Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Textile Workers In Bangladesh Who's Wage Increases Will One Day Return Some Of This Activity To America

I support organized labor when it is at its organic development period.
The sight of those who are "wage slaves" - barely scratching out an existence so that the owners can assume the bulk of the benefit.

I don't pretend that each nation must go through certain phases of development, where institutions are crafted to protect the interests of the owner and the worker. The valid role of government is to set up and appropriately regulate the marketplace.

Strategically the domestic economies of Asia, Africa and South & Central America need to be built up where individuals are educated, empowering them to do more value added labor and use the higher wages to support the higher average/minimum wage for those who are providing goods and services into the market.

For the struggling workers in Bangladesh - they will soon learn that their "bosses" are not the enemy that they assume. The enemy is the lack of vision by both sides toward a larger vision for their respective countries and region.

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