Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Conditions Of Violence In Our Public Schools Provide Evidence Of The Squandered Potential Being Conducted Within

Philadelphia Inquirer: Climate Of Violence Stifles Many City Schools

(Hat tip to my good friend NSangoma for bring this important information to my attention.  :-)  )

As a native of Philadelphia and a substitute teacher a long while ago - I can empathize with the conditions that are allowed to fester in some public schools.  As a transplant to a new city, looking for permanent employment I got by as a sub.

From this experience I learned rather abruptly that some young people are not inculcated with the respect for institutions, the enforcement of such by their parents causing them to yield their tendencies to strike back against a classmate for fear of the consequences when they come home.

During my time in both middle school and high school - the lunchtime fist fight in the cafeteria was an eyeopener to the reality.

Indeed we have been told that education is the great equalizer for our society.  We also see that claims of "resource discrimination" are the reasons for the bifurcated results that are seen among class and race.  Far too little conversation is had about what I believe is the biggest suppressor of academic success: the lack of DISCIPLINE.

More classroom instruction time is lost due to discipline problems than any of the other claims on the list.

The inability to gain successful buy-in of a grand destination by the:

  • Student
  • Their Parents
  • The Teacher
  • The School Administration
  • All Of The Adults In The Community
is the cause.   The discipline problems are the symptoms. 

The Mission Statement Of Audenried High School - Philadelphia Public School System: 
We the staff, parents, and community members of The New High School at Audenried, together take responsibility for the achievement of each of our students. We will surround our students with a safe, clean, and nurturing environment that promotes the development of respect and compassion for one another, the community, and the larger world around them. Through a structured environment, active encouragement and support, and challenging coursework our students will develop the confidence and self-discipline to strive for the level of achievement we expect of them. We believe the social and emotional development of our students is as important as their academic development, and we acknowledge that learning to cooperate, solve problems, communicate, and work productively with others will help them thrive in an ever changing global society. Every student that graduates from The New High School at Audenried will leave inspired to give back to their communities and prepared to make wise career and academic choices for their future.

The challenge is to OPERATIONALIZE this vision into the repetitive actions of all of the human beings that bear upon the school.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama Abortion Billboard Controversy - If The "Stolen African Culture" Was Shown To Secular Progressive-Fundamentalists Today They'd Reject It Because They'd Claim It Is Opressive

Propaganda ConceptPictorial Evidence
Exhibit A:   The Prevailing Black Progressive Political Operatives Seeking To Attach To The Latent Fear In Most Black People That The Days When "A Black Man Had No Rights That A White Man Need Respect" Will Return IF They Don't Vote Exactly How The Establishment Powers Want Them To
Exhibit B: The Conservative-Fundamentalists Within The Black Community Make Use Of Propaganda To Link Their Goal Of Reducing Black Abortions By Linking The Procedure To President Obama

Exhibit C: An Old African Axiom Which Said "We Know Not Which Womb Holds The King"

The Goal Is To Promote The Intrinsic Value Of Black People

Using Veterans To Keep Black School Children Safe In Dangerous Black Neighborhoods - Spinning A Bad Situation Into A Positive Point

The saga of Black school children being physically threatened because of the choices of where they attend school is nothing new.  The interesting point of the story below from Chicago is that the "National Guard" forces who are sent out to protect these Black kids are Black.  But - they are protecting these Black students from assailants who are Black as well.  (Black Street Pirates).

Over the weekend I noted that I had a bumper crop of "diversity" in my backyard.  My yard and the adjoining property has a steep slope of grass in the back.  A fallen tree for the kids to climb upon.  Closer to my house is an excellent flat area for football.  I had Black, White and Hispanic kids from the community playing.

As I assisted a little Hispanic girl who recently had her training wheels removed from her "Barbie bike" I thought about this story about the dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago and how the consolidation of public schools has forced kids to walk to school through "enemy neighborhoods".  Beyond the hurdles within the school that are present are the threats that they face on their way to and from school due to gang-related discord.

The Need For Agreement So That A Minimum Reference Standard Is Met

My family has no plans to move from where we are.  We like the community.  We like the schools.
As I project upon the situation that too many Black children face - where there are too few adult mentors around to teach these kids the rules of touch football or how to keep their balance in riding a bike - of course I think about the impact that is borne by these children as peer pressure directs them toward a certain way.

