Monday, February 21, 2011

Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement Honors El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

On this day February 21, 1965 El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was assassinated at the young age of 39.
One could only guess the great works that he would have produced had he been allowed to live until 80 - by the grace of God.

On this past Saturday I went out of my way to attend the "Malcolm X Commemorative Banquet" as sponsored by the "Malcolm X Grassroots Movement".

The main driver for my attendance, however, was the news that they would honor "Sister Courage".

The late Njere Alghanee was the long time radio host of "The Friday Night Drum" on WRFG ("The Progressive Information Station"). While I disagreed with "Sister Courage" ideologically I have to credit her and others in the "Detached Progressive" segment of the left for being far less prone to protect establishment progressives in government and the Democratic Party. My criticism comes not from people being progressive - I am forced to agree with some of their positions. What I can't stomach is when those who claim to operate in the best interests of the Black community are shown to be executing upon an empty ideological exercise.

For about 6 months I had problems with my Internet streaming radio recording software after I upgraded to Windows 7.  As such I missed the news of "Sister Courage's" untimely death.   When I did tune in and hear a new host and then heard them referencing her death I was saddened to hear the loss.

I attended the banquet in order to understand who this person was.

What I saw was that she was the mother of a large family (6 children) and a loving husband.  All of whom missed her presence.

The personal testaments given by a variety of people who worked with her brought to life the number of people who she has helped along the way better than the printed bio.

The musical performance was good.  Jazz-Soul vocals.

The food was good.  I ate the vegetarian stir fried vegetables with (what I guess was) "ground beef-like"/soy crumbles.  Since I am trying to eat more vegetarian means I also jump at the chance to sample how other people with more experience have cooked and seasoned their meal.  They did a good job.

Natural Hair & Afro-Centric Garb

The vast majority of the people on the scene had long dreds as their hair style (or bald heads) and wore Afro-centric grab.  There were some beautiful women in the house.  Their hair and their dress perfectly complimenting their aura.

"Speak Truth To Power"

I will address the term "Speak Truth To Power" on my sister blog "Within The Black Community" a bit more critically.
To be honest I am a bit concerned at the use of this word and the concepts that it emotes.  When applied for obfuscatory purposes it provides the energy for the "boil the ocean" - "congregational unity" that is so problematic with our community today.

Put aside Rev Jemimah Wright (which I will also discuss on the sister blog), the majority of the speakers at the banquet made reference to the "Struggle" and the need to "Speak Truth To Power".   While I knew far in advance that this group that is associated with WRFG & WAOK and who drive for "Reparations" and who has "Stop Police Brutality" as their primary call as being far left.  I also credit them for being what I have noted as the "detached progressives" (not working for the benefit of the Democratic Party) - the still appear to exhibit the fundamental characteristic of Progressivism:

  • The need to cleave to some universal INDICTMENT against an external threat which unifies them
Again - I credit them for have more of a culture and consciousness that rejects certain elements of American consumerism and they have Christianity as their base religion.  

When it comes to their use of "Speak Truth To Power" - they are too frequently made to overlook both the "power" that is now in the hands of "favorable people" and the large array of forces that are swirling within the Black community that need to be confronted with "rules of engagement" that differs from that which is seen with external adversaries. 

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