Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reclaiming The Black Consciousness Purpose By Management Science - Lesson #1 PRIORITIES

In the world of priorities we as a people talk most about "Self Determination".
In the context of our enslavement in America the fact that our priorities were stripped from us and we had to assume those of another people is the most frequent reference.  They used our people's labor in order to enrich their own selves.

It is equally true that priorities are related to the forces bearing upon us today, seeking to obtain our attention, our loyalties our conscious investment.

A people without control of their own priorities AND a set of priorities that are not bound to a set of fully rationalized "Permanent Interests" when they are in fact free - will find themselves ultimately as marginalized as they were when the physical forces of their slave past used derision to achieve the same end.

"Racism Chasing" Is The Primary Agent In The Projection Of "Non-White White Supremacy"

Racism Chasing
The coordinated and purposeful act of actively pursuing and promoting incidents of racial slights made against the prevailing sentiments of Black people for the expressed purpose of highlighting them in the name of "Black Victimization" in strategic support of ideological and political goals.

Non-White White Supremacy
The body of thought held by non-White people which expresses the belief that White people are indeed SUPERIOR and thus the non-White person invests a disproportionate and unjustifiable amount of time in both defending against assaults by White people and also pairing themselves with White people with the hopes of benefiting from the advantage that radiates from being in close proximity to a White person all the while summarily depreciating the equal capability of non-Whites but also looking past assaults from non-Whites where despite the blows causing equal harm - the knowledge that the operator of the instrument used in the assault was White - makes the pain more acute than when a non-White did the same.

The belief in "White Supremacy" is not exclusive to White people!!!

Establishment Authority Repudiation
The practice of denying acceptance that the present "favorable people" that the community has promoted into power over the key institutions has the POWER to sculpt the lives of the people who have chosen then.  Regardless the amount of power that "favorable people" obtain - those who practice this tactic will always point to some "amorphous, greater force" that remains present as the force which has denied these "favorable people" the ability to deliver upon their promises.   Ironically they miss the fact that their forefathers used to protest against the officials who once held these very seats of power that they now claim are inferior.  The truth is that by practicing this denial strategy - they are able to gain more POWER for their IDEOLOGY by retaining their INDICTMENT upon external forces who will only been kept in check IF the congregation sticks together and wins another election in the future.   Anyone who believes that this group in power will one day say to the massages "OK - We have enough power - you can now hold me accountable for delivering results in the same way you did against your enemies" - they will be waiting for a long time.

Establishment Authority Repudiation is merely a derivative of "congregational complicity" - where they all agree to execute a scheme AND "Inferiorization" - where the enemies blows are more powerful than your own - both of which ensure that proper management will never come about due to the insider trading.

It is my opinion that in its present state - the Black Establishment is more corrupt than at any other time in our duration in America.

The past need to fend for our community in an environment where "A Black Man Had No Rights That A  White Man Need Respect" which required a defensive posture against these external threats is today used as a disposition for nothing more than political advantage.

Ironically - what is done in the name of "Black protection and advancement" is, in truth, the key enabler of distracting Black people from investing key focus upon MANAGING our communities by primarily MANAGING the "Equal Human Beings" WITHIN. This lack of focus in using the innate qualities of our people as the key vehicle for community uplift also means that the necessary INFRASTRUCTURE upon which this uplift would take place is not sufficiently constructed.

With the desire to live at a certain standard in place yet frustration at having been unable to obtain it using the prevailing theories that are in place - the natural tendency is to conclude that despite the abundant evidence to the contrary - the America of 2011 is STILL a White Supremacist nation - where this force is powerful enough to destroy Black people, keeping us in our place - without the forces of government defending the constitutional protections that we as Blacks are afforded.

Those who sell this narrative have the dual goal of "roaming America" to find incidents of RACISM to fortify their claim AND they are intent to execute "Establishment Authority Repudiation" where, regardless of the power that they have obtained using these techniques in the last interval - they have no intention of submitting themselves for transparent inspection, risking dismissal for failure.

BIGOTRY is the lubricant that allows all of this to slide with the scheme.

Until the Rank & File is made to recognize their interests, independent of the Black Establishment and their associated usurpations of their "Black Community Consciousness" - the necessary "human resource development" infrastructure will never be constructed and they will be forced to continue this desperate scheme.  If and when the nation to which the political domain is attached to suffers an economic collapse due to insolvency THE PEOPLE will suffer the most BECAUSE - during the time where they had "Self-Determination" in front of them - they chose to pursue old points of hatred and to cast their lot per their leaders' direction - unwilling to consider the strategic dead it that it represents.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Power Of RACISM To Warn Black People Of Imminent Danger Is Now Used As The Primary Agent To Hijack The Black Consciousness Attention

A people who are actively living their lives, focused upon their day to day struggles don't maintain the primary awareness that their "current affairs" and actions are tomorrow's HISTORY.

Someday in the future our people will populate the "Black Community" of the future.

  • The Prevailing Culture That Directs Their Community-Oriented Thoughts And Actions
  • Their Relative Wealth - A Function Of Their Ability To Apply Their Skills Advantage Into A Free & Fair Market Place In Exchange For Goods Of Value - Is Leveraged Through Generational Exchange As Knowledge And Financial Wealth Is Transacted
  • Their Means Of Producing Societal Order - Where The Key Human Resources Who Will Look To Benefit From The Conditions That Have Been Built Up Within The Community Are Compelled To Do Specific, Repetitive Tasks To Retain The Desired Position
  • The System Of Inculcation Of Their Young People  Into The Professional Service Agents That The Community Needs
All of these points of quality are being shaped TODAY, in preparation for some future hand off to our people of tomorrow.

