Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{fill in the blank] Against {fill in the blank} - It Matters Not When It Comes To People With Hijacked Consciousness

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  • Christian Against Muslim
  • North Against South
  • Hausa-Fulani Against Yoruba
It matters NOT.

One should note from the video above the presence of the AGENT PROVOCATEUR who riles up the people, causing them to focus in on an "enemy", while not realizing that while the enemy "looks just like them" - they are in fact their own worst enemies.

You are looking at the development future of this region of Africa per their INVESTMENTS that they presently make.  
  • I see SCIENCE as they study the molestations of their enemies and learn how he operates 
  • I see Human Psychology at work as people who burn other human beings and then celebrate over their charred bodies receive scar tissue upon their own emotional receptors.  They strike first so that they won't be similarly consumed in a fire
  • I see ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT in that the abundant units of labor being directed toward this destruction are setting the state for next generation's INVESTMENTS in the place, where assets will be acquired for a steal.
  1. If there was ever a time to rediscover the "Mystical Magical CULTURE" of Africa that existed continent-wide before the European came and stole it away - NOW is the time for various "Internet Cultural Anthropologists" to bind it into a book and accompanying YouTube video for dissemination to these warring people.   

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