It is clear that absent the will of those who beacon Black people to reinvest in "Black Communities" to enumerate the expectations to the people they loosely refer to as "The Least Of These" we will continue to be engaged in a reactionary agenda that responds to critical problems within but which fails to preemptively guide these young people toward an end that is in line with what we need for organic community uplift.

Whereas the bulk of the conversation is focused upon "reaching back" to help our brothers and sisters that are left behind - there are precious few points of guidance that is offered up to these the "permanent underclass".

I would be remiss if I did not also note the grand "Vote Harvesting System" that is present amongst them.  Now that their ballots have been made "equal" per the regulation of the government (a good and necessary thing) - those who pay them enough attention as they "feel their pain" also are complicit in the operation that sells these masses on the notion that their problems will be addressed in the "American Political Domain".

Worse than the politicking at their ultimate expense if the removal of key cultural tenants which served to guide the vital points of behavior within our community toward a "directed outcome".  The fusing of "progressive freedoms" with our political struggle needs to be re-rationalized with regard to a particular community end-point that the collective masses agree to promote in common.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beck vs O'Donnell - The Debate Over Christianity

I am not sure how many of you are keeping track of the present fight between Fox New's Glenn Beck and MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell over the present state of the Christian religion and the acceptance of the bible as absolute truth for the Christian.

I won't bother to go into the absolute details of the debate.  Instead I wish to take away the key point of diversion that both of them are making use of to make their case.

Just as certain Black operatives make use of Dr King as the perfect reference for them to base their modern political / ideological antics - for Beck and O'Donnel their choice is to make reference to what "the founding fathers" of the United States of America believed in their interpretation of the Christian faith.

I stated previously that Glenn Beck is motivated to promote and defend the honor of the "Founding Fathers" when he discusses American Slavery and the "Black History" that is articulates as a result.  Indeed there may have been agreement that slavery was a wretched institution in the views of Thomas Jefferson.  Indeed there may have been a select few Black people during this time who fought valiantly for the founding of this nation.  The over-riding fact remains - none of these men felt so strongly about the savagery of slavery to stall the formation of the new nation until this scourge upon humanity was dealt with.  

To be clear - I am not pegging slavery as the one and only "sin" at the founding this nation.  This is just one example regarding the fact that none of these men are worthy reference figures for righteousness and religious purity.  Removing slavery as a "special interest" that I, a Black man, is concerned about and we can find many other anti-righteousness in history.  To be clear I do believe that this nation - as with all other nations are creations of man and thus will have their share of damnable actions which should cause them shame.

Lawrence O'Donnell is critical of Glenn Beck for shrouding so much of his political and ideological agenda in with Christian dogma.  I agree.   With these two concepts being so intertwined Beck agenda becomes suspect.  He, like many other operatives draw out factually accurate points of information but then err as they attempt to string these individual points together in order to assemble a conspiracy.  

Lawrence O'Donnell's words are even more disturbing in relation to self-professed "Christians".   Mr O'Donnell takes a position that

  • "No legitimate Christian believes that the book of Revelations is true"
  • "When Christians began to only selectively accept the bible they stopped burning people at the stake"
This is a commonly used tactic by progressives.   The main people who attack those who seek to (more) faithfully enforce the dogma of their religion (or other institutional rules) are called fundamentalists.  O'Donnell and others would be the first ones to attack them as intolerant and weak minded.  Yet as there is evidence of massive erosion of the integrity and credibility of the institutions because of the subjective and arbitrary enforcement of their standards - people like O'Donnell will wage an even greater attack on the institution because of these attributes.

O'Donnell used Thomas Jefferson's opinions on religion to justify his present positions.  Why did he choose to use the words of a politician to achieve this purpose?  Why not a noted religious figure who was likely calling Jefferson and Washington out for their transgressions in relation to non-Whites which violated the "Natural Law" that they both said "God" afforded all men?

It appears that O'Donnell is attacking the institution of Christianity but is using the fact that the institution failed to enforce its own standards against those who hijacked its cause throughout history as evidence that the religion itself is flawed.  This should provide a critical lesson that is applicable today upon all institutions.