The ability of those with the most influence over our people to be aware of our big picture relative position and to message our active consciousness to the point of awareness of what we must do to prepare for a greater future for this progeny of this future is paramount.

The Wickedness Of The Intentional Diversion Of Black Consciousness Using Elements Of Fear-Mongering

The diagram above shows a brief history of time and how the group behavior of hatred has been used to imperil Black people.   The use of violence and vicious slander is ever-present in these attempts to marginalize our people as others executed upon their goal to justify their own actions.

Sadly today the Black Community Consciousness has become an active player in that which had been used to destroy us.   With the instances of inter-racial physical violence at an all time low today in America - we have well placed operatives putting forth the notion that POLITICALLY based slander of a political target is in face RACISM against all Blacks.  As such Blacks are made to recoil at such an "assault", responding in a predictable manner.  This predicatability is understood by both sides and used to fortify their relative interests.  Politics has always been an application of "human sociological behavior".

The ironic point of these present times is that these charges of RACISM today don't come as a result of:
  • A Lynching Of A Black Man
  • The Firing Of A Black Man Because He Voted A Certain Way
  • The Assault Of A Black Man For Having Too Much Physical Contact With A White Woman 
(Note: Last nights showing of "Dancing With The Stars" where two Black celebrities were paired with two White women to do intimate dance moves for display on national television - should serve as the most powerful index of where we stand as a society when it comes to interactions between the races. Simply put - such a show would not be possible IF the tales of an impending reversion to this nation's shameful racial past was true)

A Damaged Black Community, Victimized By The "Benign Neglect", Is No Reason For The Racism Chaser/Political Operative To Change His Ways.  He Is Expressing What He Values The Most

Wicked is the man who understands fully what he is doing because he also understands the prescribed effect that it will have on HIS OWN PEOPLE.

The purpose of "Racism Chasing" in its modern form, is NOT to warn the Black community of an impending threat to their person or property.   Today's Black Community can SEE for ourselves the forces that are rendering blows upon us.   Since they don't wear ski masks when they sit at the chair that we elected them to or in the pulpit that we have escorted them into via our applause - the race and the persona of such a person is not clandestine.

The real purpose of "Racism Chasing" today is to DIVERT BLACK PEOPLE'S ATTENTION away from those who HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE REPRESENTATIVE POWER by the Black community who have failed to deliver upon the promises made to the Black community - IF we stayed unified and provided them with our congregational support.

The greatest threat to the embedded operative is not that he will be exposed but the resulting severing of the "Ideologically Unified Congregation" after they have given their no-confidence vote in the Black Leadership and the Joint Venture Partners that they lay with - fleas and all.

The Long Term Vision Of The Black Community Is Like That Of An Inner City Black Male - Not Expecting To Live Beyond 25 And Doing Everything Necessary To Ensure It

Consider the last two rows in the diagram above.
The first focuses upon our PRESENT.
The lower row focuses upon OUR FUTURE.

Today we are laying down the tracks that the people who will live within the future will ride upon.

Rather pervertedly - some tell us today that the vestiges of our SLAVE PAST that remain resident has the power to cancel out any organic effort in our PRESENT that might be used to lift us up to our former standing.

Many of these same people are blinded in that they can't see that with their "hijacking actions" done for pure ideological enforcement of Black people - they are the primary force, who use their position and confidence, to derails the full force of our community to make the necessary reforms that will allow us to achieve this grand future that they dangle in front of our people.

Rather ironically they leverage the power that IGNORANCE has over RATIONAL THOUGHT.  The defensive posture is more innate to the human disposition than is the open exposure that exploration forward provides.  Yet it is the knowledge that by tapping into the ignorance that is resident in all people - they can achieve some marginal benefits in the present time frame and in the present context of their political battle.

No one knows the exact future of the United States.   We are in a fiscally weakened state where some major transition point will be necessary to reorient that which our accounting says in insurmountable.   While those who have the most influence over Black people's consciousness have done a good job at fusing our community consciousness onto the notion that our development will come from POLITICAL victories - this same machine of thought have single handedly failed to prepare our people for the possibility that their notions of "Social Justice" might have to one day be DELIVERED upon our own backs - at the point that we are forced to occupy the positions that now receive the indictment in the expectations for such notions of justice.

It sounds rational that we should judge the veracity of a body of thought which sells itself as a "Community Migration Movement" - not based on the fruits that it is able to obtain from these external entities but instead on the INCREASE that the people who are ensconced within the though consciousness have been BUILT UP TO as a result of being bathed in its theories.

  • How Are The Human-To-Human Institutions That Define The Order And Endurance Of Our Relationships?  Are They Producing The Results That We Need To Flourish As A Community?
  • What Is The Present Condition Of The Institutions Though Which Our Young People Receive Their Socialization And Academic Preparation As They Growing Into The Role Of Adult?
  • Are Our People's Desire To Make A Living For Our Families Adequately Channeled Through A Marketplace Where They Can Produce Goods That Create "Societal Increase", Allowing Others To Purchase These Desired Goods And Then Receive Compensation For The Exchange

Morris Brown Gets A Lifeline - Debt Reduced From $10M To $500K Payoff

Morris Brown negotiating deal to pay down federal debt

The feds are willing to waive Morris Brown College's debt owed due to misappropriation of student loans.  If the deal is approved - the Morris Brown Community will be required to come up with $500,000 in 90 days of fund raising in order to receive a new release on life.

