Monday, February 14, 2011

Justice & Rights - The Relative Differences Between Lagos Nigeria and Houston TX

LocationA Portal Into The System Of Justice
And The "Rights Activists"
Houston TX
A Thief In Houston Is Beaten By The Police.  The "Community Activists" Are
Angered At The Assault Of "One Of Their Own".  They Stand Against The
Police And Demand "JUSTICE".

In The "Division Of Labor" That has Taken Root In The United States - The "Police Function" Has Been Outsourced From The "Community's Obligation" For Self-Governance.  The Consequence Of Such Is That The Thief Has Violated "The System's" Laws And When The Police Abuse Him As He Runs Away, Only Then Does The Community Feel Violated.
Lagos Nigeria

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A Thief In The Junk Yards Of Lagos Nigeria Breaks The Code Of Honestly That Keeps The Community Going.  The SELF-ORGANIZED System Of JUSTICE Enforces The Community Standards Upon The One Who Violated Them All.  In The Process They Abuse Him In A Manner That Would Not Be Acceptable By Those Who Are Conditioned To Western Standards.

These People In This Part Of Nigeria Are A Better Example Of The Post-Katrina Term "We All We Got" Because It Rings True.

As A Community They Prove The Claim That "POVERTY CAUSES CRIME" To Be A Damned Lie, Used By Those Who Merely Seek To Obfuscate

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