Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Racism Chasing" Is The Primary Agent In The Projection Of "Non-White White Supremacy"

Racism Chasing
The coordinated and purposeful act of actively pursuing and promoting incidents of racial slights made against the prevailing sentiments of Black people for the expressed purpose of highlighting them in the name of "Black Victimization" in strategic support of ideological and political goals.

Non-White White Supremacy
The body of thought held by non-White people which expresses the belief that White people are indeed SUPERIOR and thus the non-White person invests a disproportionate and unjustifiable amount of time in both defending against assaults by White people and also pairing themselves with White people with the hopes of benefiting from the advantage that radiates from being in close proximity to a White person all the while summarily depreciating the equal capability of non-Whites but also looking past assaults from non-Whites where despite the blows causing equal harm - the knowledge that the operator of the instrument used in the assault was White - makes the pain more acute than when a non-White did the same.

The belief in "White Supremacy" is not exclusive to White people!!!

Establishment Authority Repudiation
The practice of denying acceptance that the present "favorable people" that the community has promoted into power over the key institutions has the POWER to sculpt the lives of the people who have chosen then.  Regardless the amount of power that "favorable people" obtain - those who practice this tactic will always point to some "amorphous, greater force" that remains present as the force which has denied these "favorable people" the ability to deliver upon their promises.   Ironically they miss the fact that their forefathers used to protest against the officials who once held these very seats of power that they now claim are inferior.  The truth is that by practicing this denial strategy - they are able to gain more POWER for their IDEOLOGY by retaining their INDICTMENT upon external forces who will only been kept in check IF the congregation sticks together and wins another election in the future.   Anyone who believes that this group in power will one day say to the massages "OK - We have enough power - you can now hold me accountable for delivering results in the same way you did against your enemies" - they will be waiting for a long time.

Establishment Authority Repudiation is merely a derivative of "congregational complicity" - where they all agree to execute a scheme AND "Inferiorization" - where the enemies blows are more powerful than your own - both of which ensure that proper management will never come about due to the insider trading.

It is my opinion that in its present state - the Black Establishment is more corrupt than at any other time in our duration in America.

The past need to fend for our community in an environment where "A Black Man Had No Rights That A  White Man Need Respect" which required a defensive posture against these external threats is today used as a disposition for nothing more than political advantage.

Ironically - what is done in the name of "Black protection and advancement" is, in truth, the key enabler of distracting Black people from investing key focus upon MANAGING our communities by primarily MANAGING the "Equal Human Beings" WITHIN. This lack of focus in using the innate qualities of our people as the key vehicle for community uplift also means that the necessary INFRASTRUCTURE upon which this uplift would take place is not sufficiently constructed.

With the desire to live at a certain standard in place yet frustration at having been unable to obtain it using the prevailing theories that are in place - the natural tendency is to conclude that despite the abundant evidence to the contrary - the America of 2011 is STILL a White Supremacist nation - where this force is powerful enough to destroy Black people, keeping us in our place - without the forces of government defending the constitutional protections that we as Blacks are afforded.

Those who sell this narrative have the dual goal of "roaming America" to find incidents of RACISM to fortify their claim AND they are intent to execute "Establishment Authority Repudiation" where, regardless of the power that they have obtained using these techniques in the last interval - they have no intention of submitting themselves for transparent inspection, risking dismissal for failure.

BIGOTRY is the lubricant that allows all of this to slide with the scheme.

Until the Rank & File is made to recognize their interests, independent of the Black Establishment and their associated usurpations of their "Black Community Consciousness" - the necessary "human resource development" infrastructure will never be constructed and they will be forced to continue this desperate scheme.  If and when the nation to which the political domain is attached to suffers an economic collapse due to insolvency THE PEOPLE will suffer the most BECAUSE - during the time where they had "Self-Determination" in front of them - they chose to pursue old points of hatred and to cast their lot per their leaders' direction - unwilling to consider the strategic dead it that it represents.

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