I have donated several times in the past to the cause of MBC even though I have no connection to them.  I am not an alumni.

After listening to a local Black talk radio show about the situation at the college - I am not convinced that there has been enough accountability and contrition from the people who brought down the school.

I just learned that my favorite AME Bishop of all time - Bishop Henry McNeal Turner played an important part in the schools growth and development.

I am going to base my decision to invest any more money upon the information that I find about Bishop Turner's involvement with the school.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love My People Enough To.........................

Should We "Respect Our Civil Rights Elders"?

In listing to a syndicated Black talk radio host the audience was informed that "we (Black people) have lost respect for our elders".  They mentioned that part of our reform needs to be the re-installation of respect and temperance of damning criticism of them.

Jesse Jackson was used as a reference.  The latest news that he had propositioned a homosexual assistant of his for oral sexual favors was dismissed.   This news and the news of alleged homosexual activity of Malcolm Lyttle prior to his conscious migration into "Malcolm X" was used as the mandate for "US" to scrutinize books that are done for nothing more than to slander these Black leaders - this "Too Much Information" situation ultimately benefiting "the Enemy".

Now keep in mind that I was noting that this same radio host was cheering the salacious book written recently about US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  Even though sexual claim had been made in the past against Thurgood Marshall - it was was clear that this host and her guest ONLY sought to apply this protective cover to "favorable Black leaders".

And thus my problem.

You see - despite their claims otherwise - this "information engineering" attempt at spiking negative stories upon "favorable people" is not done for the TRANSPARENT protection of "Black Leaders".   In truth - those who are posted on the "Black Leadership" board have arrived there due to some sort of ideologically based process.  The resulting protection racket is a function of this ideological favoritism.

I have spoken at length before that what is POPULAR among Black people has no absolute correlation to what is in our PERMANENT INTERESTS.   There are far more forces that assault the interests of our people but which "complicit silence" is enforced - than there are present day assaults that go unchecked from our long time adversaries.

The Issue of "Respect For Our Elders" Is A Subset Of Their Respect-ability

I have a problem with the notion that by popularity alone - we should "respect" these elders.  
I instead believe that the SYSTEM upon which they and the ideas that they promote should be a RESPECTABLE system based upon its integrity and transparency.   Failing this - we may create the very same system as seen in North Korea, Libya or Cuba where the propaganda posted upon the walls in which their leaders are revered also produce an environment where criticism of these same "strong men" is brutally dealt with.  An air of fear takes over and worthy criticism is surpressed.

Today's Black leadership traffics in more that is not "Black" but which is Ideological and Political in nature.  These points are encompassed more in the fact that Black people are the disproportionate "Least Of These" in the minds of the purveyors than we can find any INTRINSICALLY BLACK property to the notion.  Worst yet - absent is the evidence of ORGANIC BLACK DEVELOPMENT in this agenda that enjoys protection.

Thus I am forced to reject the claim that "Black Elders Must Be Respected" - by congregational agreement.  Yes we should show respect in our discourse as we interact with each other.   But the REVERENCE that they seek for the individual actually hides their real goal of "Ideological Unity Enforcement".

I personally believe that the Rev Joseph E Lowery is a warm and charismatic man.  Every time I have heard him speak personally - I got the feeling that this is a good man.  HOWEVER when it comes to ideology and policy - as evidenced by the places where HIS ideology and policies govern "The Least Of These" - I am forced to conclude that his views must never become the prevailing views of a society - and ONLY should remain as the voice of consciousness in which the greater power is asked to expand their vision.  From school boards to city councils - when THIS ideology becomes the MAJORITY - bad things seem to happen to the interests of "The Least Of These".

There needs to be a two way flow.
Those who are leaders must RESPECT the institutions from which their power radiates.
The rank & file need to handle themselves respectfully - seeking change in a methodological manner.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Human Resource Management Series: The Need To Manage Our People In Order To Mitigate Shameful Attributes

I am a Black man who is made to suffer greatly.

Upon seeing the title of a segment on NPR's "Tell Me More" about the number of Black females who have children from multiple men I gathered together the grievances that were announced as the issue was debated over the past several weeks and wondered how this specific issue would be discussed in the broader context. (The study looked at women from all races but reported dramatically higher numbers among Blacks).

The sociologist who was first up was asked the reasons why the Black rate of multiple fraternal partners was so high. She immediately spouted points of Black inferiority and claimed oppression:

  1. Blacks are poor
  2. Blacks are incarcerated at higher than normal rates
I was glad that the host Michele Martin challenged her on these points by asking about the data points seen in other races.

For some of our people the creation of a "Tail Wagging The Dog" type conspiracy is self-satisfying.  
The unfavorable rates that they see in Black people is evidence that the conspiracy to destroy Black people by destroying Black families using the power of imprisonment is indeed succeeding.

Spinning It Around - Achieving More Favorable Results By Managing The Human Resources That Will Express These Attributes When Inventoried

My world view is very much shaped by my "real job".  
When I interact with business customers they report upon some "inferiority" that they seek to address via the package of process reforms, human resource training and technological solutions that we ultimately recommend to them.  

