Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Human Resource Management Series: The Need To Manage Our People In Order To Mitigate Shameful Attributes

I am a Black man who is made to suffer greatly.

Upon seeing the title of a segment on NPR's "Tell Me More" about the number of Black females who have children from multiple men I gathered together the grievances that were announced as the issue was debated over the past several weeks and wondered how this specific issue would be discussed in the broader context. (The study looked at women from all races but reported dramatically higher numbers among Blacks).

The sociologist who was first up was asked the reasons why the Black rate of multiple fraternal partners was so high. She immediately spouted points of Black inferiority and claimed oppression:

  1. Blacks are poor
  2. Blacks are incarcerated at higher than normal rates
I was glad that the host Michele Martin challenged her on these points by asking about the data points seen in other races.

For some of our people the creation of a "Tail Wagging The Dog" type conspiracy is self-satisfying.  
The unfavorable rates that they see in Black people is evidence that the conspiracy to destroy Black people by destroying Black families using the power of imprisonment is indeed succeeding.

Spinning It Around - Achieving More Favorable Results By Managing The Human Resources That Will Express These Attributes When Inventoried

My world view is very much shaped by my "real job".  
When I interact with business customers they report upon some "inferiority" that they seek to address via the package of process reforms, human resource training and technological solutions that we ultimately recommend to them.  

In effect they define where they are and where they need to be to remain competitive.  Thus the favorable attributes are the FRUIT of the reforms that they initiate in a systematic manner.

Too often within the Black community these shortfalls are identified and then a package of indictments are defined for the forces of government to address so that Blacks can be BROUGHT into a state of EQUALITY with others.  Typically the White community is referenced as our perfect "1.0" - per the National Urban League's annual report.

With this model the Black community is not asked to make transformational changes to our behavior and cultural enforcements in support of these altered outcomes.  Instead these points are "right-ified" - made into points of evidence that the greater society values us EQUALLY.  Thus the indictment upon the greater society - via the government channel - is to PROOF to their own consciousness that they are not racist - that they value their fellow Black country-men as they value their own kind.

The importance of the references to poverty and incarceration is that by making the case that Blacks are hapless victims, ensnared in a system that is doing us wrong - these outcomes seen in these unfavorable data points are a residual effect of the attempts at destroying us.  Thus this frames the POLITICAL struggle by which this change can be fomented. 

Hiding The Truth About The Lack Of "Human Resource Management" Acumen 

The Black American Political Consciousness has a bit of pride about itself.  It tries to save face as much as possible - throwing up walls of protectionism as indictments about its competency at achieving sustained reforms is said to be "BLAMING THE VICTIM".  Such defensiveness merely indemnifies those who have the most influence upon our people - tapping into the long and unknown length of the "Slave master's whip" which still cracks in our minds - placing virtual scars on our backs - which limits our dexterity today.

The transference that is incumbent in the "External Indictment" toward the government and ultimately the greater society is, in truth, an attempt to mask the fact that an organic "human resource management" infrastructure has never been built for UPLIFT of Black America to our desired heights.  

By "right-ifying" an increasing amount of attributes into the de facto bundle of "social justice rights" that all Americans are due per their citizenship and or proximity within this container - those who drive this consciousness successfully volley the issue, transitioning from a "pull" upon their people into a "push" upon the system.  The people can be thus engaged into a STRUGGLE in support of this desired end.  They are motivated to be drawn into the realm of politics as their central means of fixing issues that are apolitical.  Certainly there is no politics involved with who one procreates with.   After years of hearing "keep your laws off of my uterus" I am not sure why this also includes those tangential entitlements which, if solved, would provide for more stable mating relationships between Black women and men.

There has been no doubt a spirit of "embarrassment" and shame around these high numbers felt among some Black people.  I have heard empty rants about promiscuity on one side.  I have heard the aforementioned claims of systematic oppression on the other.  

The will to apply anything closely resembling JUDGMENTALISM is averted at all costs.  A few weeks ago I noted a report that celebrated "Non-Traditional Families" as one of those attempts at saving face.  We as a community need to define and decide if here is any intrinsic value in the enforcement of homogeneous "suburban landscapes" as well as the familial relationships housed within.  Absent such a definition of standards and enforcement therein we will aways be subject to the defensiveness at the sight that we are less than the "1.0" perfect reference that we have defined in our minds.  Worst yet we will never develop the processes and repetitive behavior by which this point of reference will ever be obtained within our ranks.  

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