our Community From Management Toward Activism

I listened to the local radio station the other day regarding a fund raising drive for a young Black male who escaped the clutches of the "Prison Industrial Complex" as he was found to be not guilty of the brutal deeds that his two accomplices had enacted against a young Black mother and her infant son.   The group of community activists that had successfully argued his case before the legal system now collected money for this young fellow to enter into college.  (I made a contribution because I agreed that he had nothing to do with the brutal actions of his friends and there was no negative attribute to helping him be exposed to an education.)

As I listened to the radio host I noted his tendency to make "Black consciousness" a function of one's track record of defense of our community members against the injustice that the American legal system enacts upon them.  Those who did not participate in this effort were event taunted.  Those who always talked about the educational outcomes and criminal actions of our young people were called on their lack of support for people like this young man who was done wrong by an aggressive legal system that did everything it could to lock him away.  (I will put aside the information about the number of "favorable people" who control the Fulton County legal system which tend to undercut this claim of conspiracy.  That is not the main focus of this post.).

Criminal  Justice Activism Vs Legislative Policy Activism Vs Community/Human Resource Management

Each element in the section title has a "tense" to it.
  • Criminal Justice Activism - Fighting on behalf of the cause of those who have entered into the system and who suffer some measure of purported victimization at the hands of the system
  • Legislative Policy Activism - Fighting to change the body of laws and policies so that the government and society will produce a different set of outcomes which is recognized as a higher standard of living for the subject at hand
  • Community/Human Resource Management - preemptively enforcing a certain policy set upon the community of people as a means of generating "directed outcomes" through the people thus allowing them to live at a certain standard of living

 If you note elements in the list - the one that requires the community to bear the load absent the possibility of rendering an EXTERNAL indictment as a means of satisfying the masses that their present condition is caused by some forces that is bearing down upon them.   This last bullet item requires them to preemptively prepare their people for entry into the world where their past refinements are put to the test against others.

In my view the relative sizes of the boxes above represent where the largest opportunity exists for profit from the investment.  In addition - by focusing upon the largest box - the other two boxes will shrink in size.