In effect they define where they are and where they need to be to remain competitive.  Thus the favorable attributes are the FRUIT of the reforms that they initiate in a systematic manner.

Too often within the Black community these shortfalls are identified and then a package of indictments are defined for the forces of government to address so that Blacks can be BROUGHT into a state of EQUALITY with others.  Typically the White community is referenced as our perfect "1.0" - per the National Urban League's annual report.

With this model the Black community is not asked to make transformational changes to our behavior and cultural enforcements in support of these altered outcomes.  Instead these points are "right-ified" - made into points of evidence that the greater society values us EQUALLY.  Thus the indictment upon the greater society - via the government channel - is to PROOF to their own consciousness that they are not racist - that they value their fellow Black country-men as they value their own kind.

The importance of the references to poverty and incarceration is that by making the case that Blacks are hapless victims, ensnared in a system that is doing us wrong - these outcomes seen in these unfavorable data points are a residual effect of the attempts at destroying us.  Thus this frames the POLITICAL struggle by which this change can be fomented. 

Hiding The Truth About The Lack Of "Human Resource Management" Acumen 

The Black American Political Consciousness has a bit of pride about itself.  It tries to save face as much as possible - throwing up walls of protectionism as indictments about its competency at achieving sustained reforms is said to be "BLAMING THE VICTIM".  Such defensiveness merely indemnifies those who have the most influence upon our people - tapping into the long and unknown length of the "Slave master's whip" which still cracks in our minds - placing virtual scars on our backs - which limits our dexterity today.

The transference that is incumbent in the "External Indictment" toward the government and ultimately the greater society is, in truth, an attempt to mask the fact that an organic "human resource management" infrastructure has never been built for UPLIFT of Black America to our desired heights.  

By "right-ifying" an increasing amount of attributes into the de facto bundle of "social justice rights" that all Americans are due per their citizenship and or proximity within this container - those who drive this consciousness successfully volley the issue, transitioning from a "pull" upon their people into a "push" upon the system.  The people can be thus engaged into a STRUGGLE in support of this desired end.  They are motivated to be drawn into the realm of politics as their central means of fixing issues that are apolitical.  Certainly there is no politics involved with who one procreates with.   After years of hearing "keep your laws off of my uterus" I am not sure why this also includes those tangential entitlements which, if solved, would provide for more stable mating relationships between Black women and men.

There has been no doubt a spirit of "embarrassment" and shame around these high numbers felt among some Black people.  I have heard empty rants about promiscuity on one side.  I have heard the aforementioned claims of systematic oppression on the other.  

The will to apply anything closely resembling JUDGMENTALISM is averted at all costs.  A few weeks ago I noted a report that celebrated "Non-Traditional Families" as one of those attempts at saving face.  We as a community need to define and decide if here is any intrinsic value in the enforcement of homogeneous "suburban landscapes" as well as the familial relationships housed within.  Absent such a definition of standards and enforcement therein we will aways be subject to the defensiveness at the sight that we are less than the "1.0" perfect reference that we have defined in our minds.  Worst yet we will never develop the processes and repetitive behavior by which this point of reference will ever be obtained within our ranks.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Secular Progressive Attack On "Conservative Towns"

Teens — gay or straight — more likely to attempt suicide in conservative towns

Major study of Oregon high schoolers probes teen mental health and social climates

Suicide attempts by gay teens — and even straight kids — are more common in politically conservative areas where schools don't have programs supporting gay rights, a study involving nearly 32,000 high school students found.Those factors raised the odds and were a substantial influence on suicide attempts even when known risk contributors like depression and being bullied were considered, said study author Mark Hatzenbuehler, a Columbia University psychologist and researcher.
His study found a higher rate of suicide attempts even among kids who weren't bullied or depressed when they lived in counties less supportive of gays and with relatively few Democrats. A high proportion of Democrats was a measure used as a proxy for a more liberal environment.

Please couple the MSNBC report with the following audio report from NPR's Radio Times:

HIV and STD Infection Rates Soar Among Teens In Philly

When these two (and many other) "indictments" are compiled together the pattern that is at play is easily detectable.  Their real goal is to advance some "secular progressive" viewpoint and the "conservative" perspective is shown to have some injurious impact.

Consider the STD report from the city of Philadelphia.  Teens and gay Black males have infection rates at outstanding numbers.  In the mind of the secular progressives the solution is to hand out condoms to abstract the infectious body fluids of one person from another.  They even propose that the government hand out free lubrication so that the condoms don't break from the friction.

When it comes to discussion of the threats to their world view - the church - which attempts to maintain a Victorian-era policy on the prohibition of sex outside of marriage was seen as an impediment.  It was a foregone conclusion that teens are going to have sex and that "men sleeping with men" are going to continue - unabated by the known risks that their physical engagement might expose them to.  Thus the church was indicted for failing to engage in the lives of these "sinner", loving them more than hating their "sins".   In short - the church needs to be in the condom distribution business.  They should be practicing "no fault love" (no judgment) in that the common goal is to ensure that everyone is allowed to live a long life and society should do all that is necessary to mitigate their exposure to risks.

This MSNBC news article comes along to make the case that the strictures imposed by "conservative towns" creates a situation where vulnerable teens are pushed into suicide, unable to keep up with the societal mandates that the "conservative societal norms" place upon them.

