Sunday, February 06, 2011

Attempting To Understand The Discrepancy In The Relative Responses

There is a pattern of behavior that is unmistakable.

When it comes to reacting to threats that imperil the interests of the the Black community that emanated from a specific region of the nation - the Black leadership made it clear that "THEY can't do this to us"as they doggedly stood up against the force that was molesting our interests as a community.  They used all available resources in:

  • The Courts
  • The Political Domain
  • The Law Enforcement Resources
  • Academic Forums
  • News Media
  • Platforms For Public Debate
To eradicate the force that caused our bodies to bleed both our hope and blood.

The region was easily discernible as a key threat.  The occupants within made it clear what they thought about "us".  The teeth that they showed was no smile hiding a clandestine snarl.

Today Hot Zone Is Treated Very Differently

I have stated previously that when I consume the "black and white" film footage about this nation's brutal past which it comes to Black people I am more thankful that I don't have to suffer from this unmitigated oppression more than I see any benefit in "putting on their shackles", feigning my connection per my ability to relate to the torrent which worked against them.  No lashes that they suffered scar my body or my brain.   For MY ancestors - this is the hope that they projected upon me - their representative of the future.

As I watch the footage of those who today provide a narrative of what our people suffered from in the past I notice a very strange correlation to the assaults that they spoke of which prompted their action:

  • Unrelenting violent attacks upon our people
  • Academic Channeling which destroys our young people's potential
  • Government Institutions that are ineffective

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