Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bread & Circuses - For The First Time I Felt That People Want To Be Manipulated Because Its Easier On The Mind

The pictures above are from the "Lenox Mall" in Atlanta on Memorial Weekend Sunday.  The new "Microsoft Store" opened in the mall last Friday and I decided to take a stroll in to see how it compared with the "Apple Store".  

Right outside the "Microsoft Store" is a bank of LCD screens with a Microsoft Kinect camera-motion sensor affixed to an XBox gaming console.  
The sight of a person out of the crowd dancing to the instruction of a video game attracted a large crowd who wanted "in" on the festivities.  

I am not "hating" on this scene.   
It was pure and clean entertainment.   This is the type of activity that many people seek as they enjoy their weekend.

As for me - I had purchased a Kinect several months ago.  I do not own an XBox.  My goal was to get in on the ground floor of advanced "Computer Vision".   With the hardware and software tools from Microsoft this sector of the information technology/communications market is going to explode over the coming years.  Time to dust off my programing and engineering skills and provide some value added content to the market.

The People Want To Buy Into Something They Can Believe In

I could not help but see that in the individual stores and the entire mall there was an abundance of marketing messages targeted at convincing the people to invest their time, money and consciousness into "purchasing" all that the marketer was selling.

I am now made to wonder IF getting people manipulated into doing what you ultimately want them to do, and profiting handsomely in the process is not the name of the game?  

The people spending time connecting with the dancing did so voluntarily.  
If Microsoft convinces them that the game and hardware is "cool" and they choose to invest the nearly $500 that it will take to get things started - is it Microsoft that exploited them or did they just merely make a compelling case for these people to invest their time, money and attention?

With the next round of political t-shirts about to go to press - I am seriously thinking about "not hating" but instead give the people that they want.

More on this over time.
I am no longer convinced that I am wrong.

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Good to hear you're paying attention to Ed Dunn.