Does anyone else notice how the "onus" is always shifted upon the "conservative standard bearer"?   These intolerant towns appear to give hate filled people an opening to express their hatred of diversity via official societal and cultural enforcements.   Those who are different are driven to take their own lives - rather than being subjected to such mental torture.

Why is it that when it comes to the STD, HIV and broken lives that were highlighted in Philadelphia - the progressive narrative chose avoid seeing its choices as the agent of exposure to these risks - instead blaming the institutions for their failure to respond yet when it comes to the MSNBC story the unfortunate results of suicide is again put upon the conservative standard bearers.  There is no attempt to qualify the end results that the "diversity seekers" desire to take these "conservative towns" toward.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opinion & Analysis: My No Confidence Vote In The Scheme Now Called "The Black Agenda"

Today Rev Al Sharpton and other Black luminaries will gather together for a program that is presented on the cable news channel "MSNBC" for an event that they have labeled "The Black Agenda".  This show will be hosted by MSNBC's Ed Schultz.

The paragraph above is loaded with references to individuals and organizations who's ideology and agenda prove instructive to anyone seeking to understand what the real agenda of the "Black Agenda" as it has been manipulated and molded into today.

As a (small "d") democratic society I accept the concept of majority rule.   This is also the case within the prevailing consciousness of the subset of Americans known as "Black Americans".

In our present state we have agreed to fuse the "Black Community Consciousness" in with the "American Political Domain".  Thus the gateway for the development of our community is via the use of the vehicle known as the "Democratic Party" to promote the methodology known as "Progressivism" to achieve a heightened state of "Social Justice" using "Redistributive Policies".  These polices are said to promote the VALUE of each "equal human being" by having the society to prove the individual and equal worth of these human beings by the erection of a system that provides for a them a system of entitlements below which no one should be allowed to fall.

The source of my no confidence vote comes not from my objection to our community receiving a heightened standard of living in reference to others in the society.  It comes from a repudiation of the SCHEME that has been adopted to enforce our community's UNITY:

  • Within this Domain
  • Around this Vehicle
  • Using This Methodology
Worst of all it promotes and expresses the  "Congregational Complicity" that is necessary for our people to look past the FAILURES of the scheme to deliver that which it has promised and instead to push forward in a "Permanent Struggle".  A struggle which ultimately benefits the "Joint-Venture Partners" that have been assembled together.   This assemblage does not produce "stronger Black people".  It only purports to build up a STRONGER FIGHTING FORCE of ideological warriors, fighting in the "American Political Domain" but selling Black people on the notion that a residual benefit of this scheme will be that WE will be made stronger.

Out of all of the elements of the "congregation" that deserve fault for this complicity and insider trading a special repudiation must go to the BLACK PRESS.

We must accept that a "Black Politician" is still a "Politician".   In the metro area that I live where there is a high level of diversity I have seen that beyond the "First Black" phenomenon, once the dust settles they all revert to the classifications that all politicians are distributed into:
  • Those who are visionary leaders who deserve reelection as their ideas and management make them deserving of promotion per the results that have been garnered
  • Those who are incompetent, where their rhetorical and coalition building skills on the campaign trail can no longer mask the fact that they have no business in leadership of our critical institutions
  • And the largest segment - those who are merely treading water - cogs within the wheel of the existing system who transactionally deal with the issue of the day
As we evaluate the "Black Agenda" per its present hijacking - the will to promote a MACHINE that has a particular ideological leaning while maximizing the racial diversity of the slate of candidates into the key institutions in the "American Political Domain" also has a fatal flaw that exists to our detriment.  

While the recently passed Prof Manning Marable told us that  "Black people know who has our permanent interests in mind and will support those people who support our interests" it appears that he and others have failed to make note of the gross difference between the INTENTION of helping us and the TRANSPARENT APPRAISAL that what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the methodology for "helping us" is in fact DEMONSTRABLY PROVABLE that this is the case.

My repudiation of the scheme as it will be assembled on stage today and presented on MSNBC - is that this cabal of individuals who are vested in their ideology, their methodology and the assemblage of power in the domain of their choice for social progress for Black people - have no intention of INSPECTING THEMSELVES or erecting a CHECK AND BALANCE system where the RESULTS matter more than their IDEOLOGICAL ENFORCEMENTS.

What other explanation is there for the same Black media outlet that one day says "Things are getting worse for Black people" to later publish the "marketing article" on behalf of this "Black Agenda corporate board", suggesting that Black people need to stick with them for the struggle in the next interval?

The recent US Census reports were not seen as Black people "voting with our feet", away from the zones where this machine has been successful.  Instead many of the luminaries who are on stage used their weekly articles to commit that they will provide the "civil rights" protection to all exiting Blacks as they settle into the hostile areas of "the suburbs" and "the Confederate South".    At no point did any of them self-initiate an inspection on the "Mission Accomplished" zones that "those who can" are departing.

We must accept that the gathering on stage today are but a group of individual Black people who are expressing their first amendment rights to freely assemble - without fearing that any "Slave Catchers" of the past will gather them up.   In truth the joint venture partnership with MSNBC and Ed Schultz shows the truth about the progress that Black people and this country has made.  

This gathering shows that today's "Black Agenda" is not one of "Organic Black Community Development".  If this were so there would have been more dismissals due to failure.    Instead this is a 100% political and ideological movement - with the forum and the host proving this as the case.

