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I Must Disagree With Dr John McWhorter's Assessment Of Malcolm X As A Stain On History

In his column "Taking Out My Eraser", Dr John McWhorter articulates why he wishes that a certain list of 10 individuals had never graced the pages of history. He includes Muslim minister Malcolm X in on this list.

I was actually stunned by this inclusion and thought of a long list of other unsavory characters who's main injury was enacted upon our people in that they did so with mass complicity from Black people.

With all due respect the late Senator Ted Kennedy would be at the top of my list.  He was the ANTI-Malcolm X.

Brother Malcolm showed Black people that we were "100% Equal Human Beings", both worthy of respect and REQUIRED TO BE RESPECTFUL by living up to certain standards of living and disciplined behavior.  Ted Kennedy's ideology told Black people that AMERICA OWED US a certain amount of entitlements because we as "The Least Of These" are deserving of this "uplift" just as anyone else who's main qualification is our proximity to the "fish distribution service".

Malcolm X built up many Black people.
The theories held by Senator Ted Kennedy has confiscated an immerasurable quantity of 'Black Consciousness' - effectively putting our consciousness in play for the benefit of politicians and ideologues instead of in service to our ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT requirements as a community.

Malcolm X was a necessary "role player" for his day.
He represented the "Unbought / Unsold Resolve" that stood behind the "Integrationalists" who wanted to work through the system - giving "the system" TIME to change via its own machinations.

The video clip above is masterful. The interviewer attempts to bind "Malcolm Little" to the machinations of America. By pointing out how Black Americans actually received their "given names" - IF this interviewer was intending to be totally transparent he would be forced to acknowledge the human injustice that was done to "people like Malcolm Little" at the hands of this system instead of expecting them to be "grateful" that they are "allowed" to live in this place with the "benefits" that they already receive.

Clearly the interviewer has no interest in anything more than inspecting "Malcolm Little's behavior" and not what about the unjust conditions in America that is motivating him to be called "Malcolm X".

Don't get me wrong, I am a staunch opponent of gratuitous rhetoric where Black people are roused into an angry disposition for no other reason than "ideological unity". Indeed there are some elements of Malcolm X antics and character during his development as a person (and even Marcus Garvey) which his contemporaries found disturbing. A radio talk show host noted how both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr had fluctuating poll numbers - even among Black people - during various intervals of their lives. They were all consummately human.

Malcolm X is clearly a brilliant man and a worthy leader.  During his time in the Nation Of Islam thousands of Black people were made to clean up their lives and live with a greater sense of purpose.  In as much as there is no organization without a bit of duality - indeed - at times their "Black Nationalism" keyed in upon hatred of White people per the resentment of how Black people were treated.  They also were effective at developing "organic community competencies" within the band of people who have taken up their mantle - dropping their "slave name" and adopting an "X" instead.

As a frequent reader of "The Final Call" newspaper today - this oracle of the NOI would be improved if they stripped out all of the "National Newspaper Publisher's Associated" syndicated contributors who are more interested in talking about the "American Political Domain" with the ultimate benefit of the Democratic Party and instead of the fortification of the "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain".   The original writings of Elijah Muhammad filling up their newspaper - even if they had to shrink it down to a one page newsletter is a far better representation of what this "Black consciousness" organization should stand for than what is expressed in a good portion of the third party articles added to give the paper some girth.

Malcolm X does not deserve to be on Dr McWhorter's list of "people who should have never been born".  He was a necessary counterbalance.

  • The Liberal Intergrationalist Dr King
  • The Conservative "Civil Rights Movement Critic" George S. Schuyler
  • The "Fight The Power" Malcolm X
This triumvirate worked in balance to bring us where we are today.
Today's Black community needs to now "fight the present Black establishment power" to whip them into shape - Black people continue to be murdered and assaulted at above normal rates.  Only the people doing the slashing of the Black throat has changed.

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