Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bigot - Defined

My definition of the word "bigot" is:

A person who builds a model of the world in his own mind and/or his group's consciousness in which those who threaten his interests and those who he invests the balance of his scorn and attentive focus do not represent an accurate representation of the complete set of forces that actually bear down against him in the real world.

As hard as the bigot tries to achieve the results by striking out against his target - the failure to achieve the desired ends does not cause the bigot to change course.  It causes him to double down and focus harder on his target - for they are indeed wily bastards that are quite cunning. 

The human mind is powerful.  The dynamics of group think and group unity enforcement in which multiple human minds are put together can be awesome and dangerous.  Put the group mind together in pursuit of a "Moon Landing" and history making accomplishments can be had.  Identify a group for hatred and exploitation and an 'equal human being' per God's creation can be turned into a barn yard animal.  The savage is able to justify his behavior against his equal per this "congregational agreement" to demote him as such.

Those who would normally act as a countervailing force of reason and intimidated into silence.  They are treatened with the same treatment as is afforded to the target of the bigot's scorn.  Since the a segment of aggressive individuals within the group have a consciousness which seeks to retain their relative power within the said group and the bulk of the remainder say "I'm just glad that I am not on the receiving end of their savage behavior" - the synergized power of the bigoted group rolls on.

How To Confound A Bigot

I bigot does not take too well to reason.  Again - his adoption of rationality will cause his loss of relative power. 

Traditionally the primary means of confounding a bigot is for a greater power to envelop his range of operations, forcing him into compliance. A force that operates upon principals that offer a closer set of adherance to the natural rights that our common God has put forth to all men.  If he does not believe that a man or a competing ideologic is made equal - he must at least be forced to stop physically assaulting that man.  Consquences for his felonious behavior must be exacted as he is made to behave himself.

The above paragraph is most aptly applied to INTER-group behavior.  The matter of INTRA-group behavior is a bit more complicated.  At the community level, for example, there exists no ability to take up arms against a set of neighbors who hijacking of the congregational consciousness has lead to great injury of the whole.   The only resource is for those who study them and their antics to distill their common desires for a living standard from the METHODOLOGY that they have chosen by which to purse these ends.  With the purchase of advertising space and frequent repetition - these commonly agreed upon standards must be held up to those who prefer group unity to effective results.

  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economies
  4. Healthy Lifestyles & Relationship Outcomes
  5. Solutions That Are Comprehensive and Enduring
  6. The Desired End Goal Achieved Upon The Backs Of The People As The Competencies That They Develop Via This Practice Will Be Honed Talents That Are Used To Hold Up The Platform Upon Which They Reside Upon
By asking those who are otherwise given to "bigotry" to do a "self-exam" as to where they presently stand despite their unity - those who value the truth more than complicity in "fitting in" will begin to ask pertinent questions.

The most effective means of countering bigotry is to force the purveyor to substantiate his views while justifying his molestation of others, asking that he prove the superiority of his thoughts by proving that they can survive on their own.

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