Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"Nobody Gets Married Anymore" - An Urban School Teacher Sees The Consequences Of The New Norm

Welcome to our urban high schools, where kids have kids and learning dies.


Anonymous said...

This article is incredibly sad.

Kids need so much adult attention, they crave it. It is their nutrients to grow into a healthy human being. If they don't get it, they naturally seek the attention elsewhere.

I was a mentor at one time, and tended to be a bit "preachy" but I think giving kids the cold, hard facts about biology, psychology and economics and how their future and the future of others is affected by their choices. And still, this doesn't take the place of a father in the home, and a mother helping them with their homework, etc. Not that THAT configuration is always perfect, but it appears to be a proven strong foundation, a somewhat consistant pattern that has been established over the millenia by the human family (a "norm") that consists of a man and a woman working together to establish a home and a family within a society. I know this varies sometimes, but ... I observe it to be the strongest configuration for the best results for all concerned.

To be married, to have children, to stay married into old age and reap the benefits of a deeply matured relationship between a man and a woman is not for the feint of heart but has unrealized joys that many will never experience.

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