I am not arguing against the ideology and partnerships.
I am only arguing that there presently exists no TRANSPARENT entity within our "Black Community Consciousness" which will see what is attempted to be done in our name, make note of the results and say "NOT IN OUR NAME".    

Instead most of those who are inclined to:
  • Write a column saying as much
  • Preach a sermon saying as much
  • Educating our young people to understand as much
  • Philosophizing as to the strategic advantage as much
  • Protesting about the rogue concentration of power as much
  • Writing "freedom songs" that they sing telling the story as much 

are all represented ON STAGE and thus are not inclined to ruffle any feathers.

The constructs of the "Congregational Complicity" that allows us to retain our blinders is thus assembled.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Exodus From Ivory Coast - The Sight Of Uprooted Lives And Loss Of Productivity

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

This Video Shows The Exodus Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of "Equal Human Beings" From The Land Called "The Ivory Coast" Today.

In this video image please note:

  • The loss of a string of productive days of work
  • The uprooting of families from their homes
  • The gardens left unattended by the human that had previously kept the weeds from starving the fruit bearing vegetation of their nutrition and water
  • The inability of those who choose to stay behind to consumer their normal level of accouterments because the service providers who had been providing these services have departed
  • A BRIDGE not used as a means of allowing people who are conducting commerce to get to work with little difficulty in crossing the river
    • Instead this bridge provides them with the ability to exit to a safe harbor
  • The buildings destroyed by military fire power in order to convince a man who seeks power more than he seeks to respect the results of a transparent, democratic election.
    • The time and materials used to repair these buildings could have been used to build up new buildings in support of the sound economic leadership that should have been coming from the presidential palace. 
IF the Rule Of 78 is true then the removal of net productive days - TODAY - in Ivory Coast - will result in less "compound interest" earned in the national productive treasury for use tomorrow.   This is no different than when colonialism had stolen from this precious bank.   

It can only be said that a people who were short-shrifted from a past that they had no bearing upon as external occupiers had their way with their resources are no less victimized as people from the inside are seen destroying their productive fortune.

A Revisit To Wisdom From The Past - South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier

This video clip should be required viewing for those who are under "indictment" by a critic who's own biased world view has him asking the wrong questions.

South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier gets a "Standing O" for his reframing of the question from George Negus of New Zeland's "Dateline" talk show.

Negus asked Bishop (now Cardinal) Napier about his logic of criticizing the use of condoms in a nation that is rife with HIV infections, hinting that he is part of the problem.

Bishop Napier refuses to accept the supposition, instead pointing to the fact that South Africa is the leader in condom distribution and STILL they are being decimated with HIV infections. Thus he rebuffed the "try harder at the same thing" logic of Negus.

Napier's logic:
"Condoms DO NOT 'PREVENT AIDS'".  They merely serve as a possible prophylactic which blocks the exchange of infected body fluids between one individual and the next.
They do NOTHING to bring conscious awareness of the risks of exposing a disease-free person to the body fluids of another who is infected - as they pursue their tactile lust per the stimulation of their nerve endings.  IF two people who have not been made to connect between the risks and their desires for gratification find themselves without this barrier of the condom - they are likely to pursue their lusts and thus the cycle of death will continue.

He appears to be saying that this is not a "materials" problem or a failure in how to use these devices. This is a PEOPLE problem where the proper consciousness and valuation has not been inculcated within them.

Bishop Napier knocks it out of the park as he turns the challenge around and asks Negus to consider if a person who, DESPITE his knowledge of the deadly effects of AIDS and the associated risks of infection via unprotected "body fluid exchange" can be considered an EQUAL HUMAN BEING by the marketing campaign that is put upon him IF - despite acknowledging these risks - they continue on as their desire for instantaneous tactile stimulation upon their genitalia exceeds their concern about the risks.

I break these issues down to their component parts, given graphic and mechanical details BECAUSE it is clear that those who transact upon the inferiority of the "vulnerable masses" have little regard for them as equal and rational human beings.

Until we turn the consciousness around in so many areas nothing is going to change.

TODAY - We desire a higher standard of living for the "vulnerable masses" therefore we will implement government policies that ABSTRACT them from the results of their behavior.  As long as the people are proximate to this external force that grants them this benefit the image of prosperity will be tenuously maintained - at least on the surface.

A MORE FUNCTIONAL CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS: We as a community have "congregationally" agreed to commit ourselves to a higher living standard in line with our value as human beings. We therefore have aligned our cultural messages and management efforts toward enforcing the necessary behaviors upon individuals who wish to BENEFIT from this end condition.  We ask them to live up to the part that they play in the daily struggle to lift ourselves up to this desired point. The job of those who retain the integrity of the culture is to communicate to the individuals their personal worth & their STRENGTH.  Reminding them as to the part that they play in this ORGANIC UPLIFT.    The group can only ascend as high as each of them agree to raise the bar.

This congregational strength comes from bringing the people into the awareness of their God given power as individuals.  Their consciousness development track must be a mission to inculcate them from their delivery from the womb into a fully actualized person who is made to humble himself to the authority that is WORTHY of following.  Those who previously followed these directions have similarly prospered.

Therefore the people are asked to express value in their own being by following a course that is known to produce bounty and to avoid the road that is commonly traveled that produces initial pleasure but long term destruction.

