Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama Abortion Billboard Controversy - If The "Stolen African Culture" Was Shown To Secular Progressive-Fundamentalists Today They'd Reject It Because They'd Claim It Is Opressive

Propaganda ConceptPictorial Evidence
Exhibit A:   The Prevailing Black Progressive Political Operatives Seeking To Attach To The Latent Fear In Most Black People That The Days When "A Black Man Had No Rights That A White Man Need Respect" Will Return IF They Don't Vote Exactly How The Establishment Powers Want Them To
Exhibit B: The Conservative-Fundamentalists Within The Black Community Make Use Of Propaganda To Link Their Goal Of Reducing Black Abortions By Linking The Procedure To President Obama

Exhibit C: An Old African Axiom Which Said "We Know Not Which Womb Holds The King"

The Goal Is To Promote The Intrinsic Value Of Black People

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