Wednesday, February 09, 2011


As a means to the end of having the consciousness of "Self-Determination" instilled as the primary ethos upon which the Black Community operates upon my present actions are attuned to the present prevailing threat.

The over-arching goal is Community Development.   The immediate objective is to have my people distinguish between those things that can be fixed via the "American Political Domain" and those things that should be mitigated in the "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain".  Having too much of our hopes stacked within the political domain merely perpetuates the present usurpation of our power for the profit of others.  We are left with the empty feeling after having "WON" but "LOST" in the end as our Permanent Interests have not been obtained as expected.

 I am not unwise to the forces that see value in the "human resources" within our community and seek to USE them for their own particular purposes.   On the front end they make use of their position of CONFIDENCE that they have with our people to send out steady streams of fortifications - playing on our emotions to seal our fate for the future.  These forces prefer UNITY to the condition of a Black Community that is fully actualized - risking the day that their desired IDEOLOGY and POLITICAL JOINT-VENTURE is severed because our dependent spirit is eradicated from our collective bodies.

Those who use our "Slave / Jim Crow" past for to further their agenda today are no less reprehensible as those who long for the days in the past when their people had unchecked POWER - and yet today they loath to mention these fateful details of how this power was amassed.  Both are equal rogues in my book.

 The "confidence men & women" who lurk within our Community Consciousness Nucleus need to be removed from this sacred space lest they continue to damage us.   The very fact that there is not a TRANSPARENT system for their own appraisal, no systematic means for their retirement and little evidence that the next generation that is to replace them is bring educated via a scientific process that produces EFFECTIVE RESULTS proves that there is mischief afoot per their entrenchment.

They must lose their ability to influence our "Community Development Agenda" in that they have set up a fateful deal with their external partners.  While the partnership is as strong as ever - the outcomes that are produced via the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that they now control are little different from when we started our trek.

Today with our freedoms won - yet the struggles and grievances in tact our problem is less one resulting from OPPRESSION and more attributable to the lack of a TRANSFORMATIVE HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PLAN.   We are lulled into looking toward "Caesar" to develop us in accordance with what we declare should be afforded to all who set foot inside of a geographic space.  The more damning indictment against this set of theories is that the subplot where it has monopoly control SHOULD BE a foreshadowing of the glories that we should expect upon the final victory.  Instead these areas are a foreshadowing that all who are sentient should be wary about.

The failure to enlist our people as the central agents for UPLIFT of our community to the standard that we desire will insure that we retain our "consumer consciousness" - falling prey to various confidence men who sel us a good narrative.  

Sadly for some people - the sight of "happy Black people, HOPEFUL about the future" IS the sight that they strive for, regardless of how vacuous of a platform this notion is built upon.

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