It is critically important to define clear and transparent rules for the institution in question.  No one man should have the power to use the institution for his own aggrandizement, and is allowed to become an indispensable part of its existence. (ie: if the figure head falls - so goes the institution).  The compromise of the standards will be used by its enemies to destroy the credibility of the institution itself.  Those who are predisposed to stand against the success of the institution if it were to be a well oiled machine - will often call for the institution to become more tolerant.  Its faithful bond to its rules of order are claimed to be evidence of its intolerance.  When the present day managers of the institutions begin to accept certain new policies that go against the spirit of its founding - these same critics will point to the dysfunctional results as evidence of the lack of credibility of the institution.  They achieve their goal through a round about way.

Those who label themselves with respect to an institution should also submit to the rules of integrity for the institution.  When the institution fails to enforce this as a standard their own integrity is destroyed.  It is vitally important to start out with credible standards and not to have an exclusive set of mandates in which only the judges qualify.  

Transacting On The Inferiority Of Black People: The Lack Of Access To E-Readers Will Leave Blacks Behind

Technological changes may lead to "Reading Divide"

The standard phrase for many Black Baptist preachers makes reference to "if you claim it you can achieve it through your faith".

When it comes to the positioning of Black people in the unforeseen future - some people appear to  preemptively assign Black people to the back of the bus - reading their news on printed paper - IF they can read in the first place.

As I listen to their arguments I do believe that they are not motivated by malicious  intent against Black people,  per se.   Instead they suffer from a lack of ability to logistical manage  our people toward a different outcome than the one that they fatalistically predict and they have become over-reliant upon "the societal indictment" as a means of engendering support from society in the care of "the least of these".

They constantly focus on the METHODOLOGY by which we express our PERMANENT INTERESTS (in this case reading but also "the condition of unions" as another example) when they need to be focusing on the core element that we need to promote:  Black people being able to proficiently read (or the development of conditions where job growth will transpire in the case of unions).

By focusing on the material shortfalls of not having a "Kindle For Every School Kid" their struggle is strategically shifted from summoning all people who care about Black kids to make sure that their own can read and then help others to cover those who fall through the cracks over to a struggle for "equal resources" with other people.  There are far too many examples that show that even upon obtaining regulatory equality - the core element is often not obtained.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Russell Simmons: "Bill Cosby If You Remove Your Objections Over Ignorance In 'Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates' Being Propagated Into The Public Square We Can Be Friends" (Pssst - You're Messing With My Cash Flow - Chill)

Bill Cosby Goes Hood On Russell Simmons

Once again Bill Cosby's foundation of work within the community provides him with the clout to blow off an "Attack Sheep Dog".

The key issue is around the content of the music that is popularly consumed by young people.

On the one side you have Russell Simmons.   Simmons has profited greatly off of selling "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" music and its words that project a certain imagery of "ghetto life".   Simmons has a "non-judgmental" disposition - but only on issues where "moral criticism" works against his interests.   By contrast if the subject is about "redistribution to help the poor" - he casts judgment upon those who treat them with benign neglect.   Simmons dissed Cosby's criticism, saying that he is old and out of touch with what young people use to express themselves in the world that they live in.

On the other side there is Bill Cosby.   Cosby has called out Russell Simmons and  other operatives who are profiting off of vulgar messages.   Cosby is unwilling to yield to Simmons for the sake of "going along to get along".  When Simmons attempted to bury the hatchet - Cosby himself used "vulgar language" to tell him where to go.

What Is The Fixed Reference For Both Of These Men?

When it comes to discussions about a "greedy oil company" it is easy to say that their vested interests in the products that they sell cause them to be blinded and unwilling to reform their ways.  We are not predisposed to say the same thing about Russell Simmons and others who know what pays the bills.

Often we hear "Jazz too was misunderstood when it was the top musical outlet for Black people.  Now look at where it stands as an honored art form".

The problem with this statement is that jazz is largely instrumental.  The "offense" was not intrinsic to the medium but the drugs and loose living that the people who partook in the lifestyle.

When it comes to "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" - one only needs to go to one of the many "lyrics" web sites to read the details and make up their own mind.

Absent a "fresh beat" to distract the consumer - many don't pay attention to the words.

I make note that the author of these words must be placed within a particular mindset prior to capturing these thoughts onto paper.  Some of them live this way on the "Ghetto streets".  Others live large but project this imagery because they know what the consumers want.

