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Black Sistas Are Seeing That "A Dependible Brother In Their Household" Is More Important Than A "Brother In The White House"

Laying The Groundwork For My Argument About The Present Condition That Women Suffer With In Their Relationship With Black Males Who Are Unattached To A Particular Productive Social Framework
(Please skip this section of you don't want to hear about the political and ideological underpinnings of the problem)

Most of my critics assume that I am a clandestine Black Republican operative when I make note of the fact that "There is no longer an Organic Black Community Development Agenda" to speak of.  It has been hijacked.  It is now "100% ensconced within the American Political Domain for use by Progressives".  They ask us to be UNIFIED - dismissing those who dare ask question about their agenda as being "Enemies of the Black State". The fact that they often rebut these challenges by pointing to Black politicians who they got into power OR demanding that the critic tell them what the Republicans have ever done for Black people - exposes their hands as mere political operatives.  They don't point to the actual attainment of the key "Permanent Interests" that Black people first engaged in the struggle to obtain.

  The embedded operatives within our community work to line up the Black community to walk through a certain gateway in our quest to address and resolve our community problems. In their binary consciousness they believe that "attacks on their beloved Democratic Party and on Progressivism" is equal to the promotion of the Republican Party.  I am merely establishing just proportions of my focus to the force that most acutely  threaten our interests per their proximity to our core consciousness and their numerical advantage which they use to drag others along with them.

This powerful embedded force prefers to talk about politics and race.   This is to their advantage in retaining our community consciousness fixed upon the "American Political Domain" where they can throw out INDICTMENTS against external adversaries who the mass of Black people can be made to believe is our problems.  All the while there exists benign neglect in the more critical  "Community Cultural Consciousness And Competency Development Domain".  As the control stations are vacated within our community as our attention is hijacked as such - the most pressing problems that we face as a community and as a people are allowed to fester.

 Those who have attempted to fuse our community interests to their own ideological and partisan interests merely "double down" as they blame the latest round of problems upon this same external enemy.  An enemy that just happens to perfectly line up with the desired political and ideological outcomes that they have struggled against.   Despite them having obtained various seats of POWER during their last interval of STRUGGLE - they continue to do what they know best: STRUGGLE.  This has a "unifying effect" upon Black people.  They need not worry about being criticized as the usual critics are standing right beside them and thus would have to criticize themselves if any criticism was ever to be heard.

 This is the key consciousness hijacking that has stunted the organic growth of our community.  This is because they have turned to the "national social contract" which they have inked as a means of addressing the issues amongst our people that are more appropriately handled within.   In essence - they lack a management plan of our people.  They only have a "political struggle scheme" upon which they have obtained their power.

Sistas Are Ready To Cut The Brothers Loose

Black Conscious Thought Blog: Question - Have Black Women Checked Out Too?

There are some discussion points that occur "just between us chickens" that renew my hope in the belief that others see what I see.  That what I see is not unreasonable - despite what the "Attack Sheep Dogs" who go after "wayward sheep" are trained to tell independent thinkers about their erroneous speech.

Finally they are no longer willing to retain the front for the same of "unity".  It is this quest for UNITY which has afforded unsavory operatives to continue their hijacking of our community interests.

As I read the comments of the Black females on the present state of male/female relationships in the Black community I heard elemental references to what I had previously noted regarding the severed state of the "Black Community".  They believe that all pretenses that there is a "Black Community" where people afford each other mutual respect in line with certain collective goals has been shattered.   This well has been tapped too often and is now drawing up buckets of dust.

More clearly - they believe that the number of Black males that are trifling in regards to their fiduciary duties to uphold the community and their relationships with the women and children within that they (Black females) are giving up on retaining their side of the bargain.  They are no longer willing to negotiate with a prospective partner that has goals that are tragically different than their own.


My arguments all along has been that the successful hijacking of our "community consciousness" for deployment in the American Political Domain has left this residue of dysfunction among our relationships throughout our community.  Instead of building the "fabric of community" where "Healthy Relationship Outcomes" (one of the Permanent Interests that I have heard from the masses and enumerated on the list) is evidence - short term political gains were advanced as a more important agenda item.

The attempt of "Ideological Unity Enforcement" where "Racism Chasing" is often used as the glue to keep us together because of the unrelenting threat from "our enemies" is the main culprit in the carnage that exists.  The spirit of FEAR is able to trump rational thought.   Sadly the over use of endorphins that are released when a body is under stress begins to have detrimental effects upon the body when they are overused.

Endorphins:  they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being.
Over Exposure To: Therefore, besides sleeplessness, opioid peptides can also cause depressions. In chronically depressed people, free endorphin level is 3 fold higher (because part of endorphin receptors have been destroyed)"
Clearly these sistas have the case of "destroyed receptors" for the endorphins known as B.S.. 

It is sad but true that there is a high level of selfishness that is contained within the social and intimate relationships among our people who are seeking long term partnerships.  A woman indeed better be on the defensive lest she be used by those who have mastered telling her what she wants to hear to get what he wants.  No telling what background that the "stud" who is seeking her attention comes from.
  • How was his own consciousness about how to treat a lady imprinted by his own father's example?
  • What is his temperament which might allow him to endure in a ups and downs of long term relationship or quit when the goings gets rough?
  • Is there a person in his shell when the sex stops and the management of their responsibility becomes the dominate product of their relationship together? 
To be clear there are female versions of these very same flaws as well.

