Thursday, February 10, 2011

The "White Snarling Fox Liberal" Is More Dangerous To Our Consciousness Due To The Number Of Blacks Who Echo His Theories

I have printed out and read the entire "Austerity For Whom" report from "United For A Fair Economy".

What is disguised as a policy frame work for "racial uplift" for Blacks (and Hispanic and working class Whites) against policies that work against their best interests is actually a politically based framework to ensnare our people into a line of thinking that has proven destructive to our interests.

I have said previously: "There is no longer an organic Black community development agenda".  There is only a political power struggle in the context of the "American Political Domain".  The Black Establishment has purposely fused our community development interests into the progressive wing of the Democratic Party - per the words said by Bayard Ruskin in 1968 - right after Martin Luther King Jr's assassination.

The "Fair Economy" report comes right out of the chute and frames our struggle as Black people as a fight against "Republican policies". 

Ironically they point to the rise of Black wealth in the 1950s and 60s and then the fall of it during the 1970's as "Republicans" initiated a backlash against the "gains" had by Blacks (in the Labor Movement).   As long as you remain within their framing - you won't bother to note that Black POLITICAL power is at an all time high.   Instead they use the occasion of the 'First Black President' to pay tribute to the TEA PARTY which rose to power to greet Obama in the "WHITE House".

I actually have to give credit to the authors of this report.  They indeed know how Black people think and how to set up our directions for the next interval of "the struggle".    They carefully avoid the issue of the "Mission Accomplished" cities where progressive power is now unchecked - yet they are the centers of the economic erosion that they speak of.

If They Don't Reference "Organic Competencies Within The Black Community" Don't Waste Your Ink To Print The Report

Again - there is no shame to the game of the 'United For A Fair Economy' group.  They say: "If implemented, they will continue a thirty year trend that began in the 1970s (Ronald Reagan) when a political backlash to WIDEN THE ECONOMIC DIVIDE AND RETARD AMERICA'S PROGRESS TOWARD RACIAL EQUALITY".

As you read the report you'll see that 100% of the policy initiatives to ACHIEVE this "racial equality" are rooted in GOVERNMENT REDISTRIBUTIVE POLICIES - not one mention of ORGANIC GROWTH as a result of the Black Community's governance over the "Human Resource Development Institutions" that favorable people now control.

Instead we are supposed to buy into what we had purchased previously - the notion that 'once we get OUR PEOPLE into power over our SCHOOLS....things will be different'.     Today they stand INSIDE of the halls of power and ask for MORE investments so that this day will one day be had.

Sorry - I want earnest money before I continue this time.

Blacks Will Be Harmed By Republican Cuts To Government Programs Because Blacks Are More DEPENDENT On The Government Programs That We Erected To Support Them

When you are spinning within a vortex, my friends, the ONLY way to get out is if you fixate on a PERMANENTLY AFFIXED object and then anchor yourself upon it.  As the vortex moves past you - you will be saved.

For me - the key mandate upon which all policies must be appraised against is COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT.   This thwarts the majority of the policies that the "White Liberal Snarling Fox" attempts to sell to us.

We only need look at the 40 year run that they speak of.   The fact that today they fear that PROGRAM cuts will harm Black people they implicitly admit that the PILLARS that hold too many of our people up to their present standard are provided by these programs that they have graced us with.

Does it stand to logical reason that as the federal debt moves beyond $14,000 billion in total and the previously predicted impact that will come with the retirement of the "Baby Boomers" that all who look toward this trough for their uplift will soon see the folly of their choices?

Closing This Vast Economic Divide Was A Core Objective Of Dr King Jr And His Supporters

With all due respect to Dr King - if you can't show me any plans for factories or economic curriculum ever presented by Dr King or his lieutenants than the best that you can ever say is that they INTENDED to close this gap but failed to produce a LOGISTICAL PLAN that would have successfully carried this out.    It seems that Dr King's name was added to this report in the same way that was seen in the skit from the program 'In Living Color' at the talent show.  Everyone used Dr King as their role model because they knew the impact of dropping this name upon the panel of judges who would appraise their talents.

Today the districts that are represented by those of "King's Lieutenants" that remain have some of the highest concentrations of unemployment, squandered academic potential and civil rights violations against Black people - but for them being labeled as such.

This report is as guilty of molesting King's image for their own use today than any other adversary of King is guilty of.

It is stunning to see a progressive group make note that "Black unemployment rates are at DEPRESSION LEVELS" and yet instead of questioning their progressive brothers and sisters who control the "industrial policy" over the places where the unemployment are highest - they point out that the Tea Party Republicans had BLOCKED "job creating policies".

When we point out the industrial boom that took place in Milwaukee, Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Buffalo and St Louis - is there a massive "government spending package" that we can look toward that made all of this happen OR was labor also protesting about the level of exploitation they suffered at this time  -just as they do today?

A Needed Course Correction In Consciousness

These types of reports that enlist the power of fear and hatred that is seen in the Black community for the benefit of the progressive establishment has had clearly detrimental impact upon our community.   Today we stand, "on paper", at amazing political heights.  Yet the general conditions in the streets shows us how despite these "wins" we have still "lost".  

The fault resides in the fact that we chose to go with "a team" rather than manage our affairs with reference to our "Permanent Interests".  The more we abstract our "Permanent Interests" with both distance (via the federal government instead of local) and layers of management (parties and ideology) the more we are assured to allow forbearance of our interests until the "middle men" are victorious.  We will be employed as foot soldiers in their struggle.

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