Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Exodus From Ivory Coast - The Sight Of Uprooted Lives And Loss Of Productivity

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This Video Shows The Exodus Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of "Equal Human Beings" From The Land Called "The Ivory Coast" Today.

In this video image please note:

  • The loss of a string of productive days of work
  • The uprooting of families from their homes
  • The gardens left unattended by the human that had previously kept the weeds from starving the fruit bearing vegetation of their nutrition and water
  • The inability of those who choose to stay behind to consumer their normal level of accouterments because the service providers who had been providing these services have departed
  • A BRIDGE not used as a means of allowing people who are conducting commerce to get to work with little difficulty in crossing the river
    • Instead this bridge provides them with the ability to exit to a safe harbor
  • The buildings destroyed by military fire power in order to convince a man who seeks power more than he seeks to respect the results of a transparent, democratic election.
    • The time and materials used to repair these buildings could have been used to build up new buildings in support of the sound economic leadership that should have been coming from the presidential palace. 
IF the Rule Of 78 is true then the removal of net productive days - TODAY - in Ivory Coast - will result in less "compound interest" earned in the national productive treasury for use tomorrow.   This is no different than when colonialism had stolen from this precious bank.   

It can only be said that a people who were short-shrifted from a past that they had no bearing upon as external occupiers had their way with their resources are no less victimized as people from the inside are seen destroying their productive fortune.

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