Monday, March 28, 2011

Using Veterans To Keep Black School Children Safe In Dangerous Black Neighborhoods - Spinning A Bad Situation Into A Positive Point

The saga of Black school children being physically threatened because of the choices of where they attend school is nothing new.  The interesting point of the story below from Chicago is that the "National Guard" forces who are sent out to protect these Black kids are Black.  But - they are protecting these Black students from assailants who are Black as well.  (Black Street Pirates).

Over the weekend I noted that I had a bumper crop of "diversity" in my backyard.  My yard and the adjoining property has a steep slope of grass in the back.  A fallen tree for the kids to climb upon.  Closer to my house is an excellent flat area for football.  I had Black, White and Hispanic kids from the community playing.

As I assisted a little Hispanic girl who recently had her training wheels removed from her "Barbie bike" I thought about this story about the dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago and how the consolidation of public schools has forced kids to walk to school through "enemy neighborhoods".  Beyond the hurdles within the school that are present are the threats that they face on their way to and from school due to gang-related discord.

The Need For Agreement So That A Minimum Reference Standard Is Met

My family has no plans to move from where we are.  We like the community.  We like the schools.
As I project upon the situation that too many Black children face - where there are too few adult mentors around to teach these kids the rules of touch football or how to keep their balance in riding a bike - of course I think about the impact that is borne by these children as peer pressure directs them toward a certain way.

It is clear that absent the will of those who beacon Black people to reinvest in "Black Communities" to enumerate the expectations to the people they loosely refer to as "The Least Of These" we will continue to be engaged in a reactionary agenda that responds to critical problems within but which fails to preemptively guide these young people toward an end that is in line with what we need for organic community uplift.

Whereas the bulk of the conversation is focused upon "reaching back" to help our brothers and sisters that are left behind - there are precious few points of guidance that is offered up to these the "permanent underclass".

I would be remiss if I did not also note the grand "Vote Harvesting System" that is present amongst them.  Now that their ballots have been made "equal" per the regulation of the government (a good and necessary thing) - those who pay them enough attention as they "feel their pain" also are complicit in the operation that sells these masses on the notion that their problems will be addressed in the "American Political Domain".

Worse than the politicking at their ultimate expense if the removal of key cultural tenants which served to guide the vital points of behavior within our community toward a "directed outcome".  The fusing of "progressive freedoms" with our political struggle needs to be re-rationalized with regard to a particular community end-point that the collective masses agree to promote in common.

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