Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Revisit To Wisdom From The Past - South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier

This video clip should be required viewing for those who are under "indictment" by a critic who's own biased world view has him asking the wrong questions.

South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier gets a "Standing O" for his reframing of the question from George Negus of New Zeland's "Dateline" talk show.

Negus asked Bishop (now Cardinal) Napier about his logic of criticizing the use of condoms in a nation that is rife with HIV infections, hinting that he is part of the problem.

Bishop Napier refuses to accept the supposition, instead pointing to the fact that South Africa is the leader in condom distribution and STILL they are being decimated with HIV infections. Thus he rebuffed the "try harder at the same thing" logic of Negus.

Napier's logic:
"Condoms DO NOT 'PREVENT AIDS'".  They merely serve as a possible prophylactic which blocks the exchange of infected body fluids between one individual and the next.
They do NOTHING to bring conscious awareness of the risks of exposing a disease-free person to the body fluids of another who is infected - as they pursue their tactile lust per the stimulation of their nerve endings.  IF two people who have not been made to connect between the risks and their desires for gratification find themselves without this barrier of the condom - they are likely to pursue their lusts and thus the cycle of death will continue.

He appears to be saying that this is not a "materials" problem or a failure in how to use these devices. This is a PEOPLE problem where the proper consciousness and valuation has not been inculcated within them.

Bishop Napier knocks it out of the park as he turns the challenge around and asks Negus to consider if a person who, DESPITE his knowledge of the deadly effects of AIDS and the associated risks of infection via unprotected "body fluid exchange" can be considered an EQUAL HUMAN BEING by the marketing campaign that is put upon him IF - despite acknowledging these risks - they continue on as their desire for instantaneous tactile stimulation upon their genitalia exceeds their concern about the risks.

I break these issues down to their component parts, given graphic and mechanical details BECAUSE it is clear that those who transact upon the inferiority of the "vulnerable masses" have little regard for them as equal and rational human beings.

Until we turn the consciousness around in so many areas nothing is going to change.

TODAY - We desire a higher standard of living for the "vulnerable masses" therefore we will implement government policies that ABSTRACT them from the results of their behavior.  As long as the people are proximate to this external force that grants them this benefit the image of prosperity will be tenuously maintained - at least on the surface.

A MORE FUNCTIONAL CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS: We as a community have "congregationally" agreed to commit ourselves to a higher living standard in line with our value as human beings. We therefore have aligned our cultural messages and management efforts toward enforcing the necessary behaviors upon individuals who wish to BENEFIT from this end condition.  We ask them to live up to the part that they play in the daily struggle to lift ourselves up to this desired point. The job of those who retain the integrity of the culture is to communicate to the individuals their personal worth & their STRENGTH.  Reminding them as to the part that they play in this ORGANIC UPLIFT.    The group can only ascend as high as each of them agree to raise the bar.

This congregational strength comes from bringing the people into the awareness of their God given power as individuals.  Their consciousness development track must be a mission to inculcate them from their delivery from the womb into a fully actualized person who is made to humble himself to the authority that is WORTHY of following.  Those who previously followed these directions have similarly prospered.

Therefore the people are asked to express value in their own being by following a course that is known to produce bounty and to avoid the road that is commonly traveled that produces initial pleasure but long term destruction.

The ultimate point of self-valuation is the reproduction of one's own genetic offspring into conditions that have been cultivated to achieve the maximum amount of potential for a favorable outcomes being replicated.    THIS is the definition of "Functional Culture".


Anonymous said...

Napier knocked it out of the park, and so did you with that last paragraph of your blogpost.

Constructive Feedback said...


I clarified the "last paragraph" so the "last paragraph" is no longer the "last paragraph" as you had read it.

In seeking to respect the "humanity" of the "vulnerable masses" some people inadvertently de-humanitize them.

Anonymous said...

OK, so you knocked it outta the park with the last three paragraphs!