Saturday, May 07, 2011

Those Who Have No Interest In Quantifying "White Supremacy" Merely Want To Use It For Their Own Agenda

Most Black People Mistake "White Supremacy" For GRAVITY

Is as much as physicists and scientists were transparent in their efforts to understand the impact that the gravitational force  imposed by one mass upon another - they produced a formula which had the goal of measuring the relative force that is imposed. They realized that by understanding the force of gravity it can be used in more complex calculation.  Indeed the early inventors of the airplane were successful as they applied this formula (and that of air pressure) into the design of their aircrafts.

Unfortunately what is truth in the world of science is often at odds in the world of politics and social engineering.   In the case of "White Supremacy"-studies - it is to the advantage of the Racism Chaser to retain "White Supremacy" as an amorphous force.  Its very PRESENCE - regardless of the quantity makes it POWERFUL enough to derail all that Black people do.   If you represent the machine that would otherwise be on the hook for having failed to deliver the promises to the Black community which you sold to them during your assent - most assuredly the inability to quantify this force is of value.

I am of the belief that the default state of man is DESPERATE POVERTY and SAVAGERY.  But for advanced societal constructs to:

  • Protect Us At Birth
  • Inculcate Our Consciousness During Or Formative Years  
  • Employ Our Skills And Knowledge During Our Productive Years
  • And Channel Our Wisdom In The Investment In The Next Generation...................
we would all be living a life that approximates that of an animal.

GRAVITY, a natural fact of life on this Earth, seeks to draw us all down to this common state.

"White Supremacy" is NOT GRAVITY. 

What Is "White Supremacy"?
White Supremacy is an attempt by the group of people who are physically understood as Caucasian, seeking to project their power and protect their recessive genetic phenotype by promoting the interests of "their own people" via a SYSTEM, while demoting the interests of non-White people - thus sustaining their relative and competitive advantage.   Indeed it is all about "power relationships".

In the illustration above this force of "White Supremacy" is an external force upon the aircraft.  It can work in conjunction with gravity - but it is not gravity.   It forces the aircraft off course, preventing the pilot from applying any amount of training that he has about the performance of the aircraft.  The control surfaces of the vehicle being no match against this external force.  In fact the evidence that the aircraft is seeking to rise is proof to the "White Supremacist" that there is a violent intent, further justifying their oppression.

What About The Organic Thrust From Our Engines?

Unlike the force of "White Supremacy" - the engines upon the Black Community are an intrinsic element of the community.   The collective production of this community is the thrust that is expressed.

The primary agent against which these engines work against is GRAVITY.  Without effective thrust from the engine - the vehicle will never get airborne. 

With respect to its ability to defend against "White Supremacy" there is a combination of:
  • Thrust
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability 
  • Defensive Weapons
  • and Stealth .............
.............that are the proper countermeasures against "White Supremacy".

A plane that cannot fly on its own during placid skies most surely won't be able to survive the turbulence of "White Supremacy".

This turbulence is not going to go away, short of every vessel remaining on the ground, with gravity as the victor.  

The real question for those who promote the power of "White Supremacy", who prefer to keep it as an amorphous force is "What Are You Doing To Prepare Your People For Their Solo Flight"?

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