It is quite ironic that we hear demands for "quality Black movies" in which the characters are more fully developed.  The same with television shows.  When it comes to "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Music", however, those with a vested interest tell us that this is the "news channel for da hood".   Don't indict them for the words  - they say - look at the greater society and why it has allowed this benign neglect.  They are merely expressing their pain.

You Are What You Eat

I am averse to having the government censor anything.
I believe that community pressure for reform is the best method.

At the same time we must expect that everyone consider the "nutrition" of what they ingest into their minds via their 5 senses.  The messages consumed do indeed impact one's consciousness.   Beyond considering the impact of such messages it is far more productive for us to ponder what messages are being crowded out.  Consider what the community needs this person to grow into and then consider where their present investments lead them toward.  The "opportunity cost" is the gap between these two points.

The profits in the pockets of the peddlers is merely the liquidation of these opportunity costs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Own Impromtu "Master Mind Alliance" With Other Black Professionals

On Saturday morning I stopped by the house of some family friends to allow my kids to play with theirs.  The husband had suffered a job loss due to the downsizing at a large company.  The wife always reminds me to keep an eye out for him in the case that a job opportunity or a contract comes up.  This was the first time that him and I got a chance to talk business.

He told me that he was holding things together by working various IT support contracts for local area businesses - with an emphasis on maintaining the systems of private practice physicians.   I know that since his wife has a pretty good job his job loss was a hit but not a fatal blow that would cause them to lose their house. 

He told me that he had just learned that the last night one of his medical offices was broken into by some "Street Pirates" and they stole a computer work station (third break in - I don't recall the time interval he mentioned).   I told him that there are certain regulatory requirements that must be followed with such a theft IF the machine had any confidential medical records on them.

I pointed to his 3 HVAC units and said "To you those are $2000 each.  To a thug - that is merely $30 worth of scrap metal that he can sell.   That hard drive in that machine will cost that physician a lot of money - even if the smash and grab robbers only want to sell it on the street for $100 and wipe the hard drive clean - not caring about the contents".

He assured me that all of the data is on a secured server in another office and nothing was at risk.

We compared notes on our particular specialties and agreed that we need to hook up to plan out a strategy.   I told him how "cloud computing" is going to make advanced software affordable and thus accessible to more small businesses.   As I talked certain light bulbs went off in his head.
I told him that this technology will allow him and other people to draw from the talent pool in Atlanta to make "software as a service" solutions that could be sold anywhere around the world.  I told him about a company that paid a software development firm more than $300,000 to develop a software application that they run their business on.  They are still paying $3,000 per month in licensing fees (for the last 8 years) and are effectively trapped into the agreement because they did not ask for the source code and the software is too complex for them to easily drop this other group and go a different direction.  This company has already made spent its money on developers now they are collecting licensing fees as the customer in question is stuck with few options.

My friend could position himself to take such business away and then to lock in new customers as his "monthly cash flow" - which pays for his staff.....just like this other company.

"We definitely need to talk" - we agreed.

Checking Out The iPad 2

About 2 hours later I made my run through all of the local cellphone carrier's stores to see their latest smart phone line up and to check out the iPad 2 in the partners which carry it.

I went to:
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Best Buy
Best Buy was the only store to actually have an iPad 2 on display for use.  (They were sold out)
As I was checking out the iPad 2 - impressed with the evolutionary design changed I saw a White male and a Black male come up to the display separately.  The Best Buy agent came by as well.

The Black male indicated that he was a physician and wanted to know the main differences between iPad 1 and iPad 2.  He told the agent that his real interest was in printing documents from the tablet.  He already has computer terminals in his examination rooms but they lack the mobility that he is seeking.

The Best Buy guy told him about the new HP printers that do mobile printing and that they could print from an iPad.  The other guy who had also walked up detailed for him how he might purchase a WiFi hotspot to allow his iPads to connect into his network and print. 

I shut up and listened to their conversation. 
Little did they know that this is what I do all day long as a security consultant - who just happens to have an emphasis in health care. 

They all talked for 5 more minutes and everyone disbursed aside from the physician. 
I told him that I was listening to his requirements and that I was not so sure that an Apple tablet PC is the best solution for him.  While there are a lot of iPhone and Android applications AND while both are growing in popularity in the medical space - you should focus on your requirements and allow them to direct you toward a solution.  It might be toward a laptop or even a touch screen "tablet PC" running MS Windows.  

