Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Racial Chasing Journal: There Has Never Before Been A Bigger Gap Between What Is Labeled "RACISM" And The Physical Harm Indicated By It Upon A Black Person

Ordinarily certain societal development milestones are achieved and are consciously celebrated as a victory over the dark past.

In the case of the present day claims of RACISM in America a new index and reference point is needed.

In the past the word racism was associated with:

  • A Black Man Murdered Or Assaulted, his race as the primary draw of the physical abuse
  • A Black Woman Raped as her condition of servitude to economic vulnerability placed her in close proximity to her sexual assailant
  • A Black child denied adequate Educational Funding as the same school board channeled the bulk of the funding over to the students who they believed needed the money in order to fill out the unlimited assignments they could achieve throughout the workforce.  Since systematic racism kept Blacks at the lower rungs - why educate them, allowing them to believe that they could ever be anything but at the bottom?
  • A Black person denied Admissions into some public accommodation.  The specter of "White Supremacy" needed to be brought to reality by the presence of certain exclusive places where Blacks who do enter could only be servants that keep the place functioning - never consumers who bask in these amenities 
  • A court case in which the heavy thumb of one's racial burdens where placed on the scale to tip the balance against his favor.  The melanin content of his skin was the most powerful "states evidence" against him

The Tipping Point Of 2011 - When The PREVAILING FORCE OF Racism Became An Ideological/Political Indictment As Blacks Are Kept On The Defensive In A Huddled State

In my previous "Racism Studies" post I noted from my perspective as a business consultant that a force that one does not bother to provide measure to as a means of scientifically understanding its impact is evidence of a non-serious effort.  Indeed there are those who wish to avoid assigning such value.   Even a small speck of racism that is present is thus able to topple a mountain is this is understood as the greatest force of them all.

Ironically when it comes to forces - many who key in upon the negative forces that are said to be holding them back don't talk as much about the force of UPLIFT that was to have come from their steady increase in POWER.

Fearing that those who may one day tie this knot of understanding together - RACISM can also be used by the power holder to explain away his failings.   Those who wished him no good are responsible.

I previously identified the "Activists Of Leisure".  With all of the low hanging fruits that threaten to poison Black people having been consumed - they now are afforded the right to select from a plum choice of other fruits that now grow on branches that are placed a bit more on high upon the tree.   As such they have a need to make public note of their intention to bring forth a ladder, proper attire for doing yard work and a bucket with a cushioned handle along with them as they identify a choice morsel of societal racism for them to go after.

The Distinction Between The "Presence Of Racism" And An "Unmitigated Force Therein" 

The reason why a "KKK Snowman" in Idaho - that melted before a real Black person ever got to set eyes upon it in person is so valuable of a target of interest - is because to those who sell the "Besieged Black" narrative -the need to scour the nation (Racism Chase) in order to prove themselves correct.

As such the presence of racism is enough to fortify their claim that - "Above all else - Black folks should not get too comfortable...........a RACIST is going to come from behind and snatch up those who were not vigilant enough".  After watching the night-time line up of MSNBC - one can easily understand which such a consciousness endures.

Ironically the success of the Civil Rights Movement at forcing the government to enforce its laws is the one level of success that the movement should be credited for.   Ironically again - they will be said to be "resting on their laurels" if they as Civil Rights Pharisees who use their past action to gain present credibility - dared to yield that we as a society has gotten to the point of CONTROL.  

This is where - the human characteristic of having individuals seeking the advantage of "their own kind" is an inalienable attribute BUT the ability to transact upon this spirit in an unmitigated form has been control by the force of law.

More clearly - just like murder and rape are still committed in this nation - the PRESENCE of either does not prove that this nation is a bunch of "murderers and rapists".   The nation renders its judgement upon those who are murders, rapists by court sanction - and so to is the case for the racist who illegally harms others due primarily to their race. 

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