Monday, February 28, 2011

Is A Person Who Believes That Blacks Are Inferior In Managing Societies But That Their VOTES Inside America Are EQUAL Still A Racist?

(Quote me on this one as these are my observations).

In our struggle for "Equality" in America - Black people have sought the right to speak in the public square though the voting process in the selection of the nation's political leaders as evidence us having achieved this elusive state.

Few people see the distinction between the "ballot" that counts as "one man one vote" and all of the elements by which an individual can both be seen as "equal" by others and believe himself to be "equal" - playing the part in all that he does.

Simply put the "equality" of the vote for all qualified Americans flows from the government and its enforcement of this national tenant.  Indeed sanctions and administrative regulation can be put forth to mandate that the "name-less, face-less" ballot, when placed into the bin is seen as EQUAL to that which is filed by other people who place their ballot indiscriminately into the same basket.

On the issue of individual "equality" - we have a far more complex matter.

Individual (and group) equality is a two way affair.  Not only can the individual demand to be treated as an "equal human being" per the ability of the government to provide consequences to those who violate his rights - it is necessary that this same individual express their own "equality" per their interactions with the broader society AND their ability to manage their own affairs when left unmolested to do so.

Are You Mistaking People Who Value Your Ballot As An Equal Document In Support Of Their Ideological Agenda For Their View Of Your Individual Competency?

I have been forthcoming about my views that certain "Snarling Foxes" appear to have inferior expectations for Black people:

  • Our public racialism is not condemned equally
  • Those of us who become elected leaders are given a certain handicap 
  • The quest to nationalize our nation's resources, providing relief at the periphery is done to obfuscate the policy consequences that are made locally

It seems that as long as we are good for a vote in the right column the small compromises that must be made for the sake of accommodation are well worth the "equal votes" that are collected in the process.

Sadly - if we indeed go into these local "mission accomplished lands" we see that it is ultimately IRRELEVANT regarding the slanderous label that is applied to our "human and community resource acumen".  The facts on the ground tell a more powerful narrative. 

I am also of the opinion that the grievances that these conditions generate as the cycle in which power is achieved and results fall short thus causing more grievances - lend themselves to the grieving masses agreeing to lend their vote to those who show up and are willing to hear them.   This - even IF these are the same people who lead them to their present condition. (Or failed to build them up as promised).

When I attended the East Point Georgia housing voucher give away - I made the case that if they had an local election that day and placed the voting machines in the same shopping center - these grieving people would have voted for whatever "qui pro quo" scheme that was orchestrated for their benefit.

These places (Newark) where all of the seats of power are otherwise favorable and still the struggle has not been resolved prove my point that VOTING cannot and will never trump the necessary core "Human & Community Resource Management Principles" that are necessary to move a people.

I believe with everything in me that there are people who are observing our people and are maintaining what I call a "Vote Harvesting System".   They key us pacified enough to VOTE as the primary expression of our locomotion but not enough to turn against those who have lead us along.   With the complicit operatives in the press and the entertainment media they doggedly keep us struggling against the enemy but never to the awareness that - WE HAVE ALREADY USED OUR "EQUAL BALLOT" TO VOTE THE ENEMY OUT.

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