He said "You know - I was thinking the same thing.  While an iPad might 'walk out of my office' - a laptop might be a bit more difficult to steal."  (That made me think about the Street Pirate heist last night).

I told him that he should also think about the ability to 'remote wipe' a stolen device and encrypt all data that is stored on the device. 

We exchanged contact information.  He told me that his practice was merging in with another partnership and forming a larger network.  They could use some expert guidance on how to work through their computer challenges.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

The "BYU Honor Code" And The Black College Student - Why So Few Black Opinion Writers "Go There"


When I heard of the saga of the basketball player at Brigham Young University - the Mormon college in Idaho I paid attention to the news coverage to see if anyone "went there" with respect to what I believe is a clear parallel challenge. First some back ground.

You can see from the demographic information about the school above that few Blacks "go there" in the first place. This meaning - that with Blacks representing 0.3% of the student body this likely represents about a few hundred students. While indeed the 66.7% graduation rate for Black students are outstanding - if one or two of these handful of Black students were to drop out - this rate would plummet because there are so few.

The point remains - Why haven't any of the many reporters who talked about the "Honor Code" violation where a basketball player at BYU was suspended from the team - regardless of the negative impact upon the team's ability to win on the basketball court - not choose to cross-reference this enforcement of "institutional standards" with respect to academics?

Every basketball and football season around the nation there is the tale of the Black star athlete who is a marginal student and is "on the bubble" regarding his academic eligibility to play.

  • Suspend him off of the team and the athletic gifts that could be used as his ticket out of the ghetto is taken away from him.
  • Accommodate his academic shortcoming because of his importance to the school's athletic program and the academic integrity of the institution takes a hit

In the case of BYU - the school made it clear which of the two courses they prioritize per their "honor code". Regardless of the cost - they choose to cleave to their "institutional integrity" over the individual. Though the school lost its next game after the suspension to a subpar opponent the school retained their principles.

In The Name Of "Diversity" Will BYU Have To Dilute Its "Honor Code" Or Will Those Seeking Inclusion Have To Submit To The Prevailing Standard?

Are there any two more important challenges facing Black you than "academics" and "sexual related matters"?

  • Unintended pregnancy/ Abortion
  • HIV
  • Condom Distribution
  • Abstinence Only Education
  • Low Graduation rates for Black students
  • Colleges "using" athletes for profits but discarding their academic growth
  • Blacks with a college degree have a present unemployment rate that is lower than the national average. Blacks without a high school diploma are unemployed at Great Depression levels

Typically when "Diversity" is implemented the "receiving body" is asked to make accommodations in order to produce the desired results. In the case of BYU (and of course my opinion) the key suppressive force is the "Honor Code" that all students must submit to. To be clear there is likely a far larger numerical body of "White students" who would refuse to agree tot he "Honor Code" than there are Black.

BYU Honor Code

As a matter of personal commitment, faculty, administration, staff, and students of Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University—Hawaii, Brigham Young University—Idaho, and LDS Business College seek to demonstrate in daily living on and off campus those moral virtues encompassed in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and will

Be honest
Live a chaste and virtuous life
Obey the law and all campus policies
Use clean language
Respect others
Abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse
Participate regularly in church services
Observe the Dress and Grooming Standards
Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code

Specific policies embodied in the Honor Code include (1) the Academic Honesty Policy, (2) the Dress and Grooming Standards, (3) the Residential Living Standards, and (4) the Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement. (Refer to institutional policies for more detailed information.)

To be clear - I have violated just about every one of these bullet point items during my college career. On some of them - I wish I was back in college so I can do some more of them all day long. [ :-) ]

In light of the need for a massive correction WITHIN the Black community - How would the adoption of a "Rites Of Passage" system which implemented at least a few of these honor code elements upon our young people change the present outcomes?

In progressive theoretical discourse the primary point of indictment is the hypocrisy which can be cast upon the "establishment authority" who is charged with enforcing the new standards. The fact that they did not live a virtuous life disqualifies them from dispensing this type of justice upon our present youth population.

Unfortunately what is a good strategy to strip the moral authority from a "corrupt regime" from their attempts at suppression is the wrong tool to consider when the bulk of the "land" left on the journey involves a change in "inner-space".

The build of the struggle thus far was justifiably in pursuit of "justice". Upon hearing the present call to focus on "inner-space" one should expect to hear some references to "blame the victim for his behavior".