The ultimate point of self-valuation is the reproduction of one's own genetic offspring into conditions that have been cultivated to achieve the maximum amount of potential for a favorable outcomes being replicated.    THIS is the definition of "Functional Culture".

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Analogy Of The Present Problem WITHIN The Black Community

My Clarification Of My Position In Rebuttal To Brother Brown Shirt

Jamara Newell:

Please consider the TWO distinct issues at hand.

1) The viewpoint of Booker T Washington and their relevance to what we face today

2) The brick that Brother Brown Shirt has thrown through the window AND my rebuttal of his ignorance

Let me dismiss #2 first.

Ironically the brick thrown by Brother Brown Shirt should sufficiently supply all who are reading up on the situation all that they need to make a character assessment of the guy. He first dares to define what a good "Disciple of Washington" should be and then summarily indicts this entire board (of course except his Progressive-Fundamentalist friends).

Jamara - the best reference for what Brother Brown Shirt LIKES is for you to got to where his "Neo-All White Jury" braintrust hangs out. Please note the sophmoric content selection and the "I Don't Know Who Lynched The Black Community But I See Conservative Elephant Footprints in the mud around the crime scene".

MORE IMPORTANTLY please note the ABSENCE OF PROTESTS by Brother Brown Shirt.

We must see this for what it is, Jamara -

Brother Brown Shirt is a PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGUE who has his BLACK CONSCIOUSNESSES fused to his own ego.

Imagine an editorial cartoon in which a long string of young Black people are seen on a conveyor belt. They are INDEED as full of life that we know is the case with a Black child up until the 5th grade, when they get a greater understanding of the world.

AT THE BACK END SIDE of this same MACHINE exits a BROKEN PEOPLE, having aged as expected but who appear to have endured the experiences that this MACHINE has exposed them to.

Here is the debate Jamara - and please listen clearly.

In the grand "Good Guy Black Progressive-Fundamentalists" vs "Evil Black Conservative Slave Catcher" debate - those who HAVE THE MONOPOLY POWER over how this machine:

* Functions

* Its Maintenance Schedule

* Its Operator Training

* Its adoption of automation and robotics

* Its QUALITY CONTROL process which sends the rejects back for remediation

all Represented by Brother Brown Shirt.

DESPITE him telling the "Slave Catcher" Black Conservatives:

* How OUTSIDE of the community they stand as they are being REJECTED

* How POWERFUL his ideology is with Black people AS PROOF of their CORRECTNESS (a circular reference)...........

the main theme of his agenda is AVERSION to ACCOUNTABILITY of the PRODUCT that streams from this MACHINE that he so PROUDLY proclaims his PRESENT CONTROL OVER as proof of his COMMITMENT TO BLACK PEOPLE.

EXTENDED COMMENTARY from the orginal post

 Brother Brown Shirts sees the same PRODUCT from this machine that I do.
Instead of him showing willingness to accept that the people who sold us that our COMMUNITY FIX resides in our willingness to make an investment in the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN, using our BALLOT that is now made EQUAL by his STRUGGLE to get the GOVERNMENT to respect our voice as EQUAL......when it comes to fundamental acceptance of the RESULT he again leverages his POWER as an "Embedded Confidence Man", able to strongly influence Black people's viewpoint.

When a person like me DARES to observe that
  • "MASSACRE" of Black people by the Red Shirt Rifle Club during Reconstruction was an indictment on the CONSCIOUSNESS of the offenders who killed the Black man
  •  "LYNCHING" of Black people by the KKK during Jim Crow was an INDICTMENT of the CONSCIOUSNESS of the offenders who killed the Black man
  • "SHOTGUN BLAST" in the back of a Black man  by the CCC during the Civil Rights Movement was an INDICTMENT of the CONSCIOUSNESS of the offenders who killed the Black man
YET when I dare to see that the KILLER is not a SKIN COLOR but a SPIRIT and then show Brother Brown Shirt that...........
  • The "STREET PIRATE WHO MURDERS BLACK PEOPLE AND TERRORIZE OUR COMMUNITY" TODAY -....................we must look at the MACHINE that is developing his CONSCIOUSNESS and purge it for a correction

Please understand where this leaves Brother Brown Shirt.
He has no interest what so ever in "firing" the MACHINE management after he has struggled so hard to get them where they are.   Their PROMOTION via the American Political Domain was an ADVANCEMENT FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!

Per his own ideological indoctrination - any criticism of the Black Progressive Establishment DOGMA - is an attack on BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Please understand Jamara - it is not an issue of this being TRUE or not!!!
It is ONLY an issue of this faction having the DISTRIBUTED TENTACLES to OPERATIONALIZE this system of thought and defensiveness.


 Jamara - the #1 tool that this Presiding Machine has to indict their Black critics (they call their White conservative critics RACIST.  Their White Progressive Snarling Fox would be critics HAVE NO REASON to speak out.  They are GETTING THE EQUAL BLACK VOTE as we STRUGGLE for a fix via the American Political Domain.   They have no reason to call us "Nijas" and fray this joint venture) is to ask "BLACK PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE IT"........................."What have YOU DONE to help Black people besides criticize us?"

Consider this Jamara.   On the surface I am down with this concept.  Put up or shut up.

However, I stand with more than 3 years of experience in a Black male mentoring program where I can say that:   After NEVER seeing a single one of these males being brought to the program by THEIR FATHER - this is not the best methodology.

