Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Power Of RACISM To Warn Black People Of Imminent Danger Is Now Used As The Primary Agent To Hijack The Black Consciousness Attention

A people who are actively living their lives, focused upon their day to day struggles don't maintain the primary awareness that their "current affairs" and actions are tomorrow's HISTORY.

Someday in the future our people will populate the "Black Community" of the future.

  • The Prevailing Culture That Directs Their Community-Oriented Thoughts And Actions
  • Their Relative Wealth - A Function Of Their Ability To Apply Their Skills Advantage Into A Free & Fair Market Place In Exchange For Goods Of Value - Is Leveraged Through Generational Exchange As Knowledge And Financial Wealth Is Transacted
  • Their Means Of Producing Societal Order - Where The Key Human Resources Who Will Look To Benefit From The Conditions That Have Been Built Up Within The Community Are Compelled To Do Specific, Repetitive Tasks To Retain The Desired Position
  • The System Of Inculcation Of Their Young People  Into The Professional Service Agents That The Community Needs
All of these points of quality are being shaped TODAY, in preparation for some future hand off to our people of tomorrow.

The ability of those with the most influence over our people to be aware of our big picture relative position and to message our active consciousness to the point of awareness of what we must do to prepare for a greater future for this progeny of this future is paramount.

The Wickedness Of The Intentional Diversion Of Black Consciousness Using Elements Of Fear-Mongering

The diagram above shows a brief history of time and how the group behavior of hatred has been used to imperil Black people.   The use of violence and vicious slander is ever-present in these attempts to marginalize our people as others executed upon their goal to justify their own actions.

Sadly today the Black Community Consciousness has become an active player in that which had been used to destroy us.   With the instances of inter-racial physical violence at an all time low today in America - we have well placed operatives putting forth the notion that POLITICALLY based slander of a political target is in face RACISM against all Blacks.  As such Blacks are made to recoil at such an "assault", responding in a predictable manner.  This predicatability is understood by both sides and used to fortify their relative interests.  Politics has always been an application of "human sociological behavior".

The ironic point of these present times is that these charges of RACISM today don't come as a result of:
  • A Lynching Of A Black Man
  • The Firing Of A Black Man Because He Voted A Certain Way
  • The Assault Of A Black Man For Having Too Much Physical Contact With A White Woman 
(Note: Last nights showing of "Dancing With The Stars" where two Black celebrities were paired with two White women to do intimate dance moves for display on national television - should serve as the most powerful index of where we stand as a society when it comes to interactions between the races. Simply put - such a show would not be possible IF the tales of an impending reversion to this nation's shameful racial past was true)

A Damaged Black Community, Victimized By The "Benign Neglect", Is No Reason For The Racism Chaser/Political Operative To Change His Ways.  He Is Expressing What He Values The Most

Wicked is the man who understands fully what he is doing because he also understands the prescribed effect that it will have on HIS OWN PEOPLE.

The purpose of "Racism Chasing" in its modern form, is NOT to warn the Black community of an impending threat to their person or property.   Today's Black Community can SEE for ourselves the forces that are rendering blows upon us.   Since they don't wear ski masks when they sit at the chair that we elected them to or in the pulpit that we have escorted them into via our applause - the race and the persona of such a person is not clandestine.

The real purpose of "Racism Chasing" today is to DIVERT BLACK PEOPLE'S ATTENTION away from those who HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE REPRESENTATIVE POWER by the Black community who have failed to deliver upon the promises made to the Black community - IF we stayed unified and provided them with our congregational support.

The greatest threat to the embedded operative is not that he will be exposed but the resulting severing of the "Ideologically Unified Congregation" after they have given their no-confidence vote in the Black Leadership and the Joint Venture Partners that they lay with - fleas and all.

The Long Term Vision Of The Black Community Is Like That Of An Inner City Black Male - Not Expecting To Live Beyond 25 And Doing Everything Necessary To Ensure It

Consider the last two rows in the diagram above.
The first focuses upon our PRESENT.
The lower row focuses upon OUR FUTURE.

Today we are laying down the tracks that the people who will live within the future will ride upon.

Rather pervertedly - some tell us today that the vestiges of our SLAVE PAST that remain resident has the power to cancel out any organic effort in our PRESENT that might be used to lift us up to our former standing.

Many of these same people are blinded in that they can't see that with their "hijacking actions" done for pure ideological enforcement of Black people - they are the primary force, who use their position and confidence, to derails the full force of our community to make the necessary reforms that will allow us to achieve this grand future that they dangle in front of our people.

Rather ironically they leverage the power that IGNORANCE has over RATIONAL THOUGHT.  The defensive posture is more innate to the human disposition than is the open exposure that exploration forward provides.  Yet it is the knowledge that by tapping into the ignorance that is resident in all people - they can achieve some marginal benefits in the present time frame and in the present context of their political battle.

No one knows the exact future of the United States.   We are in a fiscally weakened state where some major transition point will be necessary to reorient that which our accounting says in insurmountable.   While those who have the most influence over Black people's consciousness have done a good job at fusing our community consciousness onto the notion that our development will come from POLITICAL victories - this same machine of thought have single handedly failed to prepare our people for the possibility that their notions of "Social Justice" might have to one day be DELIVERED upon our own backs - at the point that we are forced to occupy the positions that now receive the indictment in the expectations for such notions of justice.

It sounds rational that we should judge the veracity of a body of thought which sells itself as a "Community Migration Movement" - not based on the fruits that it is able to obtain from these external entities but instead on the INCREASE that the people who are ensconced within the though consciousness have been BUILT UP TO as a result of being bathed in its theories.

  • How Are The Human-To-Human Institutions That Define The Order And Endurance Of Our Relationships?  Are They Producing The Results That We Need To Flourish As A Community?
  • What Is The Present Condition Of The Institutions Though Which Our Young People Receive Their Socialization And Academic Preparation As They Growing Into The Role Of Adult?
  • Are Our People's Desire To Make A Living For Our Families Adequately Channeled Through A Marketplace Where They Can Produce Goods That Create "Societal Increase", Allowing Others To Purchase These Desired Goods And Then Receive Compensation For The Exchange

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