We only need to make reference to the "Motown finishing school" of the past to the present day entertainment which "keeps it real and raw". Berry Gordy had a "brand". No act would go on the stage representing his "Motown Studios" without first being sculpted into a certain image that he was attempted to project into the market place. Maxine Powell ran the "Motown Finishing School"

To be clear - Motown's goal was to entertain people, make them feel good and thus purchase records. The Black community's agenda is not quite the same.

At this juncture there is a massive need within the Black community to reconcile our daily repetitive actions with our claimed interest in achieving our "permanent interests". The art of articulating one's RIGHTS and the science of managing one's human resources toward that end could not be more different.

Empowering Institutions

I do not support the shift of all authority to individuals. Such a strategy inevitably leads to the dictatorial oppression that the rest of the world seems to be rejecting.

The power needs to be placed in institutions. These institutions need to have sufficient checks and balances to ensure that transparency is ultimately produced as a byproduct. Even the leader is subjected to the same enforcements that he/she must express through the system.

An individual man is flawed. Ultimately selfishness will produce some type of compromise. With the maintenance of the integrity of the institution as the primary goal while being conscious of the need for compassion - the conditions into which our future children will be born into has a better chance of being better than what we were received into.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Own "Evolved And Clarified Understanding & Arguments" On The Protection Of "Traditional Marriage" From Being Hijacked

Again, to clarify - my opinions on "Traditional Marriage" have not changed.
My arguments have become more streamlined.

A Society Is Mandated To Regulate The Behavior Of The Human Resources Within Its Domain Of Control.  The Prevailing Order Must Balance The Rights Of The Individuals With The Need Of The Society To Perpetuate Itself Into The Most Optimal Conditions For Its Future Generations To Receive Their Handoff.

It seems rather suspect to me that a MOVEMENT is able to claim that it stands for PROGRESSIVE ADVANCEMENT of society by allowing "Same Sex Marriage" to be bestowed upon those who have been "discriminated against"- as they make a long, long list of BENEFITS that they are being denied this group as their primary justification for the need for change in the definition of  marriage YET..............................

This same ideology and machine which has been provided with the "Keys To The Kingdom" in their control over the BLACK COMMUNITY (and large swaths of the "general population) but they have difficulty in compelling OUR PEOPLE to "Marry" - thus receiving the BENEFIT that they articulated for the Homosexuals in wedded bonds.

Since gays are between 1.5% and 4% of the population and our people, Black People, are 13% - It is clear that a  misappropriation of our CONSCIOUSNESS is afoot.  Impress the society NOT by your ability to allow those who seek to express their "rights" to do so.........Go to the people who are not interested in SUBMITTING THEIR WILL to that which you label as "rights" for the purposes of indictment and compel them to walk this same path.

As for me - I will only accept you as a credible source for societal engineering if you prove your acumen in solving the problem that has far greater proportional harm to our people, causing millions TODAY and untold millions who will start their lives some time in the future WITHIN the society that you have handed to them for indoctrination as they come to their own awareness of the world.   I beg that you not only "impress me" - "IMPRESS the world that you are worthy engineers of a society and not just an advocate for special interests".

Indeed Progressivism is able to "open up doors" that have been "shut" due to injustice.

With it being the prevailing order in many of our communities I am now looking for the Progressive dogma to "gently guide" those who GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS of the accouterments from  but "don't purchase the cow" to do so.  This for the collective benefit of our people.

 It appears that this ideology has a weakness in that it is unable to engage our people with a consciousness which has us to order our BEHAVIOR in a manner by which ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT transpires.  Instead it seems to prefer impressing upon the secular government to abstract people from the consequences of their actions - for the benefit of the greater society.

I refuse to allow people to cherry pick and "disassemble" these two matters. Every society is MANDATED to define their CULTURAL STRICTURES AND ENFORCE THEM LEST THEY PERISH!!!

With the statistics clearly indicating that a Black couple who is married and with a college degree being INOCULATED from most sever dysfunction that the balance of our "struggle movement" focuses upon - it is nothing short of a HIJACKING of our "Community Consciousness" to allow a "victory" to be CLAIMED in this one area while a Riptide continues to decimate our communities.

Black people need a SEPARATION OF "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" AND STATE POLITICS for the very same reasons that the separation of "Church and State" is needed for religion.