Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Forces That Misappropriate The Attention Of Our Community From Management Toward Activism

I listened to the local radio station the other day regarding a fund raising drive for a young Black male who escaped the clutches of the "Prison Industrial Complex" as he was found to be not guilty of the brutal deeds that his two accomplices had enacted against a young Black mother and her infant son.   The group of community activists that had successfully argued his case before the legal system now collected money for this young fellow to enter into college.  (I made a contribution because I agreed that he had nothing to do with the brutal actions of his friends and there was no negative attribute to helping him be exposed to an education.)

As I listened to the radio host I noted his tendency to make "Black consciousness" a function of one's track record of defense of our community members against the injustice that the American legal system enacts upon them.  Those who did not participate in this effort were event taunted.  Those who always talked about the educational outcomes and criminal actions of our young people were called on their lack of support for people like this young man who was done wrong by an aggressive legal system that did everything it could to lock him away.  (I will put aside the information about the number of "favorable people" who control the Fulton County legal system which tend to undercut this claim of conspiracy.  That is not the main focus of this post.).

Criminal  Justice Activism Vs Legislative Policy Activism Vs Community/Human Resource Management

Each element in the section title has a "tense" to it.
  • Criminal Justice Activism - Fighting on behalf of the cause of those who have entered into the system and who suffer some measure of purported victimization at the hands of the system
  • Legislative Policy Activism - Fighting to change the body of laws and policies so that the government and society will produce a different set of outcomes which is recognized as a higher standard of living for the subject at hand
  • Community/Human Resource Management - preemptively enforcing a certain policy set upon the community of people as a means of generating "directed outcomes" through the people thus allowing them to live at a certain standard of living

 If you note elements in the list - the one that requires the community to bear the load absent the possibility of rendering an EXTERNAL indictment as a means of satisfying the masses that their present condition is caused by some forces that is bearing down upon them.   This last bullet item requires them to preemptively prepare their people for entry into the world where their past refinements are put to the test against others.

In my view the relative sizes of the boxes above represent where the largest opportunity exists for profit from the investment.  In addition - by focusing upon the largest box - the other two boxes will shrink in size.

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