The Sistas Are Ready To Check Out

As I read the posts in the blog article I tried to make note of the logistical impossibility for Black females to separate themselves from Black males.  If you think that this nation has illegal immigration problems - just imagine how we could set up a system by which the problem elements of one gender is kept away from another.  Clearly this is not workable.

The more rationale response is for these Black Sistas to consider the totality of the system in which these "problem" Black males receive their social inculcation which results in their present flawed state.  Whatever "rites of passage" that they have matriculated through has made them what they are today.  Who among "our leaders" has focused our attention on correcting this problem with the messages sent to our young males?  Are they focused more on the messages from the broader society - which is composed of "our enemies" or are the massages from those who have a more intimate and proximate relationship to them seen as more valuable as they are also more controllable?

Individually these women are on the look out for "fast talking brothers" who are only "trying to get into their pants" and are functionally "gone by the morning".  .  When the aggregate bunch of men that seek their attention have this as their primary intention then this provides evidence to a more systematic problem that exists.

It is time for the Black community in aggregate to take a look at the promises that have been made to us by the Black Establishment and their ideological joint-venture partners.  They too wanted "the goods" that we possess as a collective.  We now stand long past the "Fool me once, shame on me" stage.  We now must look at the body of individuals through which they romp as they continue to fall prey to these confidence men.

I am NOT making use of this social dysfunction to score POLITICAL points.  I am calling out the problem as being one where past POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL hijacking has lead to the manual inattention offered to the problems within.  There has never been a greater need to enforce the integrity of "Community Consciousness and State" - a notion that parallels the separation of "Church And State".  BOTH institutions are left corrupted when operatives from each collude.

A Euro-centric Depiction Of Jesus Kicking The Money Changers Out Of The Temple As He Sought To Retain The Integrity Of The Institution By Destroying Their Rather Profitable Interactions With The Congregation Of People

The Needs Of The Black Woman

A female is typically quicker to come to the point of "bottom lining" their relationships because they have more at stake than the average man does.  Their need for relative stability, security and are bound by the all important constraint of time.  IF her goal is to produce a child with a suitable mate then there is a particular window within which she can operate as defined by her biological clock.  If she does produce a child with a mate and the relationship goes awry then she, on average, is likely to bear the brunt of the time and obligation in raising the child that she has birthed.   If the man's very presence is causing  more frustration than value add then the pressure is heightened.

In a society which liberalizes the enforcement of a male's responsibility to his family and his children - the female seeking stability is the primary loser.

The collection of individuals should not have to face these individual burdens in the context of a society that claims to be civilized OR in a community that claims to value their own.

Again I challenge people to step back from the individual, transactional considerations of the problems that have been articulated by these "sistas" and focus upon the big picture.  When we aggregate the impact to our community the damage to our relationships and societal outcomes is irrefutable.  The consequence is shown in the rate of stable and enduring relationships.

For so long we have been struggling to have the greater society show that they value our people equally, agreeing to certain policies as evidence of such.  In too many cases the intra-community valuation and intrinsic respect for ourselves fall far short of the expectations that are placed upon outsiders to our (virtual) community.  While there exists legal and legislative recourse to mitigate slights from the greater society - no such construct exists within.  There is no such thing as a "intra-community social contract" to enumerate the demand for 'cultural justice'.

Take Back The Black Community Cultural Consciousness

The enforced respect for certain foundational institutions that define our social order is a critical first step in the changed outcomes that we seek within.

For the duration of our community's existence in the Americas our people have had to STRUGGLE to fend off the aggression and oppression of external threats who stripped away our ability to express "self-determination".   Also in the past most efforts that branded themselves as "nationalistic" or "self-determination" movements had a central focus upon the enemy who our people had long struggled against.  It too was defined more by their defensive disposition than any ORGANIC COMPETENCY CREATION for our community.

The voices of the Black females that I heard on the blog that is linked up above were akin to them rejecting the "Fist Held High In The Air" from their male partner who attempted to explain to her why he is short on his portion of the rent this month.  During her youth when her "endorphin receptors" were more open to stimulation by various opiates such redirection attempts worked to appease her.  Unfortunately now "the rent is too damned high........................." for her to accept such foolishness from her life partner.

We need to focus upon the present fact that all of the critical HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS are in the hands of "favorable people" that we have promoted into power.  Eugene "Bull" Conner is long dead.  He no longer has any power over the key institutions where we live in our highest concentrations.

More important than the mere presence of a the bricks and mortar of an INSTITUTIONAL BUILDING is the engineering and enforcement of a sound LOGISTICAL PLAN which can be erected upon all who desire to eat the fruits that will be produced at harvest time.  The truth is that the hijackers operate in the void that is created per the lack of a logistical plan.  Theirs is the most evident moving vehicle that passes through town.   It is now time to regulate and enforce the integrity of any and all movements that are claimed to be "community migration movements".

A LOGISTICAL PLAN makes accurate inventory of the resources that you have at your disposal, where you need to move them to, the time and energy limitations and then the repetitive tasks that must be performed for the "movement" that is also evident in our present consciousness can be transformed into DIRECTIONALLY ACCURATE movement.

More than anything else - there is a need for strong and uncompromised voices to rise up and protest against the high level of variance that exists between the course that has been postulated at the start of the journey and where they presently stand.


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Interesting points. I will give this more thought, but yeah...I'm still checking out.

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