Monday, February 07, 2011

Southern Somalia Votes To Split From The North

Southern Sudan Votes To Split From The North

Over the weekend I learned that a good friend of mine is now in the nation of "Djibouti", seeking out contracts  for certain construction deals.

Today I talked with a business owner/client of mine from Ethiopia who I provide IT consulting advice for their American based business - which has an office in Ethiopia.

Eastern Africa is rich with history.   The choice of the people in the southern portion of Sudan to form their own nation is a tremendous step toward "Self Determination".

The vote to split is completely distinct from the LOGISTICAL process which is necessary to ensure that this - the world's newest nation - is not "stillborn".

I recall about 10 years ago that I visited Arizona.  I had several hours to kill after a conference that I had attended and I decided to go joy riding to understand the landscape.   Arizona is a "desert state".   I pulled off to the side of the road and closely inspected a open cement water canal that brought fresh water into the city.  I made note of some fish that were present in the fast running water.   If they relaxed their muscles which they used to swim against the tide for even a split second - the current would cause them to be flushed down stream.   This sight of Arizona's dependence on EXTERNAL water sources showed me that: Absent its linkage from the greater United States of America - this "desert state" could not possibly lift itself up to the "American standard of living" via their ORGANIC production.

There stature as a "state" is what allows this plot of land to exist as it does.  The "Country of Arizona" would be an impoverished territory - awaiting a violent takeover in its emaciated state.

At a time when so many long for a "United States Of Africa" - there appears to be a greater will toward autonomy.  

For decades we have heard that it was the fault of the Berlin Conference of 1884 to divide the nations of Africa without respect to the tribal realities.  The splitting of natural groups of people - placing portions of them into the same nation-state was purposely done to retain conflict - in the opinions of some.

The problem is that we don't see any serious reconciliation movements which acknowledge these more natural borders and seek to rectify them.  What was done by the rifle in the late 1800's can't seem to be carried forth through the deliberative bodies such as the "United Nations".

The troops from the United Nations move in and out of various "African Nations", without regard to the wishes of the sovereign governments in a way that is similar to the unilateral movements of the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan.  For some reason they escape the damnation for their troop movements that is received by the USA.

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