Monday, January 31, 2011

With All Due Respect - If Your Young Child Has A Twitter Feed Of A Celebrity - YOU Are The Problem Not The Celebrity

Rihanna Offends Young Fans With Language Used In Her Tweet To Her 3M Followers

Rihanna's language on Twitter has allegedly shocked some of her younger fans.

The singer, who has a following of over 3 million on the social networking site, swore when tweeting a response to her rapper friend Katt Williams.

Williams posted: "Watchin clifford the big red dog =) somehow im reminded of @Rihanna idk (I don't know) why tho (sic)."

The 22-year-old then wrote in reply: "LMAO (Laughing my arse off), Katt u lil c**t."

A fan later told The Sun: "Rihanna is a role model to millions of young, impressionable kids.

"She shouldn't be using that kind of language - especially when she knows how many people follow her."

I am not a fan of Twitter.
I don't get why someone would want to latch onto someone else's every word.

With that said - it is not surprising that if you do agree to latch on a Twitter feed of an otherwise private individual you will be exposed to and sometimes offended by their antics.

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