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The Analogy Of The Present Problem WITHIN The Black Community

My Clarification Of My Position In Rebuttal To Brother Brown Shirt

Jamara Newell:

Please consider the TWO distinct issues at hand.

1) The viewpoint of Booker T Washington and their relevance to what we face today

2) The brick that Brother Brown Shirt has thrown through the window AND my rebuttal of his ignorance

Let me dismiss #2 first.

Ironically the brick thrown by Brother Brown Shirt should sufficiently supply all who are reading up on the situation all that they need to make a character assessment of the guy. He first dares to define what a good "Disciple of Washington" should be and then summarily indicts this entire board (of course except his Progressive-Fundamentalist friends).

Jamara - the best reference for what Brother Brown Shirt LIKES is for you to got to where his "Neo-All White Jury" braintrust hangs out. Please note the sophmoric content selection and the "I Don't Know Who Lynched The Black Community But I See Conservative Elephant Footprints in the mud around the crime scene".

MORE IMPORTANTLY please note the ABSENCE OF PROTESTS by Brother Brown Shirt.

We must see this for what it is, Jamara -

Brother Brown Shirt is a PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGUE who has his BLACK CONSCIOUSNESSES fused to his own ego.

Imagine an editorial cartoon in which a long string of young Black people are seen on a conveyor belt. They are INDEED as full of life that we know is the case with a Black child up until the 5th grade, when they get a greater understanding of the world.

AT THE BACK END SIDE of this same MACHINE exits a BROKEN PEOPLE, having aged as expected but who appear to have endured the experiences that this MACHINE has exposed them to.

Here is the debate Jamara - and please listen clearly.

In the grand "Good Guy Black Progressive-Fundamentalists" vs "Evil Black Conservative Slave Catcher" debate - those who HAVE THE MONOPOLY POWER over how this machine:

* Functions

* Its Maintenance Schedule

* Its Operator Training

* Its adoption of automation and robotics

* Its QUALITY CONTROL process which sends the rejects back for remediation

all Represented by Brother Brown Shirt.

DESPITE him telling the "Slave Catcher" Black Conservatives:

* How OUTSIDE of the community they stand as they are being REJECTED

* How POWERFUL his ideology is with Black people AS PROOF of their CORRECTNESS (a circular reference)...........

the main theme of his agenda is AVERSION to ACCOUNTABILITY of the PRODUCT that streams from this MACHINE that he so PROUDLY proclaims his PRESENT CONTROL OVER as proof of his COMMITMENT TO BLACK PEOPLE.

EXTENDED COMMENTARY from the orginal post

 Brother Brown Shirts sees the same PRODUCT from this machine that I do.
Instead of him showing willingness to accept that the people who sold us that our COMMUNITY FIX resides in our willingness to make an investment in the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN, using our BALLOT that is now made EQUAL by his STRUGGLE to get the GOVERNMENT to respect our voice as EQUAL......when it comes to fundamental acceptance of the RESULT he again leverages his POWER as an "Embedded Confidence Man", able to strongly influence Black people's viewpoint.

When a person like me DARES to observe that
  • "MASSACRE" of Black people by the Red Shirt Rifle Club during Reconstruction was an indictment on the CONSCIOUSNESS of the offenders who killed the Black man
  •  "LYNCHING" of Black people by the KKK during Jim Crow was an INDICTMENT of the CONSCIOUSNESS of the offenders who killed the Black man
  • "SHOTGUN BLAST" in the back of a Black man  by the CCC during the Civil Rights Movement was an INDICTMENT of the CONSCIOUSNESS of the offenders who killed the Black man
YET when I dare to see that the KILLER is not a SKIN COLOR but a SPIRIT and then show Brother Brown Shirt that...........
  • The "STREET PIRATE WHO MURDERS BLACK PEOPLE AND TERRORIZE OUR COMMUNITY" TODAY -....................we must look at the MACHINE that is developing his CONSCIOUSNESS and purge it for a correction

Please understand where this leaves Brother Brown Shirt.
He has no interest what so ever in "firing" the MACHINE management after he has struggled so hard to get them where they are.   Their PROMOTION via the American Political Domain was an ADVANCEMENT FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!

Per his own ideological indoctrination - any criticism of the Black Progressive Establishment DOGMA - is an attack on BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Please understand Jamara - it is not an issue of this being TRUE or not!!!
It is ONLY an issue of this faction having the DISTRIBUTED TENTACLES to OPERATIONALIZE this system of thought and defensiveness.


 Jamara - the #1 tool that this Presiding Machine has to indict their Black critics (they call their White conservative critics RACIST.  Their White Progressive Snarling Fox would be critics HAVE NO REASON to speak out.  They are GETTING THE EQUAL BLACK VOTE as we STRUGGLE for a fix via the American Political Domain.   They have no reason to call us "Nijas" and fray this joint venture) is to ask "BLACK PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE IT"........................."What have YOU DONE to help Black people besides criticize us?"

Consider this Jamara.   On the surface I am down with this concept.  Put up or shut up.

However, I stand with more than 3 years of experience in a Black male mentoring program where I can say that:   After NEVER seeing a single one of these males being brought to the program by THEIR FATHER - this is not the best methodology.

