Thursday, May 12, 2011

Searching For The Real Conservatives On Abortion

There appears to be an equal passion between Progressives and Conservatives to leverage the power of GOVERNMENT to accomplish a particular interest that they have in mind. The Progressive is inclined to do economic engineering, extending the hands of government into our lives to produce "equality". The Conservative - as this audio piece details - appears intent on using the power of government regulation to enforce the social/moral outcomes that he desires.

This post is not about ABORTION.
I would be technically considered "Pro-Choice" - not because I am oblivious to the fact that the abortion procedure disconnects a gestating fetus - who if left unmolested - would grow into a full human form. My "Pro-Choice" stance comes only from the fact that I don't believe that the long arm of government has any business in this highly intimate domain.

The Texas Republican in the story makes no bones about the fact that he intents to use his ability to regulate the medical establishment to implement certain processes that are done with the goal of forcing the pregnant woman to "get in touch with" the miracle of life that is happening inside of her womb.

In my view - the superior argument and fact is that: You Can't Force Another Human Being To Identify And Respect The Intrinsic Value Of 'Their Own Kind'.

Instead it is far more strategic and enduring to COMPEL THEM to see that by doing their part in a "relay", moving the baton that they have been handed forward - and making sure that it is optimized and maximized to its full potential - that they have found their PURPOSE. That they are working in line with the will of their GOD.

Using The Law Where Cultural/Social Institutions Are More Appropriate

Those who have the loudest voices hear in the public domain often have nothing more than a pure ideologically based viewpoint to impart without ever addressing the long term interest that they purport to promote.

The countervailing forces between:

  • Rights
  • Responsibility
are far too often promoted or deemphasized depending on the ideological advantage that either party seeks to promote.

The battle at the points of contention:
  • Sex / Conception / Relationship Status
  • Public Education / Social Services Resources 
  • Retirement Security .........
so frequently misses out on the two more critical intervals of life that would provide the human service skills and the fiscal resources needed to promote societal advantage in the other areas.

A community with a larger set of educated and competent adults is more likely to generate the "Community GDP" that will allow all of the other individuals at different stages in life to live at a higher standard.

A community that invests and enforces certain sound cultural and conscious principles within children at the development age will instill inside of them certain key foundational elements that they will leverage for the rest of their life.  If this period of time is full of dysfunction and uprooting - there is a greater chance that the other intervals will be the same - eventually the person who was inculcated as such will one day become the source ACTOR which repeats the cycle.

Of course the big debate in our society is related to the extent that the individual/immediate community is on the hook for making the investments that lead to this future advantage or if the greater society should be ultimately accountable - common good trumping personal interests and private property rights.

In My Opinion

It is my opinion that the PROCESS that "A People" are allowed to cycle through fails to show evidence of ORGANIC INCREASE within the people over time then the constant mandates from the greater society to give them a jump start so that they can one day fly on their own has, unfortunately become the VERY PROCESS by which they seek to achieve their increase.   Instead of an ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT process - where the new competencies that the people express via the institutions that they now control - we have what is commonly known as a "SOCIAL JUSTICE" MOVEMENT - where the people's RIGHTS to certain goods and services are seen as INTRINSIC to their "humanity" and with this mandate the movement seeks to obtain this from the authorities.

If I tell you that the group of 48 most underdeveloped nations meeting this week in Kenya are in a situation where they have no formal "higher rung" of government to go to as the source of their "Social Justice" - then it seems clear to me that they are only going to achieve this higher living standard via the implementation of more organic methodologies.

