Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Own "Evolved And Clarified Understanding & Arguments" On The Protection Of "Traditional Marriage" From Being Hijacked

Again, to clarify - my opinions on "Traditional Marriage" have not changed.
My arguments have become more streamlined.

A Society Is Mandated To Regulate The Behavior Of The Human Resources Within Its Domain Of Control.  The Prevailing Order Must Balance The Rights Of The Individuals With The Need Of The Society To Perpetuate Itself Into The Most Optimal Conditions For Its Future Generations To Receive Their Handoff.

It seems rather suspect to me that a MOVEMENT is able to claim that it stands for PROGRESSIVE ADVANCEMENT of society by allowing "Same Sex Marriage" to be bestowed upon those who have been "discriminated against"- as they make a long, long list of BENEFITS that they are being denied this group as their primary justification for the need for change in the definition of  marriage YET..............................

This same ideology and machine which has been provided with the "Keys To The Kingdom" in their control over the BLACK COMMUNITY (and large swaths of the "general population) but they have difficulty in compelling OUR PEOPLE to "Marry" - thus receiving the BENEFIT that they articulated for the Homosexuals in wedded bonds.

Since gays are between 1.5% and 4% of the population and our people, Black People, are 13% - It is clear that a  misappropriation of our CONSCIOUSNESS is afoot.  Impress the society NOT by your ability to allow those who seek to express their "rights" to do so.........Go to the people who are not interested in SUBMITTING THEIR WILL to that which you label as "rights" for the purposes of indictment and compel them to walk this same path.

As for me - I will only accept you as a credible source for societal engineering if you prove your acumen in solving the problem that has far greater proportional harm to our people, causing millions TODAY and untold millions who will start their lives some time in the future WITHIN the society that you have handed to them for indoctrination as they come to their own awareness of the world.   I beg that you not only "impress me" - "IMPRESS the world that you are worthy engineers of a society and not just an advocate for special interests".

Indeed Progressivism is able to "open up doors" that have been "shut" due to injustice.

With it being the prevailing order in many of our communities I am now looking for the Progressive dogma to "gently guide" those who GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS of the accouterments from  but "don't purchase the cow" to do so.  This for the collective benefit of our people.

 It appears that this ideology has a weakness in that it is unable to engage our people with a consciousness which has us to order our BEHAVIOR in a manner by which ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT transpires.  Instead it seems to prefer impressing upon the secular government to abstract people from the consequences of their actions - for the benefit of the greater society.

I refuse to allow people to cherry pick and "disassemble" these two matters. Every society is MANDATED to define their CULTURAL STRICTURES AND ENFORCE THEM LEST THEY PERISH!!!

With the statistics clearly indicating that a Black couple who is married and with a college degree being INOCULATED from most sever dysfunction that the balance of our "struggle movement" focuses upon - it is nothing short of a HIJACKING of our "Community Consciousness" to allow a "victory" to be CLAIMED in this one area while a Riptide continues to decimate our communities.

Black people need a SEPARATION OF "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" AND STATE POLITICS for the very same reasons that the separation of "Church and State" is needed for religion.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the hypocrisy of the political scene which affects the cultural scene, and also for making people THINK.