  • I have see their mothers come to pick them up. 
  • I have seen their sisters .....
  • I have seen their older brothers.......
NOT ONE TIME have I see a father drop off or pick up one of them.
I SEE THEM so I know that there is a father around, somewhere.

I thought that it was ironic that I battle my wife on her schedule for the Saturday in order to leave my house & family and go mentor the  child of another BLACK MAN who is EQUAL to me.

I started to notice that the enforcements of Brother Brown Shirts (the metaphor for the Black Ideological Enforcement) does NOT have a "racial message" which has the BLACK MAN WHO IS THE FATHER OF THESE BOYS that I am mentoring, compelling HIM to "Do It For His Race!!!!".

You see - it is not that I am complaining about my work.  I have learned a lot about how to deal with my young son by my experiences with this room full of other "sons".

My issue is that this strategy does not sufficiently SCALE.
Instead of having this myriad of "community programs" that patch over the void that is in these young Black male's lives - we need to focus on the COMMON INCUBATOR through which all of them pass - THE HOME from which they come.

My 3 or 4 hours a week cannot substitute for the culture and tenor of the home.

Thus as I stepped back and looked at the SYSTEM that I was compelled to work within - I saw that it still evaded confronting the REAL PROBLEM!!!

Oh yeah - that year when Obama was ultimately elected - this program made use of him as the "vision of what these young men could be".   Ironically I heard an equal amount of commentary from fellow volunteers who used this festive time to tell these young males about the RACISM that made it that Obama was the first Black president.    "RACISM is the reason why YOU ALL are poor" said one person.    These impressionable young males had no appreciation as to the veracity of this claim.

 The Attacks On Cultural Regulation

 Jamara the "Just between us chickens" conversations - that just happen to be publicly broadcasts on WAOK AM - a CBS Radio property - proves to be the most telling.

The same mindset of Black people as seen in Brother Brown Shirt (defensive and having fused their race with THEIR ideology) can be heard stating:
  • WE need to do something about our communities
  • WE need to do something about our Black males
  • WE need to do something about our schools
  • WE need to hold these Black politicians accountable

This allows me to distinguish between their FRONT and what they really fear/feel inside.  

As long as THEY control the scrutiny of that which they have built up then criticism and the STRUGGLE to fix it is acceptable.   As long as there is no THREAT that they will lose control.

But wait - just as it appears there is "Congregational Agreement" as to what the problem is and what WE need to do (at this point they even have ME hooked)..............all it takes is some TRANSACTIONAL RACIAL SITUATION to throw them off course:

  1. Sarah Palin says something
  2. Someone says something against Obama
  3. Clarence Thomas is brought into public discourse after a ruling, a book release - by him or against him
  4. A cop kills a Black man, representing the 50th Black man murdered in the month - the first one by a cop, the rest by Street Pirates

Any of this is sufficient to TAKE THEM OFF THEIR COURSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS that they had committed to the day before.

Jamara - I have observed that these people have no HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SKILLS.  The organizational skills necessary to run the INSTITUTIONS that they now control, enabling them to achieve the RESULTS that they were expecting from their past POLITICAL victories.


The worst possible situation they can ever be placed within is all alone, by themselves, with:
  • The Ideology
  • The Culture
  • The Economic Theory
  • The Criminal Justice
  • The Male/Female Relationship Interactions 
  • The Academic Governance 
...........of their own permissiveness.

With their PERMANENT ADVERSARY by their side to struggle again - they never have to KNOW THEMSELVES.   They prefer the 'Struggle Disposition".

A person like me who takes my indoctrination that I have received from dealing with EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS in the business world and applying it to EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS in a community framework is a THREAT to their desire to RETAIN CONTROL but avoid ACCOUNTABILITY.

The various diagrams that I create are an attempt to MODEL what I see in them

Ironically the same corporations that they have a consumer relationship with accept my analysis as I am invited in to consult with them.  Yet, for some of my adversaries - they are so incensed with my viewpoint that some have threatened to get me fired from my job - just as the CCC once did to Black people who dared express their view point.

In summary Jamara - I ask you to appraise veracity of the claims of Brother Brown Shirts by considering the preponderance of evidence in support of our respective arguments.

IRONICALLY he claims that my viewpoints are expressed too VOLUMINOUSLY.
In truth he can't see that he suffers from the "Bigotry of Brevity".  Viewpoints expressed that are in AGREEMENT with his, that fit within the character limits of a Twitter post (140 chars) are more POWERFUL than a well research multi-volume series that DISAGREES with him.

The ONLY thing that I am asking Brother Brown Shirt to do is to SUBMIT to a TRANSPARENT SYSTEM of operation - both HIM and ME.

  • Brother Brown Shirt
  • Gaddahfi
  •  Mugabe
  • Gbago
 all share the common attribute of being faced with the fork in the road in which they choose between TRANSPARENCY in submitting themselves to a greater SYSTEM of governance OR leveraging their ENTRENCHED POWER to hijack the system, thus retaining POWER at the cost of their respective nation's development.

WE can't judge the damage of this common consciousness based on the immediate gratification that you, who might be among the well connected within the regime might receive in benefit.

INSTEAD we must see that these small internal molestations along the way  are what ultimately lead to our retained INFERIOR STANDING as we make an enumeration of our relative position several generations hence.

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