Thursday, April 21, 2011

Should We "Respect Our Civil Rights Elders"?

In listing to a syndicated Black talk radio host the audience was informed that "we (Black people) have lost respect for our elders".  They mentioned that part of our reform needs to be the re-installation of respect and temperance of damning criticism of them.

Jesse Jackson was used as a reference.  The latest news that he had propositioned a homosexual assistant of his for oral sexual favors was dismissed.   This news and the news of alleged homosexual activity of Malcolm Lyttle prior to his conscious migration into "Malcolm X" was used as the mandate for "US" to scrutinize books that are done for nothing more than to slander these Black leaders - this "Too Much Information" situation ultimately benefiting "the Enemy".

Now keep in mind that I was noting that this same radio host was cheering the salacious book written recently about US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  Even though sexual claim had been made in the past against Thurgood Marshall - it was was clear that this host and her guest ONLY sought to apply this protective cover to "favorable Black leaders".

And thus my problem.

You see - despite their claims otherwise - this "information engineering" attempt at spiking negative stories upon "favorable people" is not done for the TRANSPARENT protection of "Black Leaders".   In truth - those who are posted on the "Black Leadership" board have arrived there due to some sort of ideologically based process.  The resulting protection racket is a function of this ideological favoritism.

I have spoken at length before that what is POPULAR among Black people has no absolute correlation to what is in our PERMANENT INTERESTS.   There are far more forces that assault the interests of our people but which "complicit silence" is enforced - than there are present day assaults that go unchecked from our long time adversaries.

The Issue of "Respect For Our Elders" Is A Subset Of Their Respect-ability

I have a problem with the notion that by popularity alone - we should "respect" these elders.  
I instead believe that the SYSTEM upon which they and the ideas that they promote should be a RESPECTABLE system based upon its integrity and transparency.   Failing this - we may create the very same system as seen in North Korea, Libya or Cuba where the propaganda posted upon the walls in which their leaders are revered also produce an environment where criticism of these same "strong men" is brutally dealt with.  An air of fear takes over and worthy criticism is surpressed.

Today's Black leadership traffics in more that is not "Black" but which is Ideological and Political in nature.  These points are encompassed more in the fact that Black people are the disproportionate "Least Of These" in the minds of the purveyors than we can find any INTRINSICALLY BLACK property to the notion.  Worst yet - absent is the evidence of ORGANIC BLACK DEVELOPMENT in this agenda that enjoys protection.

Thus I am forced to reject the claim that "Black Elders Must Be Respected" - by congregational agreement.  Yes we should show respect in our discourse as we interact with each other.   But the REVERENCE that they seek for the individual actually hides their real goal of "Ideological Unity Enforcement".

I personally believe that the Rev Joseph E Lowery is a warm and charismatic man.  Every time I have heard him speak personally - I got the feeling that this is a good man.  HOWEVER when it comes to ideology and policy - as evidenced by the places where HIS ideology and policies govern "The Least Of These" - I am forced to conclude that his views must never become the prevailing views of a society - and ONLY should remain as the voice of consciousness in which the greater power is asked to expand their vision.  From school boards to city councils - when THIS ideology becomes the MAJORITY - bad things seem to happen to the interests of "The Least Of These".

There needs to be a two way flow.
Those who are leaders must RESPECT the institutions from which their power radiates.
The rank & file need to handle themselves respectfully - seeking change in a methodological manner.

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