Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Transaction Of "Black Inferiority" Must End!!!

A tear streams out of my consciousness eye when I hear some Black people talk, attempting to construct an analogy of what they see as our challenges today.

Today I listened to the radio as the local Black talk radio station talked about the plans to raise the academic standards associated with the Georgia "Hope Scholarship".  This is the Georgia Lottery funded scholarship which offers benefit to Georgia residents to attend GA based colleges.  The money is running low and the college costs are increasing.   This has triggered a number of hard choices to be made by the GA State Legislature.

As the argument goes - the policy which raises the academic standards while not doing "means testing" will have a "disparate impact" upon minority students.  The hopes for social migration upward is dashed as their funding for higher education is taken away with these standards.

If they left it there and fought to introduce means testing I would be right there with them.

The Assumed Inferiority Of The Black Student

The one woman who called in and gave the narrative of her view of the scheme to destroy Black people got to me.  Central to the story is the notion that Black kids can't compete with White kids academically.

She set up the stage of how "back in the day" Black children were made to pick cotton as White kids went to school to develop themselves academically.  White families directly profited from the denial of education to Black children and their deployment as exploited laborers.

She then said that today the system continues.  "THEY" saw "too many Black children receiving a college education" and their response was to start chipping away at the program that was funding these Black children into college.

"Every day Black people play the lottery, thinking they are going to get rich on the spot.  This money is sent into the state and then given to fund the education of White children.  The Black kids are sent to jail where their lives are destroyed".

The Denial Of The Representation Of Blacks And "Favorable People" In The Establishment

In the state of Georgia 2011 - the highest concentrations of Black people also are represented by the highest concentration of Black and/or favorable people (progressives).   If you get locked up in Atlanta or Stone Mountain GA - you will be given a ride in the back of a patrol car by an officer that is commanded by a Black man.  You will be sent to the county jail in which the chief jailer is a Black sheriff.

Never one to allow these facts to disrupt their narrative they tap into a tail of conspiracy against Black people by organized forces.

I have said plenty of times before that those who have a "Struggle Milieu" don't necessarily have any plans on how to operate after they have "won" the seats of power that they had struggled for. In as much as they pursued an imbalanced strategy that did not focus upon organically generating, capturing and controlling the money inside of their domain and effective management of the institutions that they now preside over - the present circumstance is one of massive squandered potential.

When we hear about claims of increasing segregation in schools, for example - there are some who advance the notion that today's "de facto segregation" is just like the "de jure" segregation of the past.  It is to their benefit to leave the argument ambiguous because they realize that a sufficient quantity of Black people will bite.

In truth the present control over these institutions, the legal right for Black people to live wherever we choose AND the obligation that the "policy control districts" that we reside in to produce the economic wherewithal in line with the franchise that has been extended to them via the state charter makes todays challenges far different than what we as a Black people suffered from in the past.

It is far easier to talk about the issues on the radio and tell the masses "what 'WE' need to do".
I am not doing this.
I am making a direct indictment against the aggregate forces that are dominantly controlling the institutions and the messages, never being challenged by the "rank & file" of the community despite their dissatisfaction.

(Note - I have "Hard Times At Douglass High" running in the background as I type this, plotting on which scenes I will rip in order to make my case.   Sadly this school does not deserve to bear the name of this great intellectual nor does the statue of one of its brightest graduates - Thurgood Marshall - deserve such disrespect .)

I have no plan for change to offer.
We are now living within the last cycle of "grand unifying theories" that was supposed to fix our community's problems.

There is no grand centralized scheme to speak of.  The only thing that these do is to forge our "ideological unity" from us and to extract the wealth known as our "vote".  This act is akin to the previous colonialists and their "puppet post-colonial government" that followed them.  The exploitative mining operation that is taking place within the Black community - is for our "community consciousness" which gets shipped elsewhere, for someone else's benefit.

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