Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Transacting On The Inferiority Of Black People: The Lack Of Access To E-Readers Will Leave Blacks Behind

Technological changes may lead to "Reading Divide"

The standard phrase for many Black Baptist preachers makes reference to "if you claim it you can achieve it through your faith".

When it comes to the positioning of Black people in the unforeseen future - some people appear to  preemptively assign Black people to the back of the bus - reading their news on printed paper - IF they can read in the first place.

As I listen to their arguments I do believe that they are not motivated by malicious  intent against Black people,  per se.   Instead they suffer from a lack of ability to logistical manage  our people toward a different outcome than the one that they fatalistically predict and they have become over-reliant upon "the societal indictment" as a means of engendering support from society in the care of "the least of these".

They constantly focus on the METHODOLOGY by which we express our PERMANENT INTERESTS (in this case reading but also "the condition of unions" as another example) when they need to be focusing on the core element that we need to promote:  Black people being able to proficiently read (or the development of conditions where job growth will transpire in the case of unions).

By focusing on the material shortfalls of not having a "Kindle For Every School Kid" their struggle is strategically shifted from summoning all people who care about Black kids to make sure that their own can read and then help others to cover those who fall through the cracks over to a struggle for "equal resources" with other people.  There are far too many examples that show that even upon obtaining regulatory equality - the core element is often not obtained.

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