Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opinion & Analysis: My No Confidence Vote In The Scheme Now Called "The Black Agenda"

Today Rev Al Sharpton and other Black luminaries will gather together for a program that is presented on the cable news channel "MSNBC" for an event that they have labeled "The Black Agenda".  This show will be hosted by MSNBC's Ed Schultz.

The paragraph above is loaded with references to individuals and organizations who's ideology and agenda prove instructive to anyone seeking to understand what the real agenda of the "Black Agenda" as it has been manipulated and molded into today.

As a (small "d") democratic society I accept the concept of majority rule.   This is also the case within the prevailing consciousness of the subset of Americans known as "Black Americans".

In our present state we have agreed to fuse the "Black Community Consciousness" in with the "American Political Domain".  Thus the gateway for the development of our community is via the use of the vehicle known as the "Democratic Party" to promote the methodology known as "Progressivism" to achieve a heightened state of "Social Justice" using "Redistributive Policies".  These polices are said to promote the VALUE of each "equal human being" by having the society to prove the individual and equal worth of these human beings by the erection of a system that provides for a them a system of entitlements below which no one should be allowed to fall.

The source of my no confidence vote comes not from my objection to our community receiving a heightened standard of living in reference to others in the society.  It comes from a repudiation of the SCHEME that has been adopted to enforce our community's UNITY:

  • Within this Domain
  • Around this Vehicle
  • Using This Methodology
Worst of all it promotes and expresses the  "Congregational Complicity" that is necessary for our people to look past the FAILURES of the scheme to deliver that which it has promised and instead to push forward in a "Permanent Struggle".  A struggle which ultimately benefits the "Joint-Venture Partners" that have been assembled together.   This assemblage does not produce "stronger Black people".  It only purports to build up a STRONGER FIGHTING FORCE of ideological warriors, fighting in the "American Political Domain" but selling Black people on the notion that a residual benefit of this scheme will be that WE will be made stronger.

Out of all of the elements of the "congregation" that deserve fault for this complicity and insider trading a special repudiation must go to the BLACK PRESS.

We must accept that a "Black Politician" is still a "Politician".   In the metro area that I live where there is a high level of diversity I have seen that beyond the "First Black" phenomenon, once the dust settles they all revert to the classifications that all politicians are distributed into:
  • Those who are visionary leaders who deserve reelection as their ideas and management make them deserving of promotion per the results that have been garnered
  • Those who are incompetent, where their rhetorical and coalition building skills on the campaign trail can no longer mask the fact that they have no business in leadership of our critical institutions
  • And the largest segment - those who are merely treading water - cogs within the wheel of the existing system who transactionally deal with the issue of the day
As we evaluate the "Black Agenda" per its present hijacking - the will to promote a MACHINE that has a particular ideological leaning while maximizing the racial diversity of the slate of candidates into the key institutions in the "American Political Domain" also has a fatal flaw that exists to our detriment.  

While the recently passed Prof Manning Marable told us that  "Black people know who has our permanent interests in mind and will support those people who support our interests" it appears that he and others have failed to make note of the gross difference between the INTENTION of helping us and the TRANSPARENT APPRAISAL that what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the methodology for "helping us" is in fact DEMONSTRABLY PROVABLE that this is the case.

My repudiation of the scheme as it will be assembled on stage today and presented on MSNBC - is that this cabal of individuals who are vested in their ideology, their methodology and the assemblage of power in the domain of their choice for social progress for Black people - have no intention of INSPECTING THEMSELVES or erecting a CHECK AND BALANCE system where the RESULTS matter more than their IDEOLOGICAL ENFORCEMENTS.

What other explanation is there for the same Black media outlet that one day says "Things are getting worse for Black people" to later publish the "marketing article" on behalf of this "Black Agenda corporate board", suggesting that Black people need to stick with them for the struggle in the next interval?

The recent US Census reports were not seen as Black people "voting with our feet", away from the zones where this machine has been successful.  Instead many of the luminaries who are on stage used their weekly articles to commit that they will provide the "civil rights" protection to all exiting Blacks as they settle into the hostile areas of "the suburbs" and "the Confederate South".    At no point did any of them self-initiate an inspection on the "Mission Accomplished" zones that "those who can" are departing.

We must accept that the gathering on stage today are but a group of individual Black people who are expressing their first amendment rights to freely assemble - without fearing that any "Slave Catchers" of the past will gather them up.   In truth the joint venture partnership with MSNBC and Ed Schultz shows the truth about the progress that Black people and this country has made.  

This gathering shows that today's "Black Agenda" is not one of "Organic Black Community Development".  If this were so there would have been more dismissals due to failure.    Instead this is a 100% political and ideological movement - with the forum and the host proving this as the case.

I am not arguing against the ideology and partnerships.
I am only arguing that there presently exists no TRANSPARENT entity within our "Black Community Consciousness" which will see what is attempted to be done in our name, make note of the results and say "NOT IN OUR NAME".    

Instead most of those who are inclined to:
  • Write a column saying as much
  • Preach a sermon saying as much
  • Educating our young people to understand as much
  • Philosophizing as to the strategic advantage as much
  • Protesting about the rogue concentration of power as much
  • Writing "freedom songs" that they sing telling the story as much 

are all represented ON STAGE and thus are not inclined to ruffle any feathers.

The constructs of the "Congregational Complicity" that allows us to retain our blinders is thus assembled.

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