Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Health Care For Black People: The Number Of Black Physicians After The Take Over Of Our Schools By "Favorable People"

Evidence Of "Black Health Care Reform" - More Black Physicians Matriculating Through The Educational Institutions In Control By "Favorable People" In Support Of The Needs Within The Community.

If YOU can't show this then YOU did not receive "Health Care Reform".  PERIOD.

If this 5.6% is not seen significantly increasing then there is a misalignment between ACTIVISM and REQUIREMENTS.

There is a need to have more General Practitioners educated and then attracted into the areas that are in need of these services.

At the height of the health care debate I recall a news show that ventured around the world, comparing various health care systems with reference to the amount of resources that the country in question had access to.

The nation of Argentina stood out among them all. This is a nation of relatively little means to purchase technological solutions for health care for its people. It compensated for this by educating a large number of qualified physicians who could interact with the population as general practitioners. The guidance in "life-style choices" was sufficiently able to produce better health care outcomes than the strategy to throw technology into the health care sector.

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