Friday, January 14, 2011

A Tale Of Two Strategies For Community Development

Today I watched two videos that impressed upon me.  Both had messages that are to be applied to either a different time frame or a different scale than what we are presently accustomed to focus upon.

TIME: The Fear Of Turning Back The Clock

(Subject courtesy of

SCALE: The Policies Scaled Upon Africa Are Parallel To Those That Are Downsized To The Black Community In America

(courtesy Booker Rising)

The connection between these two videos is that the first is being used by "Media Matters" and other operatives to connect Black people of today with the threat that this representative wishes to "turn back the clock" to a time where "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect". Today's mandate that all Americans are "equal human beings" and thus have access to all public accommodations - adding necessary transport beyond our natural boundaries if racial integration is necessary - is threatened by the choice to eliminate the "transportation mandate". After watching this video we are asked to "struggle harder" in our fight against the enemy that we have in sight - as he attempts to return to his "side of the tracks".

The second video clearly has a far more expansive vision. Beyond the local shortsighted focus on their proximate adversaries - the second video details the fate of the "container ship" that the people struggling in the first video are riding upon.

Sadly the consciousness and organization that the people confine themselves to disallow them to make note of the threats that are present ahead.

Even if they are made aware of these threats they will typically deploy "conspiracy theories" or otherwise satisfy themselves that their enemy is responsible for the terminal fate that faces them.

Unfortunately - none of them are going to accept the full measure of the precarious situation that faces them, preemptively choosing to change their ways - until the first pint of sea water beings to fill their lungs - the starvation of oxygen to their brains forcing them to think more clearly.

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Anonymous said...

Two interesting, informative clips. Unfortunately there are those whose minds were never taught to put two and two together and reach independent conclusions, who are so manipulated and comforted by their ego-tweaking puppetmasters that even as their lungs take in that first gulp of water it will not clear their heads but merely prove how right they have always been, that it is another's fault and responsibility that they are drowning. And they will take their children down with them.