Bottom line "Human Reproduction" MUST be brought in line with some greater PURPOSE of the people lest it become a mere mechanical process:
  1. Insert "injection tube" that has been made erect into the "reproduction fluid receipt chamber"
  2. Self-Propelled Genetic Instructions migrate to the "Gestation Chamber"
  3. Via A Darwinesque Process - One Genetic Carrier Fuses With An Ovum, turning it into a Zygote 
  4. The Zygote is attached to its nutrition source on the wall of the host's womb - receiving food and excreting its waste products as it gestates
  5. If it survives the hosts 'DECISIONS' and her ability to protect her exposed front end from all assaults....this fetus, left unmolested by the outside world - will grow into a human form
  6. It will be exposed to the outside world, its lungs filled with air after being cleared of mucus - and it will begin its path as a free standing system of cells and processes 
  7. At puberty it will be equipped with fully developed "Genetic Instruction Cells", able to initiate a "Gestation Process" of its own.
The DIFFERENCE between a SET OF MECHANICAL CHEMICAL PROCESSES and the dignity of HUMANITY is our ability as humans to uphold this level of respect beyond the disaggregation that some people attempt to impart upon us, using the GOVERNMENT to compensate for their inability to see the EQUAL HUMAN BEING at each interval. 


Olive said...

Did you delete my commentary or was it a blogger glitch?

Constructive Feedback said...

It weren't ME!!!

I am still pissed that Blogger lost at least 3 of my entries.

Constructive Feedback said...

The Restored Post From Olive:
I get an e-mail of every post.

Olive Said:

Very insightful article. But one thing I want to comment on.

I understand your point about using the Governemnt to compensate for inability to see equal human beings. I really like the following:

The DIFFERENCE between a SET OF MECHANICAL CHEMICAL PROCESSES and the dignity of HUMANITY is our ability as humans to uphold this level of respect beyond the disaggregation that some people attempt to impart upon us, using the GOVERNMENT to compensate for their inability to see the EQUAL HUMAN BEING at each interval.

I know your post is not about abortion, but since you brought it up I will use it as an example. I cannot say I am technically "pro-choice" for many reasons, even though I understand why you say it. you want people to have realization from within, the "aha" moments which will then organically infiltrate the consciousness of others for the benefit of all. No need of government to tell us "thou shalt not kill," no need for laws and excessive government interference. Noble people need few laws.

Not terminating a defenseless gestating human being should be a value and a realization that originates from the heart of the people, organically, not a law imposed on us by a government without, because if it is solely imposed from without, it will not last. I believe this. But in this country, our laws supposedly reflect who we are as a people and what we value. And there will always be those of lesser consciousness.

I would favor government laws that prohibit ending a defenseless gestating human being's life. Our government has had a hand in protecting the lives of those in our society who have needed protection, who have in the past not been considered equal lives, and now it even goes overboard protecting so many different classes of persons whose lives are now more equal than others. Our government's laws reflect our concerns for human protection and dignity, yet we do not apply this law to the the voiceless defenseless gestating human being. This class of person's demise is reduced to a "choice." This disregard speaks of who we are as a people.

So when you say "in my view - the superior argument and fact is that: you Can't Force another human being to identify and respect the intrinsic value of 'their own kind', I agree. It should come from enlightenment, from an emerging consciousness. But how are people to see if there is no standard in place? Who lights a lamp and puts it under a table? ANd if they don't respect their value, how will they respect the value and rights of others? You need some kind of framework in place for those less conscious to eventually (hopefully) be enlightened to value, not only of life but of the seriousness of relationships and how what we do and how we comport ourselves affect society.

We have laws to protect us from those of lesser consciousness. These laws and their enforcement reflect what kind of people we are, and what kind of society we are willing to tolerate. The strong arm of the law is there for those who cannot understand or will not be enlightened or just don't care.

Singapore has an extremely low crime rate. We all cringed when the American was going to get caned for grafitti, but I thought ... now here is a society that backs its words up with deeds.

Their strict laws and no-nonsense enforcement inculcate a respect for others, their person and their property, because there is force backing up all the pretty words. A force that makes people think and sets an atmosphere and a standard so there is hope for the generations that follow. You have the laws and you enforce them so that future generations are raised in an environment where they don't have to fear the knife of the street pirate or the abortionist. They will at least live to be able to ponder and debate rights and wrongs, good and evil, and how much they need or don't need governmental oversight.