  • I have see their mothers come to pick them up. 
  • I have seen their sisters .....
  • I have seen their older brothers.......
NOT ONE TIME have I see a father drop off or pick up one of them.
I SEE THEM so I know that there is a father around, somewhere.

I thought that it was ironic that I battle my wife on her schedule for the Saturday in order to leave my house & family and go mentor the  child of another BLACK MAN who is EQUAL to me.

I started to notice that the enforcements of Brother Brown Shirts (the metaphor for the Black Ideological Enforcement) does NOT have a "racial message" which has the BLACK MAN WHO IS THE FATHER OF THESE BOYS that I am mentoring, compelling HIM to "Do It For His Race!!!!".

You see - it is not that I am complaining about my work.  I have learned a lot about how to deal with my young son by my experiences with this room full of other "sons".

My issue is that this strategy does not sufficiently SCALE.
Instead of having this myriad of "community programs" that patch over the void that is in these young Black male's lives - we need to focus on the COMMON INCUBATOR through which all of them pass - THE HOME from which they come.

My 3 or 4 hours a week cannot substitute for the culture and tenor of the home.

Thus as I stepped back and looked at the SYSTEM that I was compelled to work within - I saw that it still evaded confronting the REAL PROBLEM!!!

Oh yeah - that year when Obama was ultimately elected - this program made use of him as the "vision of what these young men could be".   Ironically I heard an equal amount of commentary from fellow volunteers who used this festive time to tell these young males about the RACISM that made it that Obama was the first Black president.    "RACISM is the reason why YOU ALL are poor" said one person.    These impressionable young males had no appreciation as to the veracity of this claim.

 The Attacks On Cultural Regulation

 Jamara the "Just between us chickens" conversations - that just happen to be publicly broadcasts on WAOK AM - a CBS Radio property - proves to be the most telling.

The same mindset of Black people as seen in Brother Brown Shirt (defensive and having fused their race with THEIR ideology) can be heard stating:
  • WE need to do something about our communities
  • WE need to do something about our Black males
  • WE need to do something about our schools
  • WE need to hold these Black politicians accountable

This allows me to distinguish between their FRONT and what they really fear/feel inside.  

As long as THEY control the scrutiny of that which they have built up then criticism and the STRUGGLE to fix it is acceptable.   As long as there is no THREAT that they will lose control.

But wait - just as it appears there is "Congregational Agreement" as to what the problem is and what WE need to do (at this point they even have ME hooked)..............all it takes is some TRANSACTIONAL RACIAL SITUATION to throw them off course:

  1. Sarah Palin says something
  2. Someone says something against Obama
  3. Clarence Thomas is brought into public discourse after a ruling, a book release - by him or against him
  4. A cop kills a Black man, representing the 50th Black man murdered in the month - the first one by a cop, the rest by Street Pirates

Any of this is sufficient to TAKE THEM OFF THEIR COURSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS that they had committed to the day before.

Jamara - I have observed that these people have no HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SKILLS.  The organizational skills necessary to run the INSTITUTIONS that they now control, enabling them to achieve the RESULTS that they were expecting from their past POLITICAL victories.


The worst possible situation they can ever be placed within is all alone, by themselves, with:
  • The Ideology
  • The Culture
  • The Economic Theory
  • The Criminal Justice
  • The Male/Female Relationship Interactions 
  • The Academic Governance 
...........of their own permissiveness.

With their PERMANENT ADVERSARY by their side to struggle again - they never have to KNOW THEMSELVES.   They prefer the 'Struggle Disposition".

A person like me who takes my indoctrination that I have received from dealing with EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS in the business world and applying it to EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS in a community framework is a THREAT to their desire to RETAIN CONTROL but avoid ACCOUNTABILITY.

The various diagrams that I create are an attempt to MODEL what I see in them

Ironically the same corporations that they have a consumer relationship with accept my analysis as I am invited in to consult with them.  Yet, for some of my adversaries - they are so incensed with my viewpoint that some have threatened to get me fired from my job - just as the CCC once did to Black people who dared express their view point.

In summary Jamara - I ask you to appraise veracity of the claims of Brother Brown Shirts by considering the preponderance of evidence in support of our respective arguments.

IRONICALLY he claims that my viewpoints are expressed too VOLUMINOUSLY.
In truth he can't see that he suffers from the "Bigotry of Brevity".  Viewpoints expressed that are in AGREEMENT with his, that fit within the character limits of a Twitter post (140 chars) are more POWERFUL than a well research multi-volume series that DISAGREES with him.

The ONLY thing that I am asking Brother Brown Shirt to do is to SUBMIT to a TRANSPARENT SYSTEM of operation - both HIM and ME.

  • Brother Brown Shirt
  • Gaddahfi
  •  Mugabe
  • Gbago
 all share the common attribute of being faced with the fork in the road in which they choose between TRANSPARENCY in submitting themselves to a greater SYSTEM of governance OR leveraging their ENTRENCHED POWER to hijack the system, thus retaining POWER at the cost of their respective nation's development.

WE can't judge the damage of this common consciousness based on the immediate gratification that you, who might be among the well connected within the regime might receive in benefit.

INSTEAD we must see that these small internal molestations along the way  are what ultimately lead to our retained INFERIOR STANDING as we make an enumeration of our relative position several generations hence.