Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Would Be Pleased With The Access To Guns But Disappointed About Their Use Today

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner - Gun Ownership For Protection
Bishop Henry McNeal Turner is my favorite "community organizer" of all time.  In the face of unrelenting attacks on Black communities AND knowledge that there were no transparent authorities that his community can turn to for protection from the arbitrary enforcement of the laws - Bishop Turner realized that the only chance for the community to remain intact is to possess the means by which to defend themselves.

Bishop Henry McNeal Turner strongly suggested that all Black households have a firearm on hand.  This would allow them to defend their individual homes and people within.  This would allow the collection of individual homes to defend themselves from any threat that entered into their community to molest them or cause mischief.

The key distinction between Bishop Turner and many of today's "community organizers" is that Turner could not afford to stand upon any theoretical moral high ground.  During his day - those who preferred to be "right and just" often found themselves negated as their vocal chords were crushed by the rope that was put around their neck - the weight of their own body providing the crushing force transfered to the rope.
The establishment, upon seeing the threat of an armed Black man who could defend himself from THEIR attacks began to adopt policies which had the effect of suppressing gun ownership for Black people.  The original "illegal gun trafficking" among American Blacks was executed in response to Turner's pronouncements.

Internet Based Gun Sales

The world has indeed changed since Bishop Turner's day.
On the radio I heard of a web site that allowed individuals to purchase guns through the Internet.
It turns out that the web site is merely a means by which the weapon can be selected.  Upon ordering the firearm the company is required to ship it to a licensed gun owner close to the customer.
The customer is required to go to the physical premise and conduct the standard background checks.  This is merely a "supply chain" augmentation to the standard process in place today.

Gun Control Is Not Your Problem - The Shift In The Domain Of